Pandya Store 18th October 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Shweta begins the episode by promising to look after Dhara. She is mocked by Rishita. Shweta invites them to leave. Dhara, come up and ask me anything, she muses. Shiva arrives to assist Raavi. I don’t need aid, she says. The bag collapses. He inquires as to why you always accuse me of wrongdoing. Do I accuse you, she queries. No, he replies, you perform my aarti. I finished packing, according to Rishita. No need to act in any dramas, according to Dev. According to Rishita, I won’t permit bidaai until the truth is revealed. The bag collapses. The jewellery is visible. Shweta spills the water bottle. She selects a piece of glass. Shiva argues that it has to do with my regard for her. He furiously kicks the bag. You’re having a problem with my rage, he claims, and it won’t change. He debates Raavi. In her rage, she also kicks a bag, breaking it. She chastises him. She claims that I lack patience, your ego prevents you from resolving your issues, you might have gotten along with me, but you neglected to message and call me, you don’t love me, and you are a liar.

Keeping the jewellery is Rishita. Dev believes Suman should wear this jewellery; tell me the truth, what does it have to do with you. Will you trust the truth, Rishita says, that Shweta produced phoney jewellery, Dhara was unable to attend the wedding while looking for the actual jewellery, and that Shweta was sending this away with someone? Dhara becomes aware. Shweta displays signs of hurt. There are glass fragments on the floor, so she advises Dhara not to go down. Do you worry about me?, Dhara queries. I did this, according to Shweta, to clarify the situation. Shiva says, “You damaged my bag and got happy; OK, I don’t love you; I won’t apologise; did you call or message me; you are also like me; there is no difference; I will remain the same; you may stay if you want; or go to hell.” He departs.

I don’t know why I loved him, says Raavi. Gautam claims that Dhara missed Krish’s wedding and wonders where she went and what happened. Shiva appears and inquires about the whereabouts of the luggage. Did you quarrel with Raavi, asks Gautam? No, it doesn’t matter, replies Shiva. No one cared about one other, according to Suman. She requests that they retain the bags and presents. Dhara declares, “I won’t pay attention to you; I’ll call Gautam.” Chikku sobs. Krish shows up and aids them. You don’t do the job, manage Chiku, says Gautam. He receives a call from Dhara. I believe she became aware, he claims. Dhara’s phone is snatched by Shweta. I won’t allow you speak to anybody, she asserts. She assures Gautam that Dhara will be brought downstairs, so don’t worry. He gives the OK.

Shweta hears Dhara yell. Shweta will get Dhara, claims Gautam. It’s fantastic that they are okay, Suman comments. Dhara reprimands Shweta. She claims that you married Krish, but I’ll expose your lies so that his life isn’t damaged. Please give me a chance to speak, Shweta begs. She pulls Dhara aside and pleads. I don’t want to listen to you, Dhara declares. Shweta responds, “No, I know Deven gave you the jewellery. I’ll show you. Read the menacing texts, she advises. Dev applauds and compliments you on your narrative. Suman has the phoney jewellery, she is thrilled, and Rishita declares that she would retain the bag. Suman should see how Shweta is deceiving her. Deven is Chiku’s father, according to Dhara. Nodding, Shweta. Dhara inquires, “You lied to us that he is your namesake brother; are you not humiliated. When were you going to tell us this?” He is allegedly hazardous, and when I followed his instructions, he reappeared in my life.

Rishita warned me about you and begged me not to trust you, you are a liar and cheat, this marriage occurred today, it will break today, according to Dhara, who claims that we never judged you about the past since Krish was loving you and everyone embraced you. No, Shweta replies, just give me a chance. Dev says it doesn’t matter whether you’re telling the truth since the marriage has already taken place. Rishita claims that she can’t trick us because I’ll inform my mother about everything. We will take Chiku to Dhara, according to Gautam. Wait, I have to explain something important, Rishita says. Chiku is taken to Dhara by Krish. Should we speculate on the situation?, Suman asks. I came to tell you that the jewellery you have is false, Rishita claims. Suman queries why Dhara stole the genuine items. I’ll display the actual ones, Rishita promises. Dev adds, “Tell Suman about it later; come; Chutki has used the restroom.” Suman commands me to listen to Rishita first before cleaning it up. Chutki is sobbing, says Dev. Raavi arrives. According to Rishita, I won’t go. Rishita is lifted and taken by Dev. Dev is asked to leave by Rishita.

Suman inquires as to the situation. Not sure, says Gautam. Suman claims Dhara accepted payment for genuine jewellery, so why would she create counterfeit jewellery. Shiva compliments Dhara while mocking Raavi. Dev is asked to leave by Rishita. Suman wonders why she is yelling. I couldn’t believe that anything nice could happen to me, says Shweta, since all I’ve ever experienced is sadness. Don’t weep like a crocodile in front of me, advises Dhara. I’m going to tell Krish the truth because he was dreaming of spending the rest of his life with you, and I don’t want to make that dream come true. Upstairs, Krish appears.

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