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Reema begins the episode by telling Mahek that she has informed the media and has also delivered food to the underprivileged. The woman is informed that the meal was delivered by the businessman, who is celebrating his one anniversary today. Mahek examines the moon and double-checks the time. She believes it was the same night I went to become shesh naagin. She remembers Shesh Naag’s remarks and thinks to herself, “Tonight, I’ll go alone.” Rishabh’s brothers approach her and invite her to join them. They offer her something to drink, but she declines.

She notices a mirror and assumes no one is present, but who was. She questions if that was my delusion or reality. She informs Ritesh that she has spotted someone outside and wants him to check it out. When a lady sees Mahek, she grins. Mahek inquires as to why you are laughing. The lady warns that if you don’t like other people’s smiles, you’ll be afraid after what you’ve done with your sister. Mahek threatens her with disclosing her secret and addresses her as Mummy ji. She claims that after Seema, you now have Mahek, who has no essence.

She claims that your fate is unchangeable. Urvashi is the one who arrives. Mahek embraces her and inquires about Rishabh’s whereabouts. Leave him alone, Urvashi adds, and enjoy the party. Rishabh recalls Pratha. He receives a call and says it’s his anniversary today, but he’ll come since work is work. When Mahek arrives, he remarks that you are more engrossed in your phone than I am. He claims that I have more vital job than an anniversary. When Rishabh’s sisters saw them, they believe Pratha was good, Mahek was wicked, and Rishabh had entirely transformed. Another sister believes he is not Rishabh Bhai and wonders what game Mahek is playing.

When Reem and Mahek collide, it’s a disaster. Mahek apologises. Reem inquires about the experience of being in a loveless marriage. She claims she saw Rishabh’s anguish when Pratha was imprisoned. Mahek claims she married Rishabh for financial reasons. Reem claims that she is also in a loveless marriage for financial reasons. Ritesh arrives and hands Reem the baby. Reem claims she is unable of dealing with her. Mahek removes the child, but she continues to wail. Urvashi requests that Reem leave her alone to weep. Rishabh’s mother arrives and takes the infant away.

She claims that holding a baby is an art form known as love. Rishabh tells a group of guys that he doesn’t believe in helping the underprivileged and that all he does is for profit. You weren’t like this before, he claims. Rishabh claims to have undergone a transformation. Mahek wants Reem to look after the infant because she is the Gujrals’ only successor. She emerges and requests that the driver take her to the Naag Mahal.

She sees a reflection again and shuts her eyes to see, but there is no one there. She believes she must reach Naag Mahal as soon as possible and does not have time to look for that individual. She arrives at the Naag Mahal’s temple. She transforms into a half-naagin. Naageshwaraya performs…. She gets approached by Farishta and Shesh Naag. Farishta estimates that the moon will be completely visible in 3 hours. If this mani welcomes you as Shesh Naagin, Shesh Naag says.

My Shivji will make me shesh naagin today, Mahek adds, and he has to make me. She does a dance and tosses colours into the air. The moon looks to be completely full in the sky. Farishta comes to Mahek with the milk utensil. Mahek takes a sip of it. Shesh Naag takes the Naag Mani from his pocket and hands it to Mahek. Mahek appears to be optimistic.

Shesh Naag arrives in his half-Naag form, handing Mani over to Mahek. Mahek is overjoyed. The Mani enters her stomach. Her skin becomes scaly as a result of the jerk. She passes out. She smiles as she rises, her eyes having changed hue. Shesh Naag and Farishta are watching. She appears in Shesh Naagin form, with the crown of her five heads behind her. She says, “Today, my patience was successful, and I received fruits for my worship.” She introduces herself as Shesh Naagin.

Farishta and Shesh Naag appear to be in a bad mood. Mahek chuckles. Farishta claims to have inherited Shesh Naagin’s abilities, which surprised me because I assumed Mani would reject her. Shesh Naag claims that while we may not like her, she is from the vansh, which is why Shivji and Mani selected her. Farishta inquires about the book. Only Shiv ji, Shesh Naag claims, knows what will happen. Farishta claims that she has witnessed Naagins fall in love with humans and subsequently betrayed. Shesh Naag claims that he witnessed Pratha’s real love and let her leave because of it.

The lady informs Pratha that she spotted Mahek walking to the Naag Mahal today. She claims she spotted a small girl at Rishabh’s residence when he was hosting a party. She adds that night has arrived and urges Pratha to go out, despite her anguish, and that you have been in a coma for a year and will continue to be in a coma. Pratha is unconscious and in a coma. We heard you can accomplish what others can’t, says the lady.

She claims that the colour red moon is the colour of love and vengeance, and that these colours are yours if you wake up. She tells her to wake up and tells her that they have been married for a year. She claims, “I saw them joyful, and now you must exact vengeance.” She claims you don’t have any special abilities, but you were picked by Shiv ji personally. She claims that if you didn’t die after death, it indicates that this narrative, night, and the moon are beckoning you back. She tells her to get up. She pushes open the door.

She says the wind has changed, and you, too, must change for your vengeance; return, and open your eyes. She prays to Shiv ji and asks him to wake her awake if she is a true devotee. She says Mahadev, Mahadev, Mahadev, Mahadev, Mahadev, Mahadev, Mahadev, Mahadev Pratha awakens from her coma after seeing Mahek stabbing her.

The woman, as well as the other females, are overjoyed. She inquires as to your well-being. Pratha inquires, “Why did you save me? I wanted to die, not live.” How did you save me if she claims I was hanged? Pratha is given water by a girl. She is asked to calm down by the lady. Pratha inquires if she has been here for a year. When you were hung a year ago, the lady said yes.

When the inspector arrives, he finds Pratha alive and well. He and the lady devise a scheme to save Pratha and replace her with the dead body. The lady requests that she wipe her tears away and seek vengeance. Pratha wonders whether she should survive after losing her kid and love. If you’ve returned, the lady claims, there’s a cause for your existence.

The lady hands Pratha her belongings and adds, “No one came to remove this from your family, so we kept everything with us.” Pratha sobs, wishing her kid was still alive. She recalls her pregnancy and the loss of her child. Tere sang main…… She wakes up in the middle of the night and goes out. She notices the young lady who has offered her water. Pratha enters after handing over her belongings to the girl. She is pursued by a young lady.

Mahek declares that he will now govern, claiming that you all did not make him shesh naagin. She flings the photo frames across the temple’s floor. She claims I was born to be a shesh naagin, but Pratha had arrived. You all came to her presentations, and I did what I was supposed to do: I murdered her. She transforms into half-Naagin and lashes out fiercely at the photo frames.

Urvashi speaks to Rupa’s photo and informs her that Mahek has transformed into Shesh Naagin, whom you never expected to transform into Shesh Naagin. She claims you didn’t like Mahek’s Tapasya. She claims that you have no clue what Mahek and I will do together.

When Reem arrives, he inquires about the contents of the trunk. Urvashi pulls her aside and warns her that India is about to face a major challenge. Reem inquires about Mahek’s whereabouts. Naag Mahal, Urvashi says, and she’ll spend the night there.

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