Pandya Store 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Raavi inquires where my Shiva is

Pandya Store 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 15 June 2022 Written Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

Krish begins the episode by stating that Shiva would have been spared. Inspector requests that they examine Shiva’s things. Gautam inquires where Shiva is. According to the inspector, we were unable to identify several of the deceased. Gautam indicates with his collar that his sibling is still alive. Inspector suggests to be calm and cooperative; we also wish for his safety. Gautam and Krish examine the possessions.

They are stunned to see Shiva’s pocketbook. He notices blood on the wallet. He opens it to see a family photo. Gautam receives Raavi’s anklet and remembers Shiva. Gautam receives Dhara’s call. He weeps. Rishita claims that even Krish is not responding. Gautam remembers the words and shouts of Shiva. Krish inquires, “Did he really?

Constable instructs him to examine the corpse. Krish asserts that cannot be our Shiva; nothing evil will happen to him. Prafulla watches the news of the bus accident. She observes Krish on a news station. She asks what Krish was doing there and what happened to them. Krish prays and then examines the corpse. He examines the corpse and then turns. He claims he is not Shiva. He is astonished to see Shiva’s footwear. He sobs while calling Shiva. Gautam stares at him. Raavi asserts that I cannot remain at home. Kanta rushes over and urges Suman to watch the television; a catastrophe has occurred. She claims that the bus travelling to Somnath went down a cliff. Prafulla arrives and says, “I saw Krish and Gautam on the news, and I believe Shiva was returning on that bus.”

Raavi is surprised. Inspector witnesses Krish claiming to be my brother Shiva. He goes. Gautam travels to visit Shiva. Raavi picks up the phone & checks the news on the bus disaster. Raavi remembers the words of the baba. Suman, Rishita, and Raavi get anxious. Dhara advises not to panic upon hearing the news that Gautam would marry Shiva. Gautam embraces Krish while crying. They think about Shiva. Krish requests Shiva to stand.

Dhara adds that when Shiva arrives, Gautam will take her. Raavi replies, “Why didn’t you tell me? You knew, the news was on the television, and you shattered the television. I had a right to know, as his wife, and I would have accompanied Gautam and Krish.” She chastises Dev. She claims that you had a right to know since you wanted to go there, so why didn’t you tell me where Shiva is? Suman chastises Dhara as well. She adds I instructed you not to make choices in my home; I need to speak with Gautam, so please dial his number. Dhara claims he isn’t replying. Suman becomes furious. Raavi yells out, “Shiva, where are you?” Gautam and Krish weep upon viewing the corpse.

Gautam and Krish return home in tears. Raavi inquires where my Shiva is. Krish hands her the anklet while indicating no. Everyone is in disbelief.

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