Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th October 2022 Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update

Arriving to Hariprasad’s home are Akash and his parents. Bimla inquires as to your whereabouts. Akash responds, “No, we’re considering staying here tonight.” I told Vidhi, he claims, yesterday. According to Vidhi, you just mentioned coming to see us and not staying.

Bimba halts Vidhi. The fact that we came here would be difficult for you, according to Akash, but this is the last

We will be here for 24 hours as a test for Vidhi, and we want to observe how she manages at home. Hariprasad

claims he has no issues. Akash claims that Dev’s supervisor gave us a certificate, but we need to confirm this.

Since domestic help is scarce in the US, she is familiar with housekeeping. They’re welcomed in Bimla. Akash’s

Dad queries, “Who is he?” Dev Raichand, according to Hariprasad, is Vidhi’s superior. They welcome Dev. Bimla

informs Hariprasad what to cook now that the ration is over. I’ll bring it, according to Hariprasad. Bimla asserts that

will see, and that she will prepare pakodas for the time being. Dev ji, according to Hariprasad, would keep them occupied.

But what if he departs? Dev arrives and announces that he will remain till Vidhi’s partnership is finalised.

He claims I am responsible for arranging Vidhi’s wedding. Thanks to him, Bimla. What about, says Hariprasad.

your attire? Dev claims he can handle it.

Dev contacts Arjun and requests that he fetch Vidhi’s laptop from his desk. Arjun queries you

occupy Vidhi’s home. Dev advises me to seek Sangeeta since I need clothing from the home. Arjun asks whether

You have someplace to go. Suddenly, according to Dev, the bride’s relatives arrived, and everyone is

stressed. He finishes his conversation with Arjun while turning to face Vidhi. He salutes Vidhi. Vidhi

who asks? Dev claims Arjun greeted him. Vidhi believes that you are not receiving my heart speak. She queries:

you’d want to possess? Dev mentioned Bhindi Masala, and Akash stated he like it. Okay, says Vidhi, and

goes. Dev argues that sometimes, things we dislike are really beneficial for us.

According to Akash’s father, a process is followed to present the girl with a gift. Vidhi receives a gift from Akash.

We didn’t make any plans, according to Hariprasad. Bimla claims to have purchased a blouse for Akash.

and requests that he try it. When Akash examines the clothing, he queries Hariprasad about its ability to

exchanged? Yes, Hariprasad replies. Vidhi believes he lacks etiquette and believes Dev had

worn the shirt she gave you. Arjun is informed by Satyavati that Dev was unable to sleep at another location.

unlike his room. I really hope Dev’s sacrifice is beneficial, adds Arjun. Dev is informed by Vidhi that she does not

anyone else but him. She claims that Akash lacks manners and has disappointed her.

test. Dev sneezes while sipping water. He believes Vidhi would like Akash, therefore I will take action.

According to Satyavati, I am glad that Dev is assisting Vidhi since she is a nice girl. Priya returns house.

She needs to speak to her, according to Satyavati. Regarding his parents, Priya queries Arjun. All excellent, he claims.

Akash is instructed to visit the jeweller with the ring after Hariprasad promises that we will have it created for you.

him. If the alliance can’t be mended soon, says Akash. We shall get the ring, claims Hariprasad.

manufactured at the jeweller, where I am employed. If you don’t like it, he claims, it won’t be excellent. Akash claims

He enjoys doing forward planning. Dev insisted on speaking with Akash. The turn to the side. Declares Dev

You appear to be under a lot of preparation-related stress. It is a marriage, he claims, not a project, for which

You must prepare a logistical report, and you must question him about Vidhi. Akash claims he has no idea.

Dev cites Vidhi as a fan of pani puri. Despite the generational divide, marriage still occurs, according to Akash.

connection, not with family members. Vidhi doesn’t seem to be employed by a large corporation, according to Akash.

a significant position, and her supervisor is supporting her marriage. What does he mean, Dev queries?

According to Akash, he implies that Vidhi is unremarkable in appearance, ideal for a bahu, but unprofessional. He

says Vidhi is standing straight over. Dev believes you are overly intelligent and that you are making fun of him.

Vidhi, I don’t have a favourable impression of you while you’re behind her.

Although she doesn’t like it, Vidhi informs Akash that she would go with him. Akash claims that was uttered.

You like it. Vidhi claims she used to consume it, but someone complained of stomach problems as a result, so I

pondered avoiding it for a year. She invites him to eat it and says she would accompany him. He claims

He dislikes fast food. Dev notices them and tells them to go. Akash promises to do a brief test.

here. Dev reiterates a test.

When Priya asks Satyavati about Amba’s deception for her, Satyavati responds that she is surprised and denies having any

expecting sincerity from her. If you had known me, Priya claims, you would have understood.

that I was content since I was being treated with respect. She argues that when you learn about

so that. She is asked to quit the business by Satyavati. Satyavati is informed by Chitra via phone that Amba has

lost track of. Police, according to her, won’t open the investigation before 24 hours.

The dishes are washed by Akash and Vidhi. Bimla and Hariprasad question why Akash is cleaning the

utensils. Hariprasad claims to have high morals and wants to support his wife when they are married. Asks Dev

Akash. Who will do the dishes is a frequent issue of argument, according to Akash. House, he says

In the US, finding aid is challenging. If you don’t have a dishwasher at home, Dev inquires. As per Akash, we

have, but cleaning the stove and kadhai is challenging. Dev claims that it is cleaned in a dishwasher, and

explains that there are two hotels and that the dishwasher is used to clean everything. Akash asserts that Vidhi

passed this exam and provides information about his health. According to Bimla, his ailments never stop.

Akash states that they won’t speak to their friends, relatives, or coworkers for two years after getting married.

months. They are startled.

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