Naagin 6 20 August 2022 Written Update Episode

Pratha And Rishabh Try To Save The Nation

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Naagin 6 Written Update

The episode begins with Pratha rising up and breaking through the particular plant’s net barrier. She vows that nothing can stop her from seeing her daughter, claiming that if there is an earth, there is also a heaven, and if there is a demon, there is also God. She begins walking when there is fire around. She causes the trees to fall to the ground and asks Shiv ji why he made her see this way and kidnapped her daughter. She claims that I have slain evils up to this point, and all I have received is treachery.

She requests that Shiv ji appear in his Rudra incarnation and transport her to her daughter. She receives a Shivling tilak on her forehead and sees Urvashi and Mahek. Some folks observe the storm and believe that something will shift in the cosmos. The storm is felt by everyone in the haveli. Aunty inquires of Rajesh as to the whereabouts of Kiara. Pandit ji informs Shiv ji that someone has assumed their Rudra avatar or awakened Shiv ji’s Rudra avatar. He claims that such occurrences occur when Shesh Naag or Shesh Naagin assume their Rudra incarnation. Pratha returns home and uses his heavenly talents to look through the house. Where are Mahek and Urvashi, those two demons, she asks? Nobody is in the house. Pratha spits fire from her lips and declares, “If I don’t receive my daughter today, I will murder everyone today.”

Professor is holding the infant and asks, “I sent a message to Shesh Naagin, but why is she not here?” Urvashi is informed by Mahek that Professor has called Shesh Naagin. She claims that I used to go to see him instead of Pratha. She says I’m not going this time. Pratha approaches Professor. Professor inquires as to her whereabouts. Pratha affirms. She takes a glance at the girls. Professor claims that he has been caring for his children since his wife died. Pratha informs him of Mahek’s betrayal and wonders why he called her.

He claims that he also phoned Mahek, but she did not respond. Pratha claims Mahek is with the adversaries. Professor invites her to attend the Independence Day celebrations, while adversaries intend to attack the nation. Pratha vows she would go there and exact vengeance on herself and the country. She declares that no one will be allowed to go towards Kedarnath. She promises she will die, but she will not allow anybody to ruin the country. Sare jahan se acha, Hindustan hamara, she says.

Pratha returns home. Rajesh orders Pratha to abandon everything and warns her that the threat has escalated. She informs us that the corpses of Rehaan and Ritesh have been discovered. Pratha claims that Rishabh is not living, yet I just found out that my daughter is alive, and you want me to abandon everything. She claims there is a hidden passage under the salt mill and talks of the upcoming Kedarnath explosion.

Minister declares that all Ministers will prepare for India, and Jungisthan is aware of this. The Minister’s Assistant informs us that a special officer has been assigned. Pratha informs me that crores of people would go to Kedarnath for puja, and I must rescue them. Rajesh inquires, “How can you achieve this all by yourself?” Pratha says I had to do it because if he had been alive, he would have rescued the country. The Assistant explains that the army officer who left the service several years ago was an undercover spy; everyone believes he is dead, but he is not.

Rishabh walks in and says, “Rishabh Gujral reporting sir.” Pratha speaks to Rishabh’s picture and tells him that his wife would rescue the country. The Minister inquires about Rishabh’s health. Rishabh informs, and a fb appears; the Inspector sees it and snatches his watch, dying in the fire. According to Rishabh, everyone assumed it was my dead corpse, and I decided to inquire about the nation’s adversaries. He remembers, and a fb appears. He pledges his supervisor that if the country needs him, he will return. Facebook is over. He makes a commitment and then leaves.

He gets dressed in his army uniform. Pratha takes his picture and prepares to go. Kedarnath attracts a large number of visitors. The Army commanders recognise Mahek as Mrs. Gujral and release her. Mahek informs Reem that she would go and unlock the hidden door as soon as she has the opportunity. Rishabh is also present. Urvashi receives Reem’s message and informs Zang that Mahek will unlock the door at any moment. She claims they will enter and detonate the bomb.

Pratha arrives and begs Shiv ji to assist her and give her strength. Rishabh, who is standing behind her, goes unnoticed. She grabs a shawl and wraps it over herself. She considers using a hidden tunnel to find out whether the country’s enemies are approaching there. Rishabh is conversing with another army officer. Mahek will unlock the door. She receives a call and wonders who is calling again and over. She simply unlocks the door, which was not locked. Zang, Urvashi, and their men walk in. Rishabh is ready to see Pratha and wonders who is concealing her face under the shawl; maybe she is the traitor. He approaches her and tries to glimpse her face.

She shoves him and flees. Zang delegated the explosion to Mahek and asked Urvashi to ensure that their weapons were properly positioned. The Ministers arrive at Kedarnath. Zang hands Mahek a bomb. Mahek walks away with it. Urvashi enters the tent and inspects their weapons. Mahek enters and is ready to retain the explosives when Rishabh intervenes. She informs Rishabh that he is still alive. Urvashi believes there is no network and that she is unable to communicate with Reem. She searches for a network. Pratha enters the tent and finds Zang’s soldiers preparing their weapons. She blasts fire from her lips, igniting the tent. Zang’s soldiers flee the tent. Pratha strikes them and tosses them into the raging flames. She threatens to burn the traitors in her country.

Urvashi turns to find the tent on fire. She explains who started the fire. Pratha taps her on the shoulder. According to Urvashi, Mahek said that you would die with that plant. Pratha claims Mahek says anything he wants. Urvashi introduces herself as Maasi and grabs the knife off the table. Pratha allows the knife to slip from her grasp. Urvashi warns her that her Nani and Mother have treated her unfairly and threatens to cut her. She chooses the sword. Pratha blasts air at her from her lips.

Rishabh informs Mahek that he had no idea he was raising the country’s adversary and that she is being held. Mahek attempts to flee. He points his rifle at her. Pratha follows Urvashi and then abandons her. Urvashi claims that no one can kill her and that she will not die with your hand. Pratha claims you deceived my mother and incited my sister to turn against me. Urvashi claims that your sister has been plotting your demise since you became Shesh Naagin, and that you have usurped her reign. Pratha explains that Shiv ji picked her to be Shesh Naagin because she drank her mother’s milk.

Shiv ji, she claims, knew Mahek was a wicked spirit out to harm her sister, which is why he didn’t create her Shesh Naagin. Urvashi claims Mahek has a more powerful position than you, that she is Shesh Naag Rani, and that you cannot kill her. She declares that she will not die with her hands tied behind her back. Pratha claims to be Shiv ji’s follower and that she would not murder her with her hand. She claims that if you take on Naagin’s avatar, you will perish. Urvashi is taken aback and remembers her mother’s curse.

Rishabh claims, “I have seen your true face now; you have not only deceived me, but also the nation.” He motions for her to raise her hands. Mahek informs him that Pratha was pregnant when she went to prison and had given birth. She strikes him and tells him that he will die the same way Pratha did. Rishabh collapses.

Pratha informs Urvashi that she would resurrect her dead corpse. Urvashi is tortured by her. Pratha says that if I don’t murder you in this situation, you’ll die on your own. She turns and goes away. Urvashi summons her.

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