Pandya Store 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Krish will arrive shortly

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Gautam begins the episode by stating, “You told me you would restore Chiku to his mother.” Dhara sobs. He claims he wasn’t ours; how can I take him away from you? Adhe adhure khwab jo…sits… Suman sobs. Gautam removes Chiku from Dhara and hands him over to Shweta’s mother. Dhara sobs. Shweta and her parents accompany Chiku. Chiku sobs. Dhara takes off. Suman intervenes. Dhara’s time is still running short. Dev and Gautam intervene.

Krish will arrive shortly. He is struck by a vehicle. He trips and falls. Janardhan gets out of the automobile and asks, “Are you blind?” When he sees Krish, he grins. Janardhan and Krish disagree. Krish selects the toy that has fallen. Kamini notices the photo on Krish’s phone. She wonders whose kid Rishita is holding. Krish removes his phone. Kamini sneaks into the Pandya home and overhears the family. Suman says Chiku will be happy with his mother, and you will be happy. Raavi affirms. Dhara embraces Suman. Dev tells her not to be unhappy since Chiku has gone; she will nurture her daughter. Suman grins and nods.

Dev heals Dhara by giving her his daughter. He advises you should never think of yourself as childless since this kid is also yours. Dhara embraces the infant. Rishita observes. Suman watches her response. Rishita says the baby will be hungry, so feed her and give her to me. She takes her child from Dhara and flees. Kamini is taken aback. Dhara sobs. Suman believes that we must embrace the truth as soon as possible. Dhara admits, “I know, I don’t have a kid in my destiny.” Kamini believes Rishita has a kid, therefore Krish was stealing toys without telling us, and they are also taking care of another baby. Dhara claims that I constantly explain myself. She flees to her room and sobs. Gautam pursues her. Kamini walks away.

Dev approaches Rishita and inquires as to what happened. She questions why you placed me in that circumstance. He wonders if he can’t do this to help Dhara feel better, whether she doesn’t have a right to her. She replies sure, but I’m the baby’s mother, exactly like Badimaa. He responds, “I know, but don’t forget Dhara is his Badimaa, and she is my mother.” Rishita says she raised you, it’s my right to raise my kid, I’m afraid witnessing her preoccupation with the two infants, Shweta took her baby, where would I go if Dhara becomes attached to our baby? He walks away.

Shweta’s mother attempts to soothe and feed Chiku. He weeps a lot. Shweta says he’s not quieting down, and I can’t manage this baby, so I’ve left him with Dhara. Dhara notices Chiku’s toys and cuddles them. She sobs. Gautam observes. Suman is on the phone with Pandit. Dev arrives. She adds Chutki’s naamkaran mahurat is on Janmashtami, which you didn’t like. Dev says I’m unhappy with my circumstances. What’s the issue if she promises she’ll teach you everything and turn Rishita and you into baby experts? He is curled up on her lap. Shweta attempts to calm the infant.

Shweta’s mother believes Chiku has a fever. They are concerned. Dhara suggests that we make a video call to Shweta and speak with Chiku. Gautam adds that because I don’t have their phone number, you should forget about him. She exclaims, “How can you forget him?” “I reared him, how can I forget him?” “Make me speak to him on video call once,” she says. She sobs and embraces him. Dev adds, “I view Dhara as my mother, I adore Rishita, I’m thrilled to be a parent, and I’m sorry to see Dhara without a kid.” Dhara sobs.

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