Pandya Store 19th October 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Pandya Store 19 October 2022

Deven told me he would release Chiku if I gave him money, but I refused to let him take the money. Instead, he forced me to steal and beg. Shweta reported that Deven had abducted Chiku. Rishita was talking about Forum, and Deven was Forum. You never get weary of recounting the same narrative, according to Dhara. What would you do if you were in my shoes, claims Shweta, who claims that he is still chasing me and is extorting me by presenting a film of a heist. I would have spoken the truth, according to Dhara. If you believe I gave Chiku more value than he deserves, I apologise, Shweta claims that money and jewellery aren’t more important. She performs a play while crying. When Dhara opens the door, Krish and Chiku are there.

I need to halt Dhara, according to Shweta. Shouting, Rishita commands Dev to unlock the door. Suman comes there with everyone else. Dev isn’t opening the door, according to Rishita, so I must be honest. Dev requests that she be silent. If Suman wishes to approach Somnath on his legs, he begs Dev to unlock the door. Dev pushes open the door. According to Rishita, Shweta produced false jewellery and had it swapped in the pool; you now own the fake jewellery. Why would Shweta do this, Suman wonders. Shweta is asked by Krish where Dhara went. Swear to me, and explain the situation. She is asked to explain what is wrong. She considers how to tell him that she has to first go to Dhara. She claims that when we were married today, Dhara begged her for my protection and unwavering love. Call Dhara, says Suman; she’ll tell me the truth. Dhara appears and claims that I created the false jewellery.

Rishita is startled. What game are you playing, Suman queries. Krish claims that Dhara is like that; she always puts the happiness of others above her own; she pleaded with you for my happiness; I also guarantee you… She leaves.

No, Dhara responds, I had fabricated it for security; it’s excellent that I tracked down the burglar who had taken the genuine jewellery. Krish and Shweta arrive. What is Rishita saying, Suman queries. Dhara promises to put your uncertainty to rest. Shweta is anxious. Since the money was taken from your cabinet and we received the jewellery back today thanks to Rishita, according to Dhara, Rishita is mistrust everyone. She apologises and thanks Rishita. Pushing her is Rishita. I detest you, she says. Thanks to Dhara, Shweta Everyone is invited by Suman since they must return home. Dhara is stopped by Rishi. Ignore it, Dhara advises. Rishita questions why you lied to the family when we had evidence against her. No, Dhara responds, you’re thinking incorrectly. She divulges every detail. Shweta is a phoney, Rishita chuckles, so why are you trusting her now when you don’t trust anybody else? They clash.

Can’t we give Dhara a chance to remain between us as she claims she did it for Chiku? I’m certain that she will go on with Krish. You lied to the Pandya family, according to Rishita. She claims Shweta gave you the tale because she knows you are easily persuaded and that you have already begun to split the family apart. I did what I thought was right, Dhara explains, so let’s forget about it and go on. We won’t give the jewellery to Shweta, Rishita responds. The bidaai of Shweta occurs. Jankana is urged by Dhara not to worry about Shweta. Dhara assures you that we will care for her dearly.

Shweta sobs while hugging her parents. After Shweta destroys them, Rishita believes they will realise that her family is going to invite destruction into their house. Leaving from the resort are pandyas. Hari examines the invoice. He inquires as to the sum. The guy claims that Gautam has already paid half the amount; he ignored my advice.

Make adjustments to the will, Jankana says, and I hope Shweta remains there and has a good life. Hari smiles. Krish and Shweta are welcomed home by Suman and everyone. Shweta exposes Kalash’s behind. Krish supports her. Everyone observes.

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