Pandya Store 17th October 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Today Pandya Store Episode Starts With Shweta and Krish making the rounds during the wedding. Playing is Mainu Jogi hona. Should the rounds be stopped, Raavi asks. No, Rishita replies, not yet. Dhara is seen by Gautam. The bag is delivered by Dhara. She grabs it and takes off. Gautam comes next. Shweta is made to wear the mangalsutra by Krish. Everyone cheers them on. Yes, Sindoor will be present someplace, according to Rishita. She believes that this is her last attempt to dissolve the marriage. The sindoor box is concealed under her dupatta. Each person searches for the sindoor. Golmaal…plays… Rishita gives the sindoor box to Pandit. Everyone observes. Oh, it was with me, she adds. Krish pours Shweta’s maang’s sindoor. Deven’s message reaches Shweta. Dhara, I told you the truth; you will now spend time in prison. She is startled. Everybody applauds. Suman claims that while the marriage is done, Dhara is still gone.

The luggage travels with Dhara. She sobs as she sees Shweta holding sindoor. Everyone fears as they stare at Dhara. Shiva drapes the dupatta over Dhara. Are you okay, Rishita queries. Shiva and Gautam query what transpired. Everyone wants to know Dhara’s whereabouts and who she was following. ‘Tell us the truth,’ Suman exhorts. Dhara accuses Shweta of wrongdoing. Shweta believes that I must take action in order for my strategy to succeed. She presents as though she is dizzy. Dhara passes out. She is being held by Rishita and everyone else. Suman is anxious.

Dhara is picked up and taken by Gautam. Rishita claims that Shweta is only playing faint and that she may be revived. Raavi splashes Shweta’s face with some water. Pinching Shweta is Rishita. Shweta is still acting as though I’ll run into Rishita later. Shweta is taken inside by Krish. Doctor examines Shweta and Dhara. She claims that their dizziness was caused by exhaustion and worry, and that if they relax, they would recover. Rishita is invited by Dev because Shweta and Dhara need to relax. If they need anything, someone should be here, according to Rishita. Shweta considers being awake in order to drive Rishita away. She moves and inquires about Dhara. Do you know what happened to Dhara? Rishita queries, “Why did you become afraid seeing her.”

Gautam informs you that we must go soon; Shweta will look after Dhara, and you must accompany us. Rishita explains that Dhara won’t get up if Chutki is forced to lay next to her since Shweta too has to be taken care of. She urges Dev to give Chutki to her. In Shweta’s opinion, Rishita must go now. Chutiki sobs. Rishita picks up the infant. Dev invites her, and Raavi also requests assistance with packing. Rishita believes that this time, I’ll expose your lies.

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