Nima Denzongpa 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Nima Denzongpa 26th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Nima Denzongpa 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

“I didn’t want Nima to die,” Peril tells Mona. Mona says you got what you wanted. Virat looks at Neema. He grabbed her hand and said that the doctor told me to be ready. But I know you are strong. You always win. Please fight for me.

You said what is love? I love you so much Don’t break my heart Please get better. When you get better I’ll tell you everything I feel. Mona said to Gulshan. Gulshan is worried about Virat. She says she is OK. He was not in the car. Gulshan says Nima is fine right? Mona says that crush is a curse. He ate his parents and now Nima. He can send curses on us too. Keep it away from yourself. Crush listens.

Krishna prays for Neema. He says Baba Bachao Maa. Neema is being treated. Virat keeps on praying. The doctor says that Virat’s surgery was successful but the next 24 hours are very critical. We are shifting him to ICU.

Scene 2

In the morning, the nurse told Virat that there was a power outage. We have run out of oxygen. The condition of the patients is critical. Virat came running to Nima. He says is he ok They get oxygen back. Virat keeps praying for Nima. She loses her heartbeat. The doctor looks at Virat and says I am sorry.

Virat remembers his time with Nima .. he says Nima .. you can’t do this. She cries Nima sighed. Virat says Nima .. you can’t leave me. Stop scaring me Neema says Krish .. The doctor asks is he your son? He said yes, our son.

Sunita keeps praying. Virat says Nima is better. Sunita says thank God. “We will be released in two days,” he said. I know you’re upset. I will take care of it “I trust you, I know you’ll take care of it,” says Sunita. Sunita keeps praying. Alok says at home that Nima is better. He says mothers are fine.

Thank you dad Alok says he is blessed by God. Priyal told Mona that she would come back now. I was glad Nima would die. Mona says we will think of something. Krishna hears everything. Virat calls Video Crush. He told Nima that he was better. Crush cries. Virat says you have to be strong for Nima. She needs sauce. Neema opened her eyes and said to Krish .. Virat showed his Krish. He says mother .. Virat says we will be back in 2 days. He says how was my nursing service? Virat takes care of Nima. He eats it He helps her walk.

Scene 3

Virat and Nima are returning. “Thank you for saving my life and taking care of me,” says Nima. “I’m not an outsider,” he says. Don’t thank me “I don’t know what happened to me,” he said. I want to tell you everything .. she is sleeping. Virat says wow. She fell asleep Nima comes home. Krish hugged him. Mona says look she is a witch. She came back. Krish hugged Neema. He says his father saved his mother. Sunita says Nima we were very upset. Nima says your prayers saved me. “I will not give up this crush,” says Peril.