Only Animal Lovers Will Understand These Perfectly Timed Photos Of Ridiculous Pets

Having a pet is a blessing for so many reasons, in addition to them being so darn cute and loveable. They can make your day or create a memory in an instant by doing something silly. Although most pet owners believe that their pet is the cutest, some people are showing the not-so-photogenic side of their pets. So, we have made a list of unflattering pictures of 50 pets. If you don’t have a pet, these photos will certainly convince you to get one.

1. The Goat Version Of A Touchdown

Football players usually need a sturdy helmet to withstand being able to fight off the other team as they rush the ball into the end zone. While it can be hard (sometimes even dangerous), the thrill of diving into a touchdown no doubt makes everything worth it.

The Goat Version Of A Touchdown

Funny Pica

This goat has got his mind on the prize, and he’s not about to let anyone stand in the way of getting his shining moment in the spotlight.

2. Let The Imitation Begin

This cat first saw a tiger and decided that whatever the tiger could do, she could do even better. Going as far as to copy both the posture and making the scariest face it could.

Let The Imitation Begin


We have to admit that the cat did a pretty fabulous job of imitating one of the biggest members of the cat family.

3. Bubbly Taste

Dogs tend to go crazy over anything from playing and jumping around a small insect in the house, to chasing bubbles and going crazy over them.

Bubbly Taste


This doggo is no different, and the perfectly captured photo shows us just how silly he looks while chasing bubbles.

4. Mind The Boundaries Man!

This cat clearly isn’t happy seeing others not following boundaries. She can’t take nonsense anymore.

Mind The Boundaries Man!


In fact, she is clearly demonstrating that by saying, “This is my side and that is your side, Karen. Why can’t you understand?”

5. Doggie See, Doggie Do

The doggo must be getting pretty annoyed at some point, constantly having a camera in his face everytime he yawns.

Doggie See, Doggie Do

Bored Panda

We have a message for this dog owner: You have to frame this picture and replace the old one now, it’s the law. After all, we want his grandkids to follow him.

6. Peek-A-Boo!

This cat either loves to play hide and seek too much or is fed up with her “hooman” as they are always taking photos of her.


Where Cool Things Happen

Or perhaps the cat wants the “hooman” to stop taking the freaking pictures and feed her already.

7. The Perfect Photo Doesn’t Exi…

The pup on the right is like, “Why can’t you for once act normal? He just asked you to smile and look into the camera.”

The Perfect Photo Doesn't Exi...

The Chive

And other puppy on the left has enough of this and is like, “Just mind your own business!”

8. Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

This male dog wanted to kiss the love of his life but always failed to muster enough courage. The female dog had enough of the waiting game and simply went for it.

Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Huffington Post

The doggo’s astounding reaction is like, “Holy frisbees, this is happening for real.”

9. “Flash Who?”

Even if you are a fan of DC Comics superhero Flash, you can’t get offended by this doggo. The dog knows he’s super-fast and we have no reason to disagree with it.

"Flash Who?"

Earth Porm

Jokes apart, the pup knows that there’s no turning back and he has also accepted his fate. Moreover, he can’t show temper tantrums before taking a bath anymore.

10. “Where The Heck Did You Come From”

Cat owners know how easily cats spook when they find something unusual. You must have seen videos of how cats jump practically 5 feet in the air when they see a cucumber near them.

"Where The Heck Did You Come From"

Tout Bon

This fluff ball seems all ready to face a threat and her best defense against is to run as fast as possible away from it.

11. “I Will Chew It Like I Chewed Your Shoes”

Dogs tend to get pretty excited when they find something chewable. That’s why your shoes aren’t safe from them.

"I Will Chew It Like I Chewed Your Shoes"

9 Bytz

This doggo loves to play fetch and the excitement on his face shows how much he’s enjoying it. Adorable!

12. So That’s What Bird’s Eye View Means

This pirate needed an eye patch to intensify his look, so he simply relies on his pet parrot.

So That's What Bird's Eye View Means

Earth Porm

By the way, this perfectly timed photo seems a little bit disturbing. Don’t you think?

13. Proof That Dogs Aren’t From Our Planet

Before any of you get scared and run out of the room, we are clearing one thing: this indeed is a doggy.

Proof That Dogs Aren't From Our Planet


We don’t know why dogs do this but this is a perfect reply to anyone who says dogs are cute no matter what.

14. Kung Fu Doggy

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, we have to explain this one a little bit. It’s 100% clear that the doggy was having the best time with his dad… until his dad’s girlfriend came over carrying her own little doggy as well.

Kung Fu Doggy


So, the male doggy is expressing his frustration in a not-so-subtle way. It’s clear he’s not interested in sharing the love.

15. A Cheerleader Cat

This cutie is showing her mommy that she has what it takes to be a cheerleader. And we are pretty impressed by it.

A Cheerleader Cat

Panda Whale

We even think that she can compete in the Olympics and win a gold medal. What do you think about it?

16. Confused Catwoman

Cats can sometimes look super confused at simple things and let’s admit it: they look cute no matter if they are angry, active, excited, or sleepy.

Confused Catwoman


We feel that it is a wonderful photo and even the idea of framing it doesn’t sound bad at all.

17. Did… Did You Say “Vet”?

Well, this is that look when you’re enjoying your lazy Saturday morning and you realize its Thursday.

Did... Did You Say "Vet"?


Sometimes, we feel that dogs copy humans because we usually react like this from time to time. By the way, this is the universal WTF reaction of dogs.

18. It’s Not A Slice of Bacon

This puppy is clearly getting excited about something happening in his life. And no, it is his tongue and not a slice of bacon or someone’s tie.

It's Not A Slice of Bacon

Halee Wilson

The puppy is probably saying, “who turned off the lights?” Maybe this is how he washes his face before going to bed.

19. “I Wonder… How Do I Taste?”

This cat was tired of biting and scratching everyone and wanted to see how she tasted.

"I Wonder... How Do I Taste?"


From her reaction, it seems like she doesn’t taste so good. By the way, this cutie does look like a little vampire demon.

20. “Hold on, What Do Want To Say”

The dog is clearly not pleased with his parent because he knows that they are taking a photo to make fun of his weight.

"Hold on, What Do Want To Say"


On the other hand, we believe that not many of you have ever seen a cow sitting like that. So, there you go.

21. Pennywise The Dog

Although we think that this doggo is a big fan of Pennywise the Clown, we are sure that this is the face everyone makes right after they’ve just told a “dad” joke.

Pennywise The Dog


Or maybe the dog is saying, “heh, heh, heh…I’m telling you a mouse ate the cat’s food.”

22. The Most Terrifying Smile Ever

This guy’s smile reminds us of one particular scene from the TV show 13 Reasons Why, “So you see, that’s where the trouble began. That smile. That [dang] smile.”

The Most Terrifying Smile Ever


This ferocious creature can easily become a star of a toothpaste company. And we also believe that this smile is perfect when your boss cracks a lame joke.

23. Real Life Angry Bird

This birdy is angry at its owner for God knows what reason, but it clears up one thing – that birds are not as cute as they often seem to be.

Real Life Angry Bird

Amber Ashley

And also, birds can be pretty ridiculous as well, and this is the proof that no one can deny.

24. The Sweetest Lil’ Demon Ever

In these pictures, this little cutie is like, “I am the darkness. I am the night. I am… ooh right there… that’s the spot.”

The Sweetest Lil' Demon Ever


In the first photo, the cat’s mood matches the decor. By the way, this does look like a vampire kitty.

25. Is That Ghost from Game of Thrones?

When the doggo was fed up with playing the fetch game, he was like, “Go ahead… ask me to fetch. ONE. MORE. TIME.”

Is That Ghost from Game of Thrones?


By the way, this is a Siberian husky and the picture was taken when she was mid yawning.

26. Most Humans Without Coffee In The Morning

This photo shows that this sweetie had a bad catnip trip or maybe she was enjoying it. After all, most cats LOVE catnip.

Most Humans Without Coffee In The Morning

Shayne Cohen

Or maybe this cat came back from the vet and was contemplating her decision to trust her hooman.

27. Cat Elf on a Shelf

“Where’d My Ears Go?? This cat is feeling betrayed and probably saying something like, “I told her no hats. No freaking hats Jessica.”

Cat Elf on a Shelf


We understand that the cat’s reaction to it is justifiable, but it is so adorable.

28. Is That Chewbacca?

This doggo wanted to get out and play in the house. This is only 5% of his escape plan as we can see (at least his nose and bright teeth are out of the cage).

Is That Chewbacca?

Marie Kemp

The doggo is like, “Don’t look at my teeth. Look into my bright eyes, you want to let me out!”

29. Best Berfday Ever!!!

Hey doggy! Don’t eat with your mouth open, its bad manners. Dogs get pretty excited whenever they see food.

Best Berfday Ever!!!


The doggy is having none of the manners nonsense as he just wants to eat his cake as soon as possible so no human eats it. Typical dog mentality!

30. When Pug Disapproves You

This little cutie is sitting there like, “I didn’t choose the PUG LIFE, the pug life chose me.”

When Pug Disapproves You


And we have a message for all pug parents out there: please don’t feed your gremlin after midnight.

31. When The Dog Judges Everyone

This dog looks like an old grandpa complaining about when things were simpler and how people have it so easy driving in their fancy vehicles.

When The Dog Judges Everyone


By the way, the doggy also looks really determined to chase down that garbage truck today!

32. “There Will Be Consequences, Karen”

It seems like the wise old master will finally speak and he’s not really amused so far.

"There Will Be Consequences, Karen"

Gemma Moore

The doggy is thinking about the saying, “Have a bath they said… It’ll be nice they said.”

33. “That’s So Funny Dude”

We are quite sure this horse laughed this hard after hearing the first line of the joke: A horse and a cowboy went into a bar…

"That's So Funny Dude"

Ann O’Masters Akers

This horse looks like when you meet someone who is super bubbly and laughing at almost everything you say.

34. Kitty Needs Glasses

It seems like she´s looking at you and the ghost beside you, at the same time!

Kitty Needs Glasses


It could be a useful trick if this cat’s prey suddenly darts to its left.

35. “Do I Look Impressed? Because I’m Not Impressed”

This Sphynx cat is not amused at all, but she has cute kitty fat rolls and we absolutely love her.

"Do I Look Impressed? Because I'm Not Impressed"


Who knows, maybe the cat was like, “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

36. Nice To Meet You Beau

We just want to make it clear that this is now the face you make when your boss comes to you and said the project you just finished wasn’t saved and they can’t retrieve it.

Nice To Meet You Beau


We have to admit that at least this doggy is as handsome as his name suggests. Beau is Beautiful!

37. Floof is Everything

First of all, he is looking super adorable in the right one, right? This beautiful doggy is a party animal.

Floof is Everything


And the first photo shows that fluff is everything and becomes nothing when it gets wet.

38. Oh, That Smile

Other dog friends: “Hey, can you just be cool for a second?” and this is how the doggy reacted.

Oh, That Smile


In the first picture, it seems like he has no teeth. Then he is like “Surprise!” The person who combined these pictures just made everyone’s day a little better. Isn’t this guy just adorable?

39. “Who’s a Good Boy” Doggo: Not Me!

Most of you must be like, please let this be mid-sneeze… please let this be mid-sneeze. If so then rest assured that yes, the dog was sneezing when they took the photo.

"Who's a Good Boy" Doggo: Not Me!


Or maybe this puppy was protective of his parent and was actually saying, “She’s mine. Don’t you dare come closer or you’ll die.”

40. Happens Every Monday Morning

Don’t laugh at this photo because this is how most of us are on every single Monday morning.

Happens Every Monday Morning


Or this is how we are for at least 1 week after a breakup. We all are traveling on the same boat.

41. Head Scratches or Too Much Catnip?

Although the person who uploaded this wrote that her cat loves head scratches. We find that hard to believe.

Head Scratches or Too Much Catnip?


We think that the cat is always deep in wild thoughts, and she was in another world when these photos were taken.

42. “Why You Take Bath When I Can Clean You?”

All cat parents know that cats tend to clean themselves right after taking a bath. It’s like they don’t trust us enough or question everything about what we do for them.

"Why You Take Bath When I Can Clean You?"


This cat looks like she has taken some oath to prevent her person from giving her a bath. Hence, the cleaning!

43. Is That Toothless?

We are not sure if she is Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, but we are sure the cat is somehow connected to Toothless.

Is That Toothless?


The cat is like, “I can’t boop the snoot! How do I boop the snoot, if there’s no snoot to boop?!”

44. Not Inbreed, It’s An “Inbread” Cat

The parents of this cat were always taking photos of her but never framed them. So, the cat decided to take the matter into her paws.

Not Inbreed, It's An "Inbread" Cat


She looks a bit crusty but what can we say. Oh, maybe the cat ate an entire loaf of bread, we will never know.

45. “What On Earth Is That?”

The facial expressions of cats can be super cute. However, sometimes they can freak you out a little bit.

"What On Earth Is That?"

We have no idea what this cat saw, but it seems like she’s pretty riled up. Maybe she saw a human baby or a cucumber.

46. Fluffy R2-D2 Look Alike

Why does it look like this fluff ball has super wide shoulders? He looks like a goalie.

Fluffy R2-D2 Look Alike


Maybe the cat is thinking, “I am growing older and fatter, but my charm is still there… right guys?”

47. Doggy’s Jaw-Dropping Moment

Dogs can throw temper tantrums before and after taking a bath, but they are mostly curious about a lot of things around them.

Doggy's Jaw-Dropping Moment

This might be the dog’s first experience of watching a bubble floating towards him. We hope he had it really made his day in the park.

48. But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Don’t feel jealous upon realizing that this cat takes better selfies than you. At least the cat won’t take 100 selfies and upload only one of them.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

The cat is showing everyone always to be serious whenever you take a selfie. Everyone, these are selfie goals for you.

49. “Human, Don’t Take The Photo Now!”

We have seen numerous times cats sitting into boxes with the logic “If I fits, I sits.”

"Human, Don't Take The Photo Now!"

This doggy thought he could pass through it. However, it seems like the pup has realized his mistake and can’t believe that his human friend is taking photos instead of helping him.

50. Not A Dentist Ad

This photo can be used for different purposes: Smoker vs Non-smoker or people who don’t brush their teeth vs people who do brush their teeth.

Not A Dentist Ad

Jokes aside, the woman’s laughter isn’t cute at all in comparison to the laughter of the horse.

Questionable Designs That Are Sure To Make Anyone Laugh

John Travis

This article was originally published on WackoJaco

We can admit it, there are plenty of things that look ugly but they work just fine, so we don’t really care. But there are also a lot of things that are just flat out terrible looking to the point where function no longer matters. Your eyes are so caught on how horribly designed the item is that you can’t even begin to ask yourself if it works or not. Out of all the terribly ugly items in the world, these are the top 50 worst ones. After seeing how many people have them in their houses, you’re going to feel like you have the asthetic eye of a fashion mogul.

Just A Centaur Having A Beer

Here’s a classic bar joke: a centaur walks into a bar, the bartender says, “Hey, how’s the throat?” The centaur replies, “My throat isn’t horse but my legs are.”

Just A Centaur Having A Beer


We can suppose that this design is supposed to be funny. Imagine you waiting to meet the girl of your dreams and she enters the bar and sees you sitting on it though.

Even He Knows The Design Looks Ugly

There are times when we try so hard to hide our emotions, but we fail to do it. This person is pretty aware of how ridiculous the entire design is and his face says it all.

Even He Knows The Design Looks Ugly


Some may say this is a cool theme for a restaurant, but most would probably disagree with that. By the way, the soup doesn’t look very appetizing, and we can’t control the urge not to say that this guy is the “Soup-ervisor.”

10 Points For Slytherin!

Harry Potter fans will get our little nerdy title of 10 points for Slytherin. Some may say that it is scary, but we have a feeling that some people will think that it is cute.

10 Points For Slytherin!


We feel that it would be super cool for Halloween with the right costume. Would you go with this one?

Looks Comfortable

Just give a call to any person who you don’t generally like and invite them for dinner. When they come, make them sit on this comfy “thing.”

Looks Comfortable


We do feel that this is perfect for your upstairs neighbors who might try to drag their indoor furniture and make noises all the time.

Where’s The Giant Bird?

This is weird and somewhat cute. By the way, this is “le nid” (meaning “the bird’s nest”) in Nantes, France.

Where's The Giant Bird?


We do think that this is an “Eggcellent” idea that is quite unique. One wonders there is any point in this place if you can’t get an omelette there.

50% Off Pants

Do you think you are confident enough to wear anything without worrying about what others would think? Well, imagine having this much confidence.

50% Off Pants


We are not here to judge anyone, but we do feel that this would be super uncomfortable.

Not The Most Appealing Egg Separator

This egg separator looks super disgusting. Moreover, it is a massive pain to clean it as well. You can imagine mold and/or yeast could easily start to grow in the nostrils.

Not The Most Appealing Egg Separator


You can send it as a Christmas gift to someone you hate who also gets flu easily. By the way, it is supposed to be funny.

“Mommy, There’s A Giant Under My Bed!”

Having this kind of bed in the room gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “foot of the bed,” right?

"Mommy, There's A Giant Under My Bed!"


We do feel that this is Quentin Tarantino’s bedroom because of his foot fetish (if you don’t agree with us then just watch his movies). We are 100% confident that some kid will eventually paint the toenails.

The Worst Online Shopping Fail

His face shows disappointment and we are left wondering here what didn’t meet his expectations. Maybe he knows that he is going to be popular.

The Worst Online Shopping Fail

So, should we address the elephant in the room or there is no need for it? Well, it seems like there is no need. We all got it.

Why? We Just Want To Know Whyyy???

How creative is this, right? We don’t know what made the designer think it was a good idea to have little lumps in the armpits in a color that looks like ancient sweat stains. What was the designer snorting when the idea came to them?

Why? We Just Want To Know Whyyy???


To be honest, it looks like the person is always sweating so much that insects have even laid eggs that are about to be hatched.

The Designer Is A Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants

Some people may think that this is obviously a church down in Bikini Bottom, an underwater city in the SpongeBob SquarePants series.

The Designer Is A Fan of SpongeBob SquarePants


We are certain that whoever came up with this design is going to “sHELL” (we know you’re impressed by what we did here). And hey, we have a question; can the priest hear themselves and others over the sounds of the beach?

That’s How You Blend Into Your Environment

We’re a bit confused now because it is hard to imagine how one goes about getting a shirt in the exact same print as the upholstery?

That's How You Blend Into Your Environment


This must be a custom order. Someone pointed out that a transport company sells them as a joke. Well, that’s one way to prank the passengers.

A Die-Hard Fan Of Tango

This lady made the mask during COVID-19 most probably because she’s not a fan of regular masks as they are quite boring looking.

A Die-Hard Fan Of Tango


Despite the fact that it doesn’t look effective at all, we have to give her an A for effort because we can bet a lot of time went into knitting it. If she wears a better mask underneath it, then it’s still functional and might just brighten someone’s day

Secret Agent Grandpa

This is what happens when your lovely and innocent-looking grandpa is a secret agent hiding highly valuable information.

Secret Agent Grandpa


Or it can be just some guy hiding some of his personal collection from his wife…who knows!

When The Beach Is To “Die” For

There are some beaches on earth that make people want to stay there forever. Some of these are the breathtakingly beautiful beaches like Whitehaven Beach (Australia), Bai Sao (Vietnam), and Pensacola Beach (Florida).

When The Beach Is To "Die" For


By the way, this has given a new meaning to RIP meaning Relax In Peace. And just so you may know, the sales of this new floaty skyrocketed because of vampires.

Who Thought Of This Design?

Hey look, don’t judge us for what we are going to tell you. Is it wrong that it reminds us of the rhino scene from Ace Ventura?

Who Thought Of This Design?

Although kids won’t notice this, we are sure that adults can easily find issues with it.

The Eye Of Sauron

There are casual fans of The Lord of the Rings series and Harry Potter series, but then comes the die-hard fans of these series. The person who designed this one is a big fan of the Great Eye.

The Eye Of Sauron

We find it scary because of Sauron’s quasi-omnipotence and also its terrible gaze. Would he be okay with us wearing it?

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