Pandya Store 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

He claims Chiku was with the finest family in the world

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins with Shiva deceiving Suman. He assures her that he is OK. He leaves the home to investigate. He takes a seat on the stairwell. He promises to visit her if she returns. He closes the door and goes outside to sit. Shiva wakes up in the morning and looks around. He enters his residence and washes his face. Raavi receives tea. He instructs her to remain outside the door till he takes a bath and returns. She wonders why no one is coming. He promises to inform you later. She replies, “Fine.” He tells you to go there and not to move.

The infant is given to Dev and Rishita. Dhara requests that Raavi give the talcum powder to Chiku. Raavi goes to retrieve it. Suman adds, “I requested the pandit to prepare the kundali, and then we’ll name the kid appropriately.” Dhara has the authority over Chiku. Gautam inquires if you informed Janardhan about the baby. Dev replies no, he can never be satisfied with us.

Suman claims he has an equal right to her, so contact him. Rishita beams. Dhara says Chiku is ready, and I will clean up Chutki as well. Rishita adds, “I’m quite thrilled to accomplish this.” Shiva appears to Raavi. He claims you couldn’t stand outside the entrance for 5 minutes. Suman inquires, “Why were you waiting for?” Shweta’s mother returns home. Shiva is taken aback. She requests that they restore her grandson, Chiku, to her. I warned you not to come back here, Shiva, so just go.

Shweta’s mother adds, “I can’t leave my granddaughter this way; don’t she know my daughter?” She summons Shweta. Shweta and her father arrive. Dhara and Gautam are taken aback. Shweta’s mother questions Dhara if she doesn’t know Shweta and if she isn’t holding Shweta’s kid. She requests that Dhara inform everyone. Dhara states, “I don’t know what her name is, but she is Chiku’s mother, and I brought her to the hospital that day.” She sobs.

Everyone is taken aback. Raavi claims that you can’t keep a mother away from his mother; how could you prevent them from approaching Dhara? Did you know this, and why didn’t you tell us? When he says I’m not a stone-hearted person, I think of Dhara. Suman claims that we have no authority to separate the infant from his mother. She requests that Dhara deliver the baby. Dhara is adamantly against. Krish is out shopping for toys for Chiku and Chutki. The guy claims that a newborn cannot play with toys, but you may purchase toys for Chiku. Krish replies ok, pack it and make the payment.

Shweta suggests that we go home and return later. Let me speak to them, her mother offers. Dhara chastises her for abandoning the kid and now coming to claim him. Shweta claims I didn’t have a choice at the moment. Dhara claims you had troubles in your life, so you abandoned your kid and fled; I came to you to return the baby; you abandoned the baby; you can’t be his mother; where were you when he needed you; we gave him love; you returned to destroy everything; I won’t allow this happen.

Gautam requests that Dhara surrender the infant since she cannot demonstrate her rights to the child by demonstrating his mother’s faults. Dhara claims she would cheerfully return the infant, but what assurance does she have that she will not abandon the baby on the road again? Shweta’s mother adds, “I know you don’t trust Shweta, but I promise that I will look after the kid.” Dhara claims that you should have notified Shweta before leaving her to walk the roads, just like she did with her infant. Shweta’s father says you are correct, but you must realise that the circumstance is not always the same. I am thankful to you all for loving the kid.

He claims Chiku was with the finest family in the world. Shweta’s mother claims that Shweta married the wrong guy, that he rushed away with his money and jewellery, and that he abandoned her on the highways. Shweta sobs. Shweta’s father requests that Dhara return their happiness, Chiku is important for Shweta and family, and I guarantee that we will take excellent care of him. Shweta requests that Suman inform Dhara about the baby. Suman tells Dhara, “You knew this day would come; give the kid to his mother.” No. Dhara signals Gautam replies, “Don’t do this; you told me you’d return Chiku when you found his mother; please return him to his mother.” Dhara sobs.

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