Naagin 6 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Naagin 6 Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Written Episode of Naagin 6 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Naagin 6 Written Update

Anmol instructs Pratha at the beginning of the episode to go inform Prarthana that her fiancé has abandoned her and fled from this location. Why, inquires Pratha? He allegedly told Anmol that he couldn’t marry an orphan and then departed. Pratha responds, “Okay, I’ll go tell her.” She informs Prarthana that Manav fled after declining to wed her. Prarthana asserts that maybe there is no love in my life since Manav and Papa both abandoned me initially. She is invited by Pratha to stay at her home. Prarthana believes that you have abandoned me and plans to get vengeance on Rishabh and Rudra.

After overhearing Manav talking to someone about her, maybe Rishabh and Rudra, she believes she has called off her wedding to him. She believes her mother is unaware of her. Pratha gives her a hug and claims to be aware of her. Plays a song Patali Devi is visited by Suhasini, who informs her that Pratha discovered that Prarthana is her daughter. Patali claims that the mother-daughter argument will now commence and that the narrative she wrote many years ago is already underway. She triumphs over the dish and beams. Suhasini grinning.

Packing Pratha and Anmol’s belongings. When Pratha views the photo of Professor Jeet, she wonders why he switched the females. She considers Prarthana to be damaged and considers how to introduce her as my daughter. What do you think of this wedding outfit, Anmol asks Pratha? Pratha advises me to preserve it. She claims I will arrange for her to marry a decent man. She recalled telling Anmol that she would be thrilled to be married, and Anmol responded by promising to remain by her side forever.

Prarthana keeps staring at the photo of Professor Jeet and remarks, “If this woman is my mother, you stated that you are not my Papa, and asks if my Maa is not my Maa and this lady resembles me and asks if she is my mother.” She also adds, “You claimed that you are not my Papa.” You may accept me or not, but you are still my papa, she adds. She drops the picture out of her hand. Rudra arrives and scoops it up. Everyone is waiting for you, he continues, and the place where you’re going is excellent. She suggests that maybe marriage is not what I should do. Maybe you’ll meet someone who actually loves you, says Rudra. She believes Rudra murdered her father. She claims she is independent at this time. She turns to face her home before walking out.

The decorator arrives and announces his intention to steal the money. Your father had already granted an advance, according to him, but more cash is still needed. Pratha invites him to her home and offers to give him cash. Prarthana replies, “I’ll give,” and inquires as to your motivation. If I am not your mother, Pratha queries. Everyone observes. They arrive to Pratha and Rishabh’s home. Anmol informs Rishabh that Pratha’s fiancé left the mandap and inquires as to if he is having any issues. If she doesn’t see this house as her own, Rishabh claims he will have a problem. Pratha is led to her room by Anmol. Pratha is informed by Rishabh that she is her daughter and that he is aware of the reason why she was brought here. He claims to be aware of her kind nature and to have embraced her as her daughter. Pratha embraces him and decides she can’t tell him Prarthana is their daughter because she worries his love for Anmol would diminish. She believes that if Anmol finds out, she would tell her that Prarthana is a stranger girl to her.

Pratha is brought to Anmol’s chamber, where she invites her to remain. She promises to depart after she is married. Prarthana believes she has a deep affection for Rudra. She inquires as to her desire to wed Rudra. Anmol repeatedly says. She claims that once Rudra commits, he is highly devoted. At Pratha and Rishabh’s home, several relatives travel from the US. Some of the relatives among them are Anya and Manya. Prarthana is introduced to them by Anmol.

In the PS, Vikram is looking into the case of the burned guy. To assist Vikram with the matter, Rishabh travels there. The Sub-Inspector informs Vikram and Rishabh about the snake’s ability to change its form. What is this naagin, Rishabh wonders? He reads a book when he gets home, knowing that Shesh Naag can unlock the door if he is unable to do so. If opponents require Shesh Naagin, Rishabh wonders. He read that the Naag or Naagin would turn into shape-shifting snakes after 100 years and believes that Shesh Naagin is required to unlock the door. He believes Naagin, who may have some relation to those five fatalities, was the assailant. When Prarthana sees him, she becomes enraged and her face becomes scaly like a naagin. There, Pratha shows up. She is thanked by Prarthana for allowing her to remain here. You are my daughter, according to Pratha. Prarthana inquires as to Sir’s hours of operation. Pratha affirms. Rishabh considers the occurrence at the temple and questions the existence of Naagin and Naag.

Anmol screams out in the morning, saying she missed eating sargi. Pratha tells her to prepare herself and go outside for sargi. Anmol emerges and beams at seeing the sargi that her MIL provided. The children debate whether to keep fast. Prarthana would have been wedded, according to Anya and Manya, if the wedding had not been called off. Pratha asserts that Prarthana will have her just desserts.

Rudra grinned as he looked at Prarthana. Anmol receives tea from Pataali Devi when she arrives. She claims to have heard rumours about her failed marriage and promises that you will meet your match very soon. Rudra wonders why my attention is drawn to her. When Rishabh arrives, he informs Rudra that he wants to speak with him. He reveals to Rudra that the Naag Mahal contains the greatest secret known to mankind. He says, “First, I’ll look into it, then I’ll let you know.” Otherwise, his daughter would be hungry, so he requests that he come to his home. Rudra is adamant about going with him. Rishabh refuses and tells him to return home. Rishabh runs into Rudra. Rishabh adjourns.

Rudra follows Rishabh as he makes his way to the Naag Mahal and wonders why he is on such a lonely path. Anmol phones Rudra and inquires as to his arrival time. Rudra finishes the conversation by stating that he must go for some urgent job. When Naman calls him. Anmol overhears Rudra informing him that he is heading beyond the Nilgiri peak when the call accidentally gets combined. Rudra would go there, Anmol adds, adding that she is a workaholic. Where is Rishabh, wonders Pratha? In route, Rudra’s automobile stops. He believes that I could have assisted him if I had been with him, and he believes that he is travelling to such a location alone. He is followed by a snake.

As he enters the Naag Mahal, Rishabh. He approaches the Shivling without seeing Pratha’s large artwork that is hanging on the wall. His hands are folded. There, Anmol and her pals go. When Rishabh steps outside, he encounters a snake. With her pals, Anmol enters the temple. Her buddies claim that they desire to encounter the snakes that can assume the form of heroes. We came here, according to Anmol, for Rudra. When Rudra arrives, he asks himself, “Why did Sir come here?” As a large snake appears behind him, Rishabh turns.

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