Pandya Store 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara and Raavi had ice cream as well

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Rishita begins the episode by claiming, “I will not forgive anybody,” adding, “There is no proof that this is my kid, Raavi isn’t filming a video, what will I show my baby?” Dhara tells her to relax. Rishita becomes enraged. Raavi goes live and discusses Rishita’s birth. She asks Rishita to greet her. Rishita becomes enraged. She refers to Dev as a dog. Suman becomes enraged. Raavi claims to be saying “I love you.” Suman assures Rishita that everything will be alright. Dhara suggests that I go see a doctor. No, Rishita replies, remain with me. Raavi goes live and requests for assistance since Rishita is in a lot of pain and the doctor can’t arrive due of the car accident. Rishita requests ice cream. Raavi goes to have some ice cream. Dhara requests it from Rishita.

Inspector transports the Pandyas soldiers in his vehicle. Dev apologises, “My wife is about to give birth; please let us leave.” According to Gautam and Shiva, we went there to settle the argument. Inspector suggests that you speak with him in the police station. He chastises them. Dhara and Raavi had ice cream as well. Rishita becomes agitated. She claims that I can’t take this right now. Suman instructs her to just push. Raavi claims that we have a doctor. Dhara promises the doctor will arrive.

Raavi approaches the doctor and begs her to direct her as to when she will arrive. When the doctor says I’m on my way, urge her to push. Raavi claims that we are urging her to push. The doctor returns home. The light goes off. Suman inquires whether you paid the bill. Raavi claims I did. Rishita exclaims, “I despise you, doctor!” The doctor examines her. Everyone has a flashlight on their mobile phone. The doctor assists Rishita in giving birth.

The infant begins to wail. Dhara, Raavi, and Suman are all beaming. While going by the vehicle, Dev and everyone hear the baby scream. Dev calls himself “my baby.” Gautam says yes, congratulations. Dev requests that the inspector release him. He expresses regret. He claims that if Rishita finds out I’m in prison, she would divorce me; please, for the sake of your wife, let me go.

Suman sobs as she holds the infant in her arms. Dhara embraces her. Shubh din aayo…plays… Suman expresses gratitude to the doctor. She congratulates everyone and announces that the baby is a girl. She hands the infant over to Rishita. Dhara instructs Raavi to inform the Pandya men of the news and instructs Krish to get the dhol. Raavi sets out to find them. Shiva, Krish, she shouts out… The Pandya guys have arrived in the police station. Dev requests that I make a phone call in order to determine if the baby is a boy or a girl. Inspector remains silent. Shiva receives Raavi’s phone call. He claims the women are alone at home; kindly inform them that we are present. Inspector considers teaching them a lesson so that they do not repeat the mistake.

Inspector answers the phone. Raavi informs me that this is my husband’s phone. Yes, your spouse is at the police station; he was doing a theatre in the middle of the road; he will be arrested immediately. Dev inquires about the baby. Inspector cuts the connection. Gautam wonders what his mother would do now that she knows. Shiva claims she should have known by now. The doctor issues the prescription. Right, Rishita claims she looks like me. Dhara affirms. Suman claims she resembles tiny Suman. Dhara says I’ll go visit them. Raavi says there is no need to travel anyplace. Dhara requests that you inform me where they are. Raavi claims they are in prison. Suman, Dhara, and Rishita are taken aback.

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