Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th October 2022 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18 October 2022

Dev muses on my response to Vidhi’s query. Will I miss her simply at the workplace, he wonders. The opening tune is played. He remembers their interactions and believes he is considering her. Chitra phones Dev and reports Amy’s disappearance. She becomes anxious and panics. Dev promises to trace her phone and to contact higher police department officials to search her. He hangs up and makes a call to Commissioner. Kanika is asked by Yogesh why she praised Vidhi in front of the crew. Kanika claims that I believe we rushed to form a judgement on Vidhi.

She claims that she was mute throughout the event involving the booze. Did you forget that I had to squat in front of the staff, Yogesh asks. Kanika claims it was our fault since we believed she wouldn’t return the ring, but she did. She claims that we constantly made life difficult for her and didn’t give her any opportunities to be embarrassed. She claims that since we failed, Vidhi begged Dev for forgiveness when she had the opportunity to do retribution. She claims that after whatever occurred, Vidhi helped me. What did you have, Yogesh asks. He believes Vidhi’s impending marriage is for the best. If she doesn’t get married, Kanika says. Dev, according to Yogesh, has assumed responsibility and will arrange for her marriage.

Vidhi considers Akash’s statement that they would get engaged and subsequently get married. Dev wonders why he didn’t send Akash to the UK earlier and believes that no information has arrived up to this point. Milapni Devi is asked to perform a miracle by Vidhi. Dev asks Milapni Devi to prevent anything negative from happening to Vidhi.

According to Pandit ji, an excellent mahurat occurs after 3 days, and the following mahurats occur after 1 and 3 months. Akash’s father warns that if they put off the date, Akash would have to take time off work. Vidhi is informed by Bimla that she would invite everyone to her wedding. When asked whether she would call Neeli Mausi and if they should meet, Vidhi replies that she will. Okay, says Bimla. If I should inform Papa, Vidhi says. Bimla replies “no” and promises to let him know. She speculates that Satyavati, who had married an old man, may have altered his attitude once he met her. She claims that Pratap is a friend of Dev’s father and that Hariprasad may contact them about the wedding.

Vidhi meets Neeli there. Neeli presents her with a gift for the wedding. Vidhi hesitates before accepting it. Neeli asks her if the man is bad and begs her not to wed in order to please the family. She implores her to reconsider. Nothing will change, says Vidhi after I give it some thought; sometimes we know what we need, yet the same things end up becoming obstacles for us. Neeli begs her to be more specific. Following an embrace, Vidhi departs. Neeli considers what is going through her head.

The paper drops when Vidhi and Akash are seated. He promises to call right away. According to Vidhi, she can recall and provide the number. She chooses the document and hands it to Akash. How did she remember, wonders Akash? She claims that if a number is seen only once, she will remember it. Akash claims that because of you, I am afraid to contact any private number. Dev claims that this is your response to learning about her IQ level, that you didn’t want her to call her parents, and that you want to make covert calls. Akash leaves after claiming to be kidding. Vidhi follows suit. Dev is instructed to go to the farmhouse by Chitra after she informs him that Amy Mausi is not there. I’ll arrive after Vidhi’s engagement, according to Dev. Chitra claims Vidhi is more significant than I am. Dev assures Amy Mausi that nothing would happen to her and tells her to relax.

Yogesh and Amba cross paths at the eatery. Yogesh claims that everyone is looking for you, and yet you called me here. Except one person, Amba says. Dev, according to Yogesh, is planning Vidhi’s engagement because he is concerned about her. People will consider whether involvement is really so crucial, he claims. It is significant, but not Dev’s presence, according to Amba.

Yogesh claims that nothing can take Dev’s attention away from Vidhi’s engagement, that he is there with his baggage, and that he hurriedly despatched Arjun to the UK. Amba asserts, “I am certain that marriage will materialise.” Yogesh expresses his wish. We have the same goals, Amba adds, and she asks if you’ll help me. She says we will work together to achieve our goal when there is one. Yogesh affirms. Yogesh learns of Amba’s plot to call Dev from her. If Dev doesn’t arrive there, Yogesh says. Then, Amba adds, I’m not sure what I’ll do.

All the women get pots from Vidhi. Urmila enquires as to why she seems to have lost the money and claims that she would be radiant. She also claims that we will be boring owing to the speed. Vidhi would fast for Akash the next year, according to Akash’s mother. Vidhi may keep it if she wishes, according to Akash. If you are so understanding, Vidhi says you should remove the two-month requirement. Urmila says we’ll make it work. Akash assures her that it is not difficult and continues, “I have thought about it.”

When Dev tries to contact Arjun, the line is busy. He questions if he has anything, as Vidhi agreed with me to state. When Vidhi arrives, she checks to see whether everything is well. Dev claims he stayed home because he was awaiting a crucial call. If this is the cause of your unease, Vidhi inquires. Dev claims that because you are getting married quickly, even you could be restless. As you requested, Vidhi responds, “I’m getting married, and I don’t care who I marry.” She affirms that you are a wonderful teacher and reiterates the ideas you convey to others about the importance of making judgments devoid of emotion. She claims that although it is appropriate to use an objective lens while doing business, when it comes to matters of love and relationships, an objective lens should not be used. Dev was taken aback by what she said. She leaves.

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