Pandya Store 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Shweta and her parents arrive. Shweta says

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Rishita begins the episode by stating, “Dev didn’t come to visit the baby, he doesn’t love her, I’m going to divorce him, contact the lawyer.” Dhara says, “Wait, I’ll go see them.” Raavi stops her and informs her that they are in prison, that I talked with the inspector, and that they had beaten someone on the road. Rishita claims that Dev did not care about her, that she was in agony and that he built a fight club, that she would not remain here, and that they did not come to help her in this crucial stage. Suman claims that there is constantly turmoil in the family. Matter, according to Dhara, is something else. Raavi claims that they didn’t need to fight. Dhara says it’s a difficult emotional time for the family, but they attended nevertheless. Suman adds, “Don’t worry, I’ll contact the lawyer and have all three of you divorced, I’ll toss them all out of the home, and we female gang will reign here.”

Shiva mentions the Pandya shop, which I recall you visiting; we apologise. They all apologise. Inspector replies, “Fine, I’ll let you leave as long as you do sit ups first.” They are all doing sit-ups. Shweta informs me that I am sick and that we will return home. Shweta’s father claims, “I obtained the birth certificate from the hospital; how can we verify that Chiku is Shweta’s baby?” A DNA test might assist. Shweta’s mother says we’ll go speak to them; it’s a nice family; they looked after Shweta and had her cured. Shweta wonders why you don’t leave the infant with the family if they are so wonderful. She storms out. Dev dials Rishita’s number. She claims it is too late for me to divorce Dev. They hear dhol and believe Kanta is outside. Dev, Shiva, and Gautam return home, dhol dancing. Dhara and Raavi see them and come out of the home. Dhara chastises them. They inquire about the baby, whether it is a boy or a girl. Shiva deceives them and flees within.

Dev notices Rishita and the child. Suman comes to a halt and scolds them. Krish arrives. Suman requests that they divorce her bahus and leave her alone. Krish thinks it’s a good thing I didn’t marry Kirti since I won’t get divorced because I’m single. Shiva inquires if it is a boy or a girl. Dhara claims it’s her daughter. Everyone, even Dev, is happy. Dev tears as he sees the infant. He expresses regret to Rishita. Gautam has also expressed regret. A lawyer arrives and inquires as to what should be done with the divorce papers. Shiva advises tearing it up and throwing it away. The lawyer requests payment. Gautam pays the money and dismisses him. Shiva claims she cheated on Rishita. Suman refers to himself as Mini Suman Pandya. She chuckles. Chiku is taken by Dhara. Everyone smiles and embraces Rishita’s baby. They all embrace. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…

Shweta and her parents arrive. Shweta says, “Come with us and identify your kid, or else destroy the relationship with us.” You left the home and got married; can’t you keep a baby with you for our wish? Shweta believes I won’t be able to keep the kid, but how can I survive without a roof over my head? Raavi visits Rishita. Shiva notices Chiku and Dhara together. I’m terrified someone will come and steal Chiku, he adds. Dhara expresses her joy, saying, “I’m really glad, we have a son and a daughter now, everything will be alright.” Suman pursues Shiva and inquires as to who those folks were and what happened. He wonders whether he should tell her the truth; no, I need to keep them away from the home; it may be a sham group stealing children, but maybe that girl was Chiku’s mother. Dhara inquires whether you are content. Gautam adds, “I’m thrilled but terrified,” and that Chiku should legally become one of us, offer love to Chutki, but leave rearing to Rishita.

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