Nima Denzongpa 10th June 2022 Written Update

Nima Sees Divorce Papers

Nima Denzongpa 10th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Nima Denzongpa 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Virat draws a blank space on Nima and adds, “You look great.” She thinks I look like a fool. Virat expresses his delight that you would accompany him. Suresh approaches Sunita and asks, “Are you sure?” Oh, God. How will I deal with everything on my own? Sia will be broken. Nobody is here to assist me. She phones someone and apologises for calling. Can we get together tomorrow? Nima is departing. Mona inquires, “Where are you going?”

Gulshan thinks you look great. Krish compliments his mother on her appearance. Gulshan inquires, “Where are you going?” He claims that the investor has scheduled a brunch. Maniya requests that Virat sign the paperwork before departing. She claims they are surrogacy agreement documents. My father always told us to examine paperwork before signing it, according to Virat. We should go through them. You have no idea what the hospital must have written. Nima tells Maniya not to be concerned. She claims it’s his tendency as a businessman. They depart because he keeps documents in his room.

Virat and Nima have arrived. “Your face,” he says. What happened, she asks? He claims you have an allergy since your skin is all red. Let’s go buy some medication. “Your breakfast,” she says. He believes that your health is more important. Let’s head home to collect the iPad.

Priyal instructs Maniya to retrieve the papers from Virat’s room. He would die if he read the papers. Priyal enters Virat’s room. They are on the lookout for Virat’s closet keys. Maniya is standing outdoors. She inquires as to what transpired. Maniya claims I was having fun with Krish. Nima and Virat arrive. Gulshan sir, are you old enough to play?

Priyal takes refuge in the closet. Nima enters the room. Priyal tells Maniya, “You’re useless.” She pulls out a file. Nima enters the scene. She informs Gulshan that she has an allergy. Gulshan suggests that I receive an anti-allergy medication. Nima enters the room.

Maniya is present. Nima inquires as to what transpired. According to Nima, I saw the closet open. I arrived to secure it. She is holding papers in her hand. What’s in your name, asks Nima? Maniya remains silent. Maniya inquires as to what happened to your face.

She claims to have allergic makeup. She hugs many people and adds, “I hope you’re all well.” Priyal slips out. Nima halts Maniya. She claims that this hairpin… Is this yours? Maniya confirms that it is indeed hers. Maniya asks Priyal, “Did you adjust Aai’s makeup?” Please halt your nefarious scheme. Because she was in the room, I had to rip the documents.

Sunita is concerned. She asks, “How do I tell Sia his location, employment, everything was a lie?” Sunita requests that Sia take a break. She claims you work all day and then come home to complete your chores. Sia says it’s OK. Sia prepares the meal. Varun bursts through the door. You won’t believe it when he claims he went to the airport. Sia wonders what you were doing there.

That, he adds, is irrelevant. What is important is who I saw there. Shiv. Sia and Sunita are taken aback. Yes, he says, I saw him. He sat outside the bus. I chased after him. Sunita asks, “Are you sure?” He claims there is no chance. Sunita looks at him. Leaves of Sia. Sunita claims that I only have hope from one person right now.

Alok inquires about Virat’s whereabouts. Nima claims to have departed for a crucial meeting. Mona claims you’re clueless about work. Nima claims that this is not the case. All choices are made with Virat’s input. Nima invites Krish to dine. Sunita and Virat meet. He thinks it’s strange. Suresh, did you check correctly? Sunita confirms that numerous individuals checked there.

He had never lived there before. Varun spotted Shiv near the airport. Virat claims we can find out whether he ever left the country by going through passport control. Sunita expresses gratitude. He refers to you and Sia as his family. Don’t inform Sia or Nima until we figure out what’s going on.

Nima is waiting for Virat. She notices Krish’s paper aircraft. She inquires of Krish, “Where did you get this paper?” Nima unfolds the paper. She claims there is an agreement. She attempted to mend them together. Gulshan begs Nima to assist her in stitching her fabric. She assists Gulshan and then leaves the divorce papers behind. Gulshan praises your abilities. Mona asks Nima, “Don’t you think it’s strange that your grandson was produced by another woman?” Nima expresses her support for Maniya’s decision. Mona asks, “Can you also mend my pants?”

According to Nima, you should take it to an alteration tailor. Krish is running around the house. Virat enters the picture. He inquires, “What are you doing?” He claims that I am hunting for my colours. Virat interacts with him. He takes the papers off the table and spreads samosa on them. Nima asks Virat if she has left a paper here. He says, “I’m not sure.” Nima eats from the same piece of paper as Nima. She read and signed the divorce agreement. Nima recognises the paper Maniya has asked her to sign. She’s taken aback.

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