Pandya Store 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandya Store Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 15th October 2022 Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Suman calls Rishita in the opening moments of the episode after becoming irate. Rishita got there after hearing from Jankana that Shweta seeks a buddy. Raavi receives the package from Suman. Deven’s message reaches Shweta. I’ve already departed, so I won’t obstruct your path. We will go, and Shweta responds, “Fine, I’ll change there.” Krish is seated in a mandao. Shehnai….plays… Everybody beams. Looking for Deven is Dhara. She notices him. Shiva autographs Gautam. He is asked to be quiet by Gautam. Shiva, according to Raavi, doesn’t want to play rounds with me. Dhara is invited to join Gautam in standing. Oh my, Raavi thinks, I can’t take being around Gautam; if he finds out, a new drama will ensue. Dhara, come, Gautam commands. Raavi approaches him. Asking them to call the bride is Pandit. Suman promises to attend.

My wife is here, have us married first, says Gautam. No, Raavi thinks. Where are you, Dhara? I can’t do this. Devin runs away from Dhara. He stumbles as he runs outside. He tumbles. She looks up and sees him. He makes off. Upon meeting Shweta, Krish beams. Plays Aaj se Teri Shweta’s game, in Rishita’s opinion, will soon come to an end. See, says Gautam, Krish and Shweta go well together. Raavi bows. Rishita is seated. Raavi departed because she believes Shiva doesn’t want to marry me. Raavi considers how to inform Shiva of my presence. Raavi is asked to sit with Gautam and Suman. If Dhara doesn’t show up, in Raavi’s opinion, it will be disastrous. If you look fine and raise the ghunghat, why are you so bashful, says Gautam. Are you covering your face because your mother has reprimanded you? Raavi bows. Rishita comprehends Dhara’s message… I’ve seen Deven and am pursuing him. Rishita believes Raavi is seated here waiting to wed Gautam. She is startled.

Deven claims that she pursued me. Dhara catches him. The man attempts to flee. Rishita begins to laugh. Everybody is fixated on her. Hugging Raavi when signing Gautam, Rishita. Gautam flashes a question sign. Hugging Gautam, Rishita informs him that Raavi, not Dhara, is with him. Gautam is startled. She gives him a nod. Shiva is tasked by Suman to go retrieve his bride. Where did Dhara go? asks Gautam. Dhara pursues Deven while attempting to grab the bag. Gautam presents as sick and claims, “I feel like it’s gas, I’ll simply come, this marriage won’t work.” Raavi leaves as well. Dhara is told to halt by Suman. Shiva is tasked by Suman to find them. Shiv departs. Dev is asked to stay still and take a seat.

Shiva prevents Raavi. Her ghunghat takes flight. He notices her. Where is Dhara, he asks, thinking that this is Raavi. Deven and Dhara compete for the bag. She is pushed down as he flees. She chases him down. Gautam thinks it’s OK. Rishita was honest when she said, “Where did Dhara go?” Dhara accompanies Deven. A waiter is pushed in front of her by him. Dialing Dhara is Gautam. According to the Pandit, a marriage must be between Rahukaal in order for it to take place. We don’t know what’s occurring, according to Jankana. Get the two jodis married first, advises Suman. Stop, says Krish. “How can I get married without my family?” Give me five minutes, he continues.

When Gautam sees Dhara fleeing, he declares that the lady will kill him. He yells, “Dhara!” Deven walks up to an automobile. Dhara pursues him and uses a hairpin to stab him. He yells.

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