Pandya Store 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandya Store Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 14th October 2022 Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode opens with Krish thanking the audience for their attention, adding that since Shweta and Chiku have joined the family, it has become a complete family. She sobs and tells him how much she loves their family. He claims that despite my best efforts, I am unable to repay you for all you done for us. He sobs. Why are you sobbing, she says while gesturing. He claims these are happy tears. He embraces her. Her hands dry his tears. Deven writes to Shweta… Help me get out of here before I’m caught; I got the actual jewellery, but I got injured. I must send Deven on his way since Shweta claims it signifies my Sasural is pleased to see the false jewellery. The baraat is welcomed by Shweta’s parents. Suman believes I need to learn what they are up to. Shweta welcomes Rishita to meet her. Shweta considers how to assist Deven during this time. Signing her is Rishita. I don’t understand, says Shweta, adding that she must go. Rishita embraces her.

Rishita makes a friendship promise. Do you want to be friends with me? Shweta queries. What is this drama, she wonders. Rishita indicates, “I’ll get you ready.” Shweta is forced to sit and wear the jewellery by her. Deven would be waiting for me, so Shweta considers a way to get her to go. Everyone joins Krish in his baraat dance. Dhara observes. Suman claims that since you sent Rishita, she won’t be giving the jewellery to anybody because she cannot take a chance. Dhara says she wasn’t sent by me. Raavi advises to deliver the jewellery since Dhara won’t take any action. Suman claims that since you three are together, she won’t forgive you if there is any drama. Dhara tears and indicates that this is also her son’s wedding, and she swears not to interfere. Suman responds, “Okay, follow Dhara’s instructions; it’s your duty.” No, Raavi replies. The jewellery bag is taken by her. She walks over to the dish and keeps it. When she notices the false jewellery, she is startled.

This trademark came out, she adds, calling out Dhara. Dhara believes it proves Rishita was correct. She fulfils every need. She considers telling Rishita about this. I’m going to use mom’s bathroom, Shweta says. She leaves. Rishita learns from Dhara that the jewellery was traded. She yells, “Stop!” Regarding the jewellery traded in the pool, Dhara notifies Raavi. Raavi queries how this came about. Raavi is instructed to remain here by Dhara, who then replaces her by placing a ghunghat over her face. Same outfit, I should turn into you, says Raavi. Dhara believes I won’t let this union to take place. You said, according to Shweta; I’ll complain to Suman. I remained silent, as indicated by Rishita. Dhara and Raavi are invited by Suman. Dhara hangs the ghunghat before departing.

Raavi puts on his ghunghat before heading to Suman. Suman says to summon Rishita here since you have placed the ghunghat. Everything has been prepared, according to Jankana. Suman claims that everything is good. She requests that Dhara see Krish. Raav leaves. Rishita follows him into the restroom. Shweta is asked to get ready by her. No, I’m not comfortable, says Shweta. Rishita now believes that the marriage won’t go place. Suman instructs Dhara to contact Rishita. Raavi wonders where Dhara caught me. Signed by Raavi. Call Raavi, suggests Suman; she will interpret and inform me. Calling Rishita is Suman. Raavi chuckles as she speaks. Why does your chuckle resemble Raavi’s, Suman queries. Looking outside his room, Deven. When Dhara sees him, she claims that he resembles Deven. In his hand, she can see the bag.

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