Pandya Store 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandyas Learn The Big Problem

Pandya Store 10th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

To begin the episode, Gautam claims that he was injured while out in the fields. Suman inquires as to the method. Is that what Dev says? She inquires as to whether you, too, have fallen.

Gautam claims that when Dev fell, I too fell. Dev inquires about the get-together. Rishita claims that we’ll be preparing our own meals at home. Gautam says yeah, family event. We’ll put the land up for sale after Shiva’s celebration.

Raavi assures me that we will have a wonderful birthday celebration for him. Our friend Rishita tells us that she knows how thrilled you are for birthday, and that it’s going to be a great occasion for everyone. Shiva notices a clothing and asks the man to put it away for her to view. A little sum is paid, and he promises to purchase the dress.

Shiva has fallen asleep for the day. Raavi has a lovely way of waking him up in the morning. When the song Jeena hai… plays, she sends him warm birthday greetings. “Who wishes this way?” he enquires. He demands that he stand up. He draws her close to him. Sweets are what he wants. She claims that she didn’t give me any chocolate for my birthday this year.

When I tell him I want things my way, he replies that it’s OK. She apologises and tells him to get up since there’s no time for this. He claims it’s my birthday. She tells me she wants the best for you on your birthday. He demands that you kiss me every hour, according to him. She beams. He wonders aloud if you liked the concept because you’re smiling.

She gives him a cheek kiss. He gives her his whole attention. This is what she says. He inquires as to where we’ll meet next. I don’t think you’re as innocent as she claims. It’s deja vu all over again. She apologises for not being able to buy you a gift this time around, but promises to do better next time. A present? You are the most beautiful and nicest gift I could have asked for. Shiva is greeted by everyone.

Shiva expresses gratitude to each and every one of you. Bless him, and get ready, Dhara orders him to do in her presence. Rishita interrogates Raavi about whether or not she gave Shiva the birthday gift. Raavi becomes nervous. Dhara tells her to come to work and not be afraid. When Gautam and Krish arrive, they seek for money from Dhara. As she goes through the cash,

Gautam is asked by her to find a way to pay Krish’s college tuition, which is extremely important. Raavi claims she needs the money to purchase Shiva a birthday present. Unless Krish plans on asking a buddy for money, I’m not interested in this. He makes his way out. According to Gautam, you gave Dev money, therefore I’ll have a look at the loan I’ve requested.

He instructs Dhara to transfer the money to Raavi on his behalf. He’s off. Dhara transfers the funds to Raavi’s bank account. She claims that I don’t have any more money to give her. As far as Raavi is concerned, all I’ll receive is a 500 rs gift and she’ll retain the rest. Rishita stands and watches. When Raavi sees her ring, she decides to sell it to offset some of her other expenses.

Performing the aarti of Shiva, Dhara. Shiva falls to the ground after tripping and stumbling. Shiva wonders if the removal of this tika is a bad omen. Are you okay? Gautam asks him while keeping him in his arms. Shiva has given the go-ahead. Dhara inquires as to whether or not you were injured. He claims I’m alright. She covers him with a black dot. He tells me to go immediately since nothing will happen. His mother tells him to be cautious.

Raavi is on her way to the jewellery store to sell the ring. I can pay you 25000 rupees, according to the jeweller. Raavi agrees, but asks that the ring be kept secure. She snatches the cash. In Rishita’s ears, Dev tells her that someone has taken land.

When she inquires as to who took our land, she inquires as to who took it. He refers to himself as Jeevan Lal. If she asks who he is, you lied.It’s Gautam’s belief that you informed her. Raavi has returned to her house. Dhara inquires about the incident.

Rishita claims that our land has been seized. Dhara wonders how this is possible, as it isn’t true. Everything is revealed by Dev and Gautam. According to Gautam, we intended to reveal this information after his birthday. Shiva is enraged and claims that he would have beaten him up if he had the chance. She tells him to calm down and asks, “Who’s that guy?” According to Gautam, Jeevan lal.

As Shiva says, I am not going to abandon him. Suman wonders how long these issues will last. We’ll receive the land, according to Gautam. Raavi blames me for what occurred, and I don’t believe her.

As they contemplate how to free the country, Dhara cautions her not to get enraged and inflames her even further. Shiva storms out in a rage. Gautam inquires as to your whereabouts. In the event that Shiva is a goon, I’m a bigger goon, so I’ll get the land back from him. Gautam assures me that everything will be well. Shiva tells me to go it alone.


Everyone at the party is dancing. Shiva responds to Raavi’s appeal. Shiva is on a bus to get to his destination. An accident occurs on the bus.

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