Pandya Store 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Shiva Meets With An Accident

Pandya Store 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

Rishita begins the episode by urging them to seek legal assistance. Gautam claims she is correct. Mansukh said we’d talk to them and figure things out, according to Dev. Shiva wonders if all will work out. We’ll figure it out, Gautam says. Shiva claims that you and Dev went there; did anything get sorted? If not, I’ll go there right now and thrash them. Dev tells me that it’s your birthday today, so don’t go; we’ll go tomorrow. Shiva replies, “Bless me, I’ll go and come, and we’ll cut the cake together.” Suman bestows blessings on him.

Shiva is asked not to go anyplace by Raavi. Shiva motions for her to let go of his hand. Prafulla is correct, she adds; you don’t comprehend anything. He claims you already knew, so why are you fighting now? Dhara urges them to refrain from fighting. Raavi, Shiva claims, is referring to herself as unfortunate once more. Raavi is asked by Dhara not to start it. Shiva walks away. Raavi observes. He approaches her. She inquires as to what will become of your gift, which she hopes will make every hour wonderful. He requests for a kiss on the cheek from her.

She tells you to forget it. She becomes enraged. He walks away. She swivels around to search for him. She becomes nervous as she remembers Suman’s remarks. Dhara appears and tells her she isn’t an issue. She says, “Get ready, Shiva is coming to meet you,” and then adds, “Smile now, sorry.” She leaves. Shiva is summoned by Raavi, who scolds him. He gives a warm smile. Listen, he says, I… She requests that he say anything. He says, “Forget it,” and you answer, “I’ll say it later.” I’m not going to call you right now, she says. She hangs up the phone. Dhara notices Rishita’s sadness and assures her that no one can remove our land. Raavi arrives to assist. Dhara encourages her to continue to smile.

Shiva is taking the bus to his destination. He remembers his family when he sees the photo. He remembers Raavi. He adds, “Trust me, Raavi. I’ll take care of everything.” When Dhara sees the wild winds, he is afraid. She predicts that it will rain. Gautam inquires as to what transpired. Dhara expresses her concern that something bad may occur. He claims you didn’t chastise Shiva.

He tells her not to be concerned; Shiva may be on his way; the trip is only two hours. Dhara goes over to greet the visitors. Shiva is about to arrive. The motorist is driving erratically. A Kaka is forced to sit on Shiva’s window seat. He requests that the driver drive cautiously. Prafulla arrives and introduces himself to Raavi. At the celebration, everyone dances. Happy Birthday, Aw Tera, Raavi addresses Shiva. She claims heisn’t responding. Shiva responds. I can’t hear you, he says. Raavi is invited to dance by Rishita.

The bus starts to lose control. Shiva instructs the driver to take it easy. Dhara is curious about what he said.Raavi remains silent and unresponsive. Rishita claims he’s making fun of you. Prafulla said he has a tendency to tease people, so when he returns, he should attend his class. Suman is agitated. Gautam inquires as to what happened to his mother. Start the cooler when Dhara indicates she’s restless. Suman inquires as to where Shiva has arrived. Raavi claims he is not picking up the phone. A vehicle pulls up to the bus. The bus is being turned by the driver. The bus crashes through the bridge. It began to thunder. Everybody in the house is concerned.


Everyone, including Dhara, has seen the news about the bus disaster. They are taken aback. Krish screams at Shiva and sobs.

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