Pandya Store 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rishita Gets Into Labor

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins with Shweta stating that you cannot become Chiku’s Dadi…. Rishita yells, “The baby is coming!” Everyone is taken aback. Dev requests that it be handled today. Rishita rips his hair and adds, “I can’t take the agony any longer.” Dhara advises to let his hair alone since it will harm him. Suman cracks jokes. Shweta and her parents are watching. Shiva wonders what will happen next. Dhara responds, “I’m not sure.” Gautam claims that someone called the doctor. Suman says I’ll call him.

Everyone attempts to contact the doctor. Shiva claims that it is not connecting. Gautam says no one can call at the same time, so please allow me to call. Krish claims that there is an auto rickshaw strike today, so how will the doctor arrive? The doctor is in the operating room. Shweta warns us not to go inside since there is a medical emergency. Shweta’s mother tells her to go sit in the vehicle and let her handle things.

Shweta is taken by her father. Rishita is forced to lay down by the females. Rishita predicts that I will die. Dev is concerned. Kanta believes the baby will arrive shortly. Suman responds, “I agree.” Gautam says the doctor’s phone isn’t working, so I’ll go fetch him. Suman replies no, there isn’t time now, the water broke, it was our fault, we didn’t listen to her, the baby is coming, I’ve done many births, I’ll do yours. Rishita declines.

Suman claims to have delivered Kanta’s first child. Kanta says I’ll be there for the baby’s home birth. Dev refers to him as a donkey. Suman claims that it is too late. She requests that Raavi get sheets. She requests that Dhara bring her hot water. She invites the males out. Dev invites them to accompany him. Rishita adds, “I planned to have the baby in a decent nursing home, but now it’s happening at home; what will I tell the kid?” Suman claims his Dadi delivered him, and all the guys depart. Rishita requests that Dev remain at the scene. Suman requests that Dev leave. Rishita yells.

Suman is helped by everyone. Shweta’s mother walks into the home. Dev claims it was all my fault; I didn’t realise the kid was on the way and assumed it was a bad call. Shiva assures her that the baby will arrive soon. Dev sobs. Gautam, Shiva, and Krish provide him comfort. Shweta’s mother takes Chiku and departs. Shiva notices her. He claims to resemble Chiku. He pursues her. Shweta is taken aback when she sees Chiku. Shiva appears to them. He inquires as to where you are going him. Shweta’s mother claims he is my grandson.

He inquires as to how you intend to abduct her and what evidence you have. Shweta adds, “I have my daughter here,” referring to Chiku’s mother. If you have proof, Shiva advises to contact him. Shweta’s mother tells him that you are his mother. Shiva claims to know Dhara and Gautam, and we are lawfully keeping him at home. He cautions them and requests that they leave. He brings Chiku along. When Dev meets Rishita, he tells her, “I can’t assist you, but don’t worry, Suman and Dhara will manage it, and everything will be OK.” Dhara instructs Rishita to take a long, deep breath. Krish instructs Dev to think about baby names and to unwind.

He is slapped by Dev. Shut up, Gautam, and let me contact the doctor. Dhara claims Chiku is not present. Raavi says he’ll accompany Shiva. Rishita says, “Pay attention to me.” Dhara says I’ll just see him and come. Rishita claims Dhara isn’t concerned about me. Gautam summons the doctor and requests that she arrive as quickly as possible. Sorry, I was in OT, but don’t worry, I’ll be back in half an hour. Dhara appears and inquires about Chiku, Shiva, and whether or not he has Chiku. Gautam says I’ll contact him. Dhara wonders whether somebody took Chiku by taking advantage of the throng. Rishita wonders how Dhara can abandon her. Suman requests that she push the baby. Shiva obtains Chiku. Dhara embraces Chiku.

She inquires as to where you took him. No, says Shiva. She said she feared she had lost him for good. She brings Chiku along. Gautam requests that Chiku be given to him while he handles Rishita. Dhara replies, “No, I’ll keep him with me.” Dev claims I have a stomachache. Krish claims it’s gas. Dev claims that I want to die. Gautam adds, “Don’t die; sit here and tell me what Rishita and you have planned for the future; I believe she has settled on a name for the kid, a school, and a college.” If it’s a female, Krish says the name will be Devilal. Shiva makes a joke about him. They are at odds. Stop it, Gautam says, look at Dev, he’ll weep. Shiva apologises, saying that we will save for the kid and that he will make our name shine. Yes, says Dev.

They all grin and embrace. They see a car driver quarrel with an elderly guy. Shiva and the others go there and chastise the vehicle driver. The driver says, “I’ll handle it.” He shoves Gautam and tells him to go to work. Krish and Dev outraced the driver. Shiva requests that Krish recollect Kirti breaking his heart and beating the driver. Krish easily defeats him. Shiva defeats him as well. The police arrive and instruct them to leave the vehicle driver alone. Inspector chastises them. Shiva claims he was bothering Kaka when he pushed Gautam. Inspector requests that they be arrested. Gautam claims that we were resolving their conflict. Dev informs me that my wife is about to give birth. The officers accompany them to the vehicle.

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