Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update

Akash informs Vidhi that he and he won’t be in touch with their friends, relatives, or coworkers.
What is this ailment, Dev wonders? A girl would undoubtedly miss her family when she moves away from home, therefore she wants to call or stay in contact with them. As per Akash, you are

You’re not married, therefore you don’t know how family members affect a couple’s relationship. He claims to

wants to establish their own culture and beliefs, yet they merely speak. Dev claims I don’t comprehend.

this. Not only Vidhi, adds Akash, I won’t speak to my parents or friends either. He requests Vidhi

and adds, “If you agree, then I’ll agree with you.” Bimla queries Akash’s mother. Akash’s

Bimla’s mother begs him to grant their wishes. Along with Dev’s cart, Arjun arrives there. Akash

queries who he is. Dev claims to be employed by me. Arjun is taken outdoors, and he requests that he visit

London right away. Inquire about Akash, he commands. If you have any doubts about Arjun, he asks.

Sure, says Dev. Arjun congratulates you and expresses his wish that you continue to think about Vidhi.

will be present for the wedding. Dev invites him to leave. Bimla requests that Hariprasad speak with Dev. Asks Dev

Hariprasad will consent to the engagement. Hariprasad consents to Akash’s request. Dev believes I’ll

I won’t allow anything go wrong with you, but deal if anything does.

Hariprasad is informed by Bimla that it is fortunate that everyone enjoyed the supper. She promises to provide milk.

to the visitors About Dev, Hariprasad enquires. According to Bimla, Vidhi has brought milk for Dev Saheb. Vidhi

walks to the room and believes that the milk has been saved and the space has been cleaned. In her mind, the

When insects arrive, the mosquito mat is said to be burned. Dev shows up there. Vidhi yells. Asks Dev

He asks her not to yell and says that he is considering leaving and coming back in the morning. Vidhi

claims that the arrangements are below your standards. Dev informs that the preparations are fine.

He doesn’t want her parents to be upset, and the guy’s family is also there. Vidhi opined

When you are here, my Mummy and Papa are less stressed. She invites him to remain there tonight,

says kindly. Ok, says Dev. He is thanked by Vidhi, who begs him to let her know if she needs anything. Dev opine

Your plans are well-made. He is urged by Vidhi not to be alarmed by the rat, Moshak Raja. Dev claims I

will have a good night’s sleep under your Moshak Raja’s authority. His phone ringing is Satyavati. Vijay leaves. Satyavati

then inquires about his needs before sending. No, says Dev. He is asked by Satyavati to assist Vidhi.

They are really friendly folks. I don’t want to bother you, she adds, but. Dev requests her response.

According to Satyavati, Chitra phoned to report that Amba was gone. Dev asserts that she is an adult who will

urges her to tell Chitra not to worry upon her return.

As Dev attempts to fall asleep, Akash’s words come to mind. He questions if Akash is troubled or whether I am.

I’m attempting to compel entry. He questions if I am possessive or protective of Vidhi. Vidhi rises.

He remarks that Dev Sir was prepared to remain here at my request, but why doesn’t he seem to grasp that I

do not want to get into this union. She claims that I had consented to marry him on his word and believes he would

She must comprehend his emotions or she would dream about him at night. Dev approaches the window.

Also approaching the window is Vidhi. They remember those times. Plays a song

Breakfast is being enjoyed by Akash and his family, who are hoping Vidhi would prepare wonderful cuisine like her.

mother. If they slept well, Vidhi queries, did Moshak Raj bother you. She obliquely

queries Dev. According to Akash’s father, the cat drank all the water. As per Vidhi, cats consume milk. Akash

that we consumed all the milk. They chuckle. Concerning mosquitoes, Vidhi asks. Akash wonders if mosquitoes are

ingest milk. Good humour, according to Hariprasad. When people comprehend, says Vidhi,

Occasionally, even after learning everything, remain uninformed. There is a third cause, according to Akash.

Due to personal reasons, many don’t want to respond.

There are Urmila, Pramod, and Golden. Urmila informs Vidhi that she would want to speak with her. She

informs Vidhi that she didn’t observe a fast in preparation for her marriage but has always

wished for her to go to the UK after getting married. She requests that Vidhi speak to Dev regarding

Golden’s position and declares that she will back your father. Vidhi promises to speak with him.

Dev informs Vidhi that she cannot be replaced in her position. What is my location, Vidhi queries? Dev opine

Due to your kindness, you have gained everyone’s affection, yet I don’t see any qualities in

Golden tells them they will miss you and adds, “You are an asset and I am going to miss you.”

in charge of her. After the FM project, he adds, I was going to offer you another assignment, but now you’ll

leave. Will you miss me simply at the workplace, Vidhi inquires. Dev requests a break, stating that he has an

I need to make a crucial call. Instead of taking a shower, he goes to his room and believes he is thinking about her.

He had forgotten about her. He mulls over how to respond to Vidhi’s query.

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