Nima Denzongpa 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Nima Denzongpa 15th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Nima Denzongpa 15 June 2022 Written Episode on

Nima Denzongpa Written Update

Nima Denzongpa
Nima Denzongpa

Nima inquires if he is aware of Bimla. There, a flower vase cracks. She believes it is not safe to tell him the truth at this time. Later Manya pretends as taking sign from divorce papers. Priyal observes it from the rear. Nima tells Manya a falsehood by claiming she has such work to accomplish that she will sign in later. Priyal asks Manya what’s it all? Manya informs Priyal that her child is her whole world. Manya performs another drama with Nima, but Priyal is pleased to watch it. However, when Nima pretends to study the papers, Manya takes them away and goes.

Sunita then meets Virat and recounts everything to him. He promises to assist her and provides her money, but she refuses his assistance. He persuaded her to agree. He continues by stating that Nima is his wife, thus he would do anything for her. Manya delivers Priyal the divorce papers and informs her that she replicated Nima’s signature on the divorce papers.

She would sacrifice everything for her child. Priyal acts like embrace her and inserts spying mike into her pocket. Later, Manya contacts Nima and informs her that Priyal begins to believe that our preparations were successful. Nima urges her to constantly be vigilant and continues to perform this scenario for a few more days. Priyal believes that if she had not been spying on them, they would not have been caught. Nima informs her that she will reveal all the facts to Virat. Priyal intends to thwart them.

Nima is ready to reveal the truth to Virat when she receives a call from Manya. She insists that Nima not reveal anything to Virat on the grounds that Priyal has learned the truth. Virat inquires as to what is upsetting her. Nima believes that if she tells him the truth, the baby’s life would be in danger. She handles the matter and then departs. Virat believes that she is in some difficulty. Later, Nima observes Manya in a condition of devastation.

Manya gives Nima a video of Priyal in which Priyal describes how she discovered the truth to Manya. She complains that Manya revealed the truth to Nima and that she is attempting to tell Virat. They believe Priyal is an idiot. She threatens to murder her child if it acts clever. She will give birth to her child and then put her to a slum or the worst area possible. Manya was horrified by the video, and she expressed her sorrow to Nima. She says that she is unable to locate her since she lost her child forever.

Nima discovers that Priyal shot it inside the room. Time is clearly indicated in it; she recorded it one hour earlier; let’s locate her. Later, Virat concludes that Nima is undoubtedly in jeopardy, which explains her odd behaviour. Because he recalls everything and suspects something is amiss, she attempted to share something with him. Virat contacts her to find out what is troubling her. Nima tells him that she went to the market to purchase items. Virat believes he may discover what is upsetting her. Nima and Manya are unable to locate Priyal despite their efforts.

Nima said that Priyal anticipated that they would seek for her. Nima calls Priyal from an unknown number. Virat arrives and inquires what they are doing there. Nima tells him she is come to meet her buddy, a lie. Virat returns them to their home. He insists that Nima speak with her alone. He inquires what is troubling her. Nima attempts to control the issue and informs him that she would share the information with him at the appropriate moment.

Later, Nima begs Manya to reveal the truth to Virat, but she refuses on the grounds that it may damage her child. Mona arrives and asks the woman where Bimla is. She tells him she went to see her parents, which is a lie. Mona departs from that location. Manya inquires as to why she prevented her from exposing the truth to Mona. Nima asserts that since Priyal is her sister, she would only support her. Let’s discuss this with Virat.

Nima requests that Virat establish an email address for her on her phone. Manya enters her room in secret to steal Virat’s phone. Nima embraces him to distract him and express gratitude for everything. Manya communicates with Priyal using Virat’s phone. Manya begs Priyal not to harm her infant child. Later, Manya steals Nima, and Virat becomes suspicious.

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