Pandya Store 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandya Store Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 13th October 2022 Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Shweta dances around the jewellery in the beginning of the episode. Dhara observes her carefully. Shweta believes this is the ideal opportunity to drop the jewellery into the pool. The jewellery cases are thrown into the swimming pool. Everybody is in awe. When Deven sees the genuine jewellery, he discards the imitations in the swimming pool. Suman fixes his gaze on Shweta. Holding her ears, Shweta. While kicking Gautam, Suman yells, “Go, get the jewellery out.” Oh no, Shweta thinks, they all went in; this jewellery scheme is doomed. Everyone dives in the water and strikes Deven.

Deven selects the genuine jewellery. Shweta wonders what’s going on and if Deven really obtained the jewellery. Everyone, including Gautam, grabs the jewellery pieces and exclaims, “We got it!” Suman smiles. Deven grins as he examines the genuine jewellery. He observes the false jewelry-wearing family. He departs.

Suman is asked to take it by Gautam. Dhara autographs Rishita. She examines the jewellery. What are you saying, please tell me, Suman says. They have been communicating using signs for a long time, according to Gautam. Shweta wonders whether Deven is wearing phoney jewellery if they have genuine jewellery. Dev stumbles while holding a bloodied toy. He remembered tripping and hurting his leg. My surprise is also there, according to Gautam. Suman queries what He predicts that all three of our brothers will remarry. Will you acquire new wives? Suman queries.

According to Gautam, I mean that we will remarry our wives since Krish’s marriage is proceeding amicably. Raavi claims that we made no preparations. We have made arrangements, he claims. Suman encourages action. I demand an explanation since Krish states that this baraat won’t go at this time. What will we do with Chiku? Shweta claims Chiku is an issue for Krish since he is a filmi. Yes, according to Krish, Chiku is an issue; is he a male or a girl? Everyone grinned. You made a simple thing complex, claims Jankana. Laughs, Krish. Deven takes care of his wound. Everyone speaks about Chiku. Let Chiku choose between Dhara and Shweta, advises Suman. Everyone observes. Dhara is Chiku’s choice. Everybody applauds. Suman says we need go get ready right now. Dev and Raavi embrace Dhara. Raavi is invited by Dhara.

One and everyone get ready. Krish’s aarti and tilak are performed by Suman and Dhara. The groom is blessed by everyone. Dhol performs Dhara embraces Krish. They all dance and give hugs. Raavi turns to face Dhara. Why did you want me to leave the jewellery in the open, she queries. Signed by Dhara. Suman arrives. Raavi claims that I am in error. Suman advises me to discuss about an urgent item. Each person dances. Gal Mithi Mithi performs… Suman is tasked with sending Dhara to Krish. Suman invites Dhara to leave. She requests Rishita to treat Shweta well. She observes Rishita leaving. She believes they are going to take action. As she prays. Seeing Rishita, Shweta.

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