No Matter How Much A Man Loves You, He Will Never Give You His Forgiveness If You Make These 5 Mistakes

1. Treason.

To most men, under no circumstances should cheating be forgiven. Cheating is in fact a betrayal and a conscious intention to be with another.

Female excuses, at the same time, may sound different, but continuing a relationship with such a woman is simply impossible.

2. Humiliation.

When a woman humiliates her man, it means she harms him and his psyche. So a person loses self-confidence, does not consider himself a leader in relationships and becomes dependent on a woman.

A real man should not allow anything like this in relation to himself.

3. Comparisons with the former.

When a woman compares her current partner with her ex, she thus manipulates the man and thinks about the former. It is even possible that she wants him back and at the same time does not love her current partner. Such an action is unacceptable in a healthy relationship.

A woman in true love will not compare her partner with her ex, but will love and respect him, no matter what he is.

4. Criticism in public.

Sorting things out and criticizing a man in public means not respecting him.

By such actions, a woman additionally wants to assert herself at the expense of a man. Without respect for the partner, it will not be possible to build strong relationships.

5. Total control and prohibitions.

If a woman begins to forbid a man many things and constantly control him, then he becomes her property. He ceases to have his own opinion and all his interests can be crossed out by a woman.

Thus, the man becomes her voluntary slave. This should not be allowed if he has even a little respect for himself.

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