Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th October 2022 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20 October 2022

With Vidhi, Hariprasad and Bimla leave Dev’s cabin. Since they now know that Arjun is a decent person, Bimla requests that Vidhi arrange for them to meet him. When Arjun arrives, he claims to be hearing lovely music. He claims that they were undoubtedly complimenting him, which is why he heard his name said in a tender manner. He is praised by Hariprasad for travelling to London to see Vidhi. We cannot pay off this debt, according to Bimla. You will not get my free service, adds Arjun, and he requests that she bring him an extremely nice Dabba.

Bimla and Hariprasad laugh. Arjun requests that she ask Vidhi to deliver the package to me personally. Bimla extends an invitation to him for dinner, saying, “We have come here to invite Dev and you.” We shall go, according to Hariprasad. As Vidhi is my buddy, I have a particular link with you both, therefore you don’t need to thank me, Arjun explains. Bimla and Hariprasad both grinned. They go away. Sangeeta informs Vidhi that Dev sir has accomplished miracles. She commends him and recalls how Dev brought a doctor and stayed with them when her father was ill till he recovered. Vidhi believes that last night proved Sir doesn’t love Amba. Sangeeta queries what transpired.

You were complimenting Dev Sir, according to Vidhi, but there was a distinction between caring for others and myself. What, Sangeeta queries? Vidhi declares, “I’ll just inform Dev Sir.” She visits his cabin and inquires as to why he made such an effort to sever their engagement. She claims that although you care about the other employees, you care about me more. She adds, “You may be delighted that my engagement ended, but I’m happy that it ended because of you,” adding that Akash was the cause, but everything occurred as a result of your efforts. Why did you make the effort, she queries?

Don’t forget that I am your employer, Dev reminds her, adding that he asked her to quit because he couldn’t bear to watch her wreck her life. Your parents are excellent, he continues, and I don’t see anything that might go wrong. He claims that if there had been someone else in your house, I would have behaved similarly. He claims that although I am disappointed that your engagement failed, I am glad that your life was preserved. He tells her that I have nothing in mind and begs her not to think about such things. If she is not serious, he advises her to focus on her MBA and not to do anything. Vidhi apologises before leaving.

She enters her cabin and starts to sob. She claims that although she can understand Dev Sir, she cannot comprehend the large jalebi of khawo gali. She believes that sometimes he makes an effort for me and other times he acts like a stone. When Arjun arrives, he requests that she examine Asthana’s finances. Vidhi promises to investigate. He queries what transpired and why you are uncertain. Vidhi claims she is unsure of anything and doesn’t think individuals like Akash exist. On the other hand, Dev Sir and you are willing to do everything it takes to protect me.

She claims that you two are really different from one another. She claims that since you travelled so far for me, it means a lot to me. Arjun claims that we are free to do anything we want. What do you mean, Vidhi queries? Arjun calls her Bimla aunty and declares that he would stop at nothing to make her prepare his meals since he hates to see her miserable. He is invited to lunch by Vidhi. Arjun apologises and offers to have lunch with her on Monday but is going out. Dev can hear them.

Arjun and Yogesh have lunch together. Yogesh is shocked to learn that Arjun admires Vidhi. He claims that she has no knowledge of class, education, norms, or family history. Has this man lost his mind? Arjun claims that our perspectives are similar, that her family is ideal, and that she is true and truthful in everything that she does. She is ideal for marriage, according to him. Yogesh claims that this is India, not the UK. Arjun will get a chance to speak, according to Kanika, and she is a decent girl. Yogesh claims that after changing Dev, Vidhi is now expected to alter Arjun. Arjun becomes angry and departs without eating.

Dev’s office is visited by the branch office manager, who informs him that without an experienced account manager, objective achievement would exceed funding restrictions. Ok, says Dev. When Amba contacts Dev, she informs him, “I heard you ruined Vidhi’s engagement.” I am your wife, and I will know, she claims. Dev informs her that Chitra collapsed because of her and begs her not to behave like his wife. Amba promises to take care of Vidhi’s situation. Dev begs her not to get involved. If Vidhi is more important than me, I’m your family, according to Amba. Dev cuts off the call.

Arjun presents Vidhi with sweets for her breakup celebration. According to Vidhi, the annulment of a girl’s marriage is a major deal in India. She claims that Maa and Papa are angry. Arjun puts chocolate in Vidhi’s mouth while enquiring about her happiness. When Dev arrives, he confronts Arjun and demands that he help with the project. Arjun departs Why did you get offended when Arjun handed me chocolate? Vidhi queries. Dev contacts Satish and informs him that from tomorrow, Vidhi will work at the branch office. She will report there rather than here, he claims. Vidhi is in awe. She returns home. She is asked by Bimla whether she would like tea. Vidhi declines and exits to her room. Vidhi believes he punished her severely. Dev wonders if he was too harsh with her and feels compelled to intervene.

When your engagement couldn’t take place, I know that your hopes were crushed, Bimla says to Vidhi. Vidhi claims she had no dreams with Akash. If there is no discomfort, Bimla inquires. Vidhi tears and embraces the woman. Milapni Devi, according to Bimla, will put everything right. Vidhi considers what to say to you. According to Bimla, she would brew tea and call your Papa. I’ll call him, Vidhi promises.

Hariprasad is seated next to his pals. His buddy queries him as to why, in light of Dev’s remarks, he called off the engagement. Hariprasad commends Dev and asserts that he was correct. Kalumal praises him as well. According to Hariprasad, he will have a nice son-in-law. Vidhi decides to let them know how she feels about Dev.

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