Nima Denzongpa 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Nima Celebrates Virat’s Birthday

Nima Denzongpa 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Nima Denzongpa 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Nima Denzongpa Written Update

It’s Nima’s claim that she’s carrying your child. We don’t need to correct her. She says to always check with us first. It’s Virat’s room over here. Birla tells Maniya ji to consider before she speaks. My womb is full of your child. It is time for Maniya to go. Nima appears and tells her to focus only on her child.

Everything else is a waste of time. Is that all you’d be thinking about, as Maniya puts it? Nima says she’ll be there. Nima is visible to Virat. I’ll just put this perfume cap out there, she says. He rejects the offer, insisting that he intends to retain it for himself. That’s all I have to say for now.

Nima and Krish deliver a cake and a card to Virat at night. “Wow, thank you,” he responds. They proceeded to eat their cake. In order to ward off the evil eye, Nima presents him with a bracelet. He tells me he thinks it’s great.

Nima forces him to put it on. Virat thanks you. They shared a slice of cake. Nima continues to spoil him with gifts. Basically, it’s just a t-shirt. As Nima points out, it’s the hue I like. He claims to be white? Please accept my sincere appreciation.

In line for water, Sunita and Sia are patient. Sia is asked by a woman whether she and her husband don’t live together. According to Sunita, he’s in Dubai. Until she has a visa, she won’t be able to go. Embrace your humanity. Sia gets up and goes. They are trolled by the women. “I don’t even know where Shiv is,” confesses Sia to Sunita. Did you have a chance to speak with Papa? Sunita said that her boyfriend will be seeing Shiv today.

Kheer for Virat is Gulshan’s tradition, he claims. This year, I completely forgot about it. How are you going to make it, asks Mona? Nima assures me that I will be able to make it. Twenty minutes are up. According to Mona, it takes time. Nima begins to produce. She’s just in time for the meeting. Gulshan is ecstatic at the news.

She thanked me. For Virat, Gulshan does a puja. It makes him glad to watch the kheer. ” Mona asks, “Why do you dress like an elderly person in white?” Gulshan thinks he’s a genius.

Nima, he adds, gave it to me. Gulshan’s request for Arti is being made. All of them are involved in the creation of art. Nima is invited to join Virat on his journey. They collaborate on art projects. Maniya is apprehensive. Gulshan forces Virat to consume the kheer.

He thinks it’s fantastic. Mom, this is fantastic. Nima tells me Gulshan ma’am wants you to eat the best kheer, according to her. Mona feels the same way. Birla sends her best wishes for a good birthday. She collapses on Virat, causing kheer to pour all over him. When she destroys your clothing, she apologises. I was exhausted. It’s OK with Virat. He’s on his way to take care of the mess that has accumulated. To Maniya, Priyal adds, “Look at what I accomplished.”

You won’t find Virat, according to Maniya. Your fate is in my hands, Priyal says. Nima may keep Virat; I’ll pick him up. With Virat’s birthday coming up, I’d like to spend it with him. He asks, “How?” If you want your child to live, Priyal advises you to establish a plan and carry it through.

Nima places an order for all of Virat’s favourites. She assures me that Virat would be overjoyed. Dance, Gulshan promises. There will be no Virat to enjoy, Priyal tells Maniya. She tells Nima Birla that Maniya has a bad cold and isn’t feeling well. I’m taking her to get her checked out. As far as I know, Nima wants me to join her.

In the words of Maniya, “No, you don’t.” We’ll be there. It’s Virat or nothing. According to Alok, he’s trapped at work. The chime of the bell is heard. Sia and Sunita have arrived. Why is Sunita curious about this? It was Virat, according to her.

According to Sunita, you were patiently waiting for him to arrive. Nima is concerned about Varun’s whereabouts. Sunita claims he’s been chatting up this female for hours. He is now conversing in English. He begs Sia for help with English terms.

What are they saying about my Varun, asks Chinkey? He’s too wealthy to be their kin, however. Nima tells them that Maniya has been taken to the clinic by him. Suresh calls for Sunita.

There is a new head of state in place: Virat. The doorbell rings. Birla and Maniya will be there. He claims to have heard from both of you. What brought you here? Who is Nima? Priyal makes a fake fainting fit.

Maniya says we came here since we were waiting for sonography, which is right next door to yours. He thinks coming here was a good decision on your part. Please take a seat. Maniya gets a pat on the back from Priyal for a job well done. Maniya is called by Nima. So, she thinks, I’m still in the hospital. If you didn’t tell the truth, why did you lie? What’s the matter?

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