Nima Denzongpa 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Nima Signs Divorce Papers

Nima Denzongpa 9th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Nima Denzongpa 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Nima Denzongpa Written Update

Nima claims that AAI is going to be concerned. If she learns about it, she’ll join us. Alok contacts Virat to see whether he’ll be arriving soon. He claims he’s about to wrap up. Suresh tells Sia that Sunita said something. She claims I’m befuddled.

Shiv never resided at the address he gave you. Sia claims that he lied to me. Why? Sunita claims she has no idea. Nima is aware of their presence. Suddenly, she’s perplexed. Was Shiv found by Suresh? I’m starving, “Krish tells his mother.”

Sunita advises that he be the first one to meet with him. “Please don’t tell Nima,” says Sunita. Suresh is on the prowl for answers. Maniya is also concerned. You might have entered the wrong address into your GPS. Finding the truth is the first step.

Maniya is seated next to Virat. She claims that the doctor has given her extra time. What can you do for us, Birla? He says, “What are you going to eat?” She’s the one who’s telling the tale. Maniya claims that I don’t need anything.

Is there anything else, Virat asks Priyal?In her opinion, the best dessert is mango cream pie with additional mangos. Virat recalls that Priyal was a big fan of this particular flavour. She doesn’t utter a word.

They both liked it, according to him. Maniya identifies the caller as Birla. Virat claims to be aware of this. “I just don’t want to think about her.” Maniya apologises for keeping you waiting on your birthday with us. It’s OK with him. I feel a sense of obligation to look out for your best interests.

It’s time for Sia and Sunita to go. Is everything well, Nima inquires? The landlord, according to Sunita, is stirring up trouble. Everything else is perfect. In Sia’s words, “everything is good.” In anticipation, everyone looks forward to Virat’s arrival.

“Gulshan, please eat,” begs Nima. Virat isn’t to blame, so stop being furious at him. Virat is his only option. Won’t you have some food, Gulshan? Nima wants you to join her.

Priyal inquires as to the whereabouts of Virat. He stepped outside. Alok shows up and introduces himself. No doubt I’ve caught your attention. In order to avoid leaving you and Virat alone, Virat contacted me and went home.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell Nima anything. In the meantime, Nima had done so much cooking. Nima makes a phone call to Birla to let her know we’ll be returning soon. Isn’t it true what Alok says about going to the doctor? The moment Virat walks in the door, he sees Nima curled up on the couch, her eyes closed.

It is Virat’s fault, he tells Nima. a lot of labour, according to him. Maniya and Birla, according to Nima, have also just returned home. He can’t understand how they were able to leave so early. Nima asks if you’d want her to heat up some supper for her.

Virat and Nima enjoy the dinner together, and Virat raves about how delicious it is. You’re a master at what you do. The guy asks, “Did you eat?” I don’t know where I’d get my food, she replies. What does he say?

He forces her to eat. Nima thinks it’s delicious. Birla enters the living room. Alok tells them to stay away from one another. There is no need for us to serve as a third-party observer. I follow Priyal upstairs. You failed, “Maniya informs Priyal.” Aai and Virat are always brought together by God. In the end, you will be defeated.

Instance No. 3

If you don’t do my assignment before tomorrow, please call Priyal. I’m not looking for an excuse to not do what I need to do. They are Virat and Nima in her eyes. Tomorrow, she continues, I’ll have a big party.

Mona thinks I ate too much. So I shall. Virat expects me to partake in the cholay batoray. Nima inquires as to what the doctor said to Maniya. Maniya claims that the problem was just acidity. In my heart, Maniya tells me that I must find a way out. God, show me the way. Afterward, Priyal joins the party. She tells me I went for a stroll. Nima recommends a cup of tea.

To bring my tea to my room, she tells Maniya. When Maniya enters the room, she notices that it is smoking. In response to her question, she asks, “How can you smoke?” Priyal claims that it’s only a simple candle. Maniya has brought you a cup of tea.

I don’t have time to deal with your other concerns. Apparently, Maniya thinks I’d like something else. She reveals documents to Maniya. Maniya inquires as to what this is. She claims that she has divorce documents.

Your signatures must be authenticated by Nima and Virat. You already know what I’ll do if this strategy doesn’t work. Nima wants you to stop it. Priyal says it’s acceptable if you too lose your second kid.

Nima confronts Virat with her concern. When he told me he had a brunch to go to, I didn’t remember. Nima promises to prepare your clothing. What are you going to wear, he asks? I’m not going, she tells me.

In Virat’s words, a few brunches are involved. He agrees, so I may ask my mother. She agrees, saying “sure, that’s ideal.” What the hell are you doing here, he asks? It’s for two people. She claims there’s no time for it. ‘

Cause she says so. He claims to have seen you. It’s done. There’s Maniya there. Virat believes that Maniya can handle Krish. Maniya is the name he uses. Is Nima your wife? “Yes, she says. He suggests that he invite her to breakfast with him. Nima says she’s ready to depart. Nima confronts Maniya about what has transpired. She says nothing meaningful.

A tearful Maniya weeps quietly in her bed. “I’m not sure what to do,” she tells me. To work on my idea, Priyal tells you to do so. The clock is ticking down. If you don’t do as I say, then Maniya asks for a firm no. Nima makes an appearance.

Maniya clings to Priyal and confesses that she misses her spouse as well as holds her tight. My heart goes out to you. Nima arrives and inquires as to what transpired. She claims that we are missing our spouses terribly.

When your husband decides to leave you, you’ll know. “Be your strength, not your weakness,” advises Nima. In order to attend Virat’s brunch, she tells Maniya that she has to. I must wear something Indo-western on this occasion. I need your aid. Maniya replies that she’s on board with it.

In order to get ready for school, Maniya helps Nima out. When Virat is around Nima, she thinks of him as a youngster. He thinks you’re pleased. The thought of being happy concerns me, despite Nima’s assurances.

“What are these documents for?” she asks. Maniya does not speak a word of it. Tell Maniya ji that you need her signature on these papers from Priyal. Maniya insists that the surrogacy agreement must be signed by two witnesses.

The documents are signed by Nima. Priyal accuses you of not having read anything. According to Nima, Maniya brought them over. She is my child. Maniya has departed. Nima is getting ready for the event. The first thing Virat says to her when he sees her is awe. You have a lovely face.

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