Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho 7th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Katha is taken aback by Rahul’s revelations

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho 7th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho 7 June 2022 Written Episode on

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho Written Update

As the episode opens, Katha is contemplating Rahul. She’s dozing. Katha wakes up in the morning and gets ready for work. Manyata lends a helping hand and a smirk. Katha does a search on a matchmaking website. Manyata inquires about the particulars of their romantic outing. I’m not going on a date with Katha, according to her.

Kabir’s sisters are having a conversation in the kitchen. Maddy requests that they return the foreign foods. There are no ulterior reasons, she insists. She’s concerned about Kabir’s whereabouts. Kabir is doing his best to aid those in need. Yash and the minister see Kabir. Yash claims that Kabir has the ability to assist you in getting a place on the ballot. It is time for Kabir to go, and so he informs Jijusa.

The Nainital bakery issue: he accepts the call. The dealer gets a good talking to from him as he chastises him. In a sincere apology, the dealer admits his mistake. Kabir promises to return the dealership if the girl retracts her complaint. As soon as the guy sees Katha, he rushes over to apologise. Because if I don’t get the bakery owner’s endorsement, I’ll have to give up the dealership.

Maasa tells Kabir to hang up the phone. He hears Katha’s voice when he gets a call from her. She expresses gratitude for the reimbursement. Kabir says I can’t eat any sweets till you tell me you have no qualms about it. She wants him to cut a package of cream rolls and serve them to his whole family the next time. He claims that you were enraged that day.

She asks Kabir to join her. He instructs me to inform the vendor that he will get the order the next day. He inquires about her name. She leaves once she sees Rahul. Kabir urges Jijusa to work for the Nainital agency in order to discover the girl who owes him money. Shweta is waiting for you, according to Jijusa. Kabir grins as he sees the Mawa cake.

Rahul and Katha go together. She promises to come up with a catchy moniker for your motorcycle. He seemed agitated. This is not my favourite day, he continues, since we came here to do something for the protection of women. He is right. She continues, “Come here if you want to meet ladies.” She brings him to a mall to do some window shopping. To help out her family, she begs him to purchase something. She enquires about his background and the people he’s close to.

He adds, “Please, we’re not here to shop, we’re here to do the job.” He’s off. This wound is genuine, according to her. Kabir is praised by his family members. In Shweta’s opinion, I am an interior designer. She’s being spoken to by members of her family. To cheer him up, Katha spends time with the young man. He thinks it’s time to call it a day. She puts him to the test by requiring him to jump on the trampoline for her.

The two of them tumble to the ground and lock eyes. The mall is where they depart. He rides the bike with her. He comes to a halt on the motorcycle. She has his hand in hers. They have a grin on their faces. Shweta claims that after marriage, they would go to Udaipur every weekend, but they first have to establish a base in Delhi.

How can so many people live together? “I believe that one should remain with one’s family,” adds Kabir. She claims that being your own person is intoxicating. He inquires as to whether or not she has made arrangements to donate blood. Yes, she insists, I was injured during my manicure. Her name comes to mind.

Rahul and Katha are together. He snaps pictures of her. He advises, “Be yourself if you want to seem ridiculous,” He lavishes praise on her. He’s off. Come on, you goons. She tells them to leave her alone. The thugs are chastised by Rahul. Rahul is victorious.

She defends herself against the thugs with pepper spray. Rahul and Katha have left the building. In her care, she notices his wound. She likes what he has to say. He inquires about the menu. He gets a bubble pistol from her. He adores it and inquires as to why you spent so much time on it and if there was anything special going on today.

She wants him to tell her what he thinks. She begs him a few times to share his grief with her in the hopes of restoring his smile. She places a candle in the holder. He’s gone now. So why does he despise his birthday so much? She wonders. She’s looking for a response. “I’m a murderer,” he adds, and that is the truth. She’s taken aback.

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