Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Soumya’s Risky Stunt

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9th June 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye Written Update

Soumya is asked to leave by the man at the beginning of the Episode. Prisha is accompanying Soumya. If you don’t quit hurting my feelings, Prisha says. Soumya tells her off. Because you’ve sunk to such a low point, she continues, you should just gaze in the mirror. Arman tells Prisha that he’s sorry for what he’s done and that he has become someone who can hold a little celebration.

Armaan suggests that Prisha apologise and return home to take care of their children. He has Prisha in his hands. To laugh or cry at you, you don’t know what you’ve lost, says Soumya, is an incomprehensible thing for me to do.

He tells you that you have two options: either return to Indore with a tiny heart or return home with a huge heart. She argues that she has nothing to lose and you have a lot to gain by working hard and making a name for herself so she may reclaim her children. Her family will follow if she does not pay the deposit, like her self-respect; it’s a guarantee from him. After Soumya goes,

She’s out on the sidewalk. When a guy approaches her and offers her a chance to make money as a heroine duplicate and do a stunt, the woman accepts. When she says she’ll go, give me an exact time and amount of money. It’s a hazardous stunt, he admits, at 60000 RS. I’m going to do it, she says. That’s the guy she’s going out with. An incoming call from her father

I have a job that pays 60000 rupees, and I have another 25000 rupees in my account, so we’ll pay the deposit today, she adds. She is entrusted with her father’s care. Finally, she’s there. The guy explains that there will be no pauses for fear since this is a real-life action scenario. Her promise is that I’ll do it. The man congratulates her and wishes her the best. She is recognised by everyone on the set.

They take pictures and submit them to Simmi. Whenever Simmi is worried, she tells me that I need to do something. When Sushma tells Simmi that the blouses for the heroine are ready, Simmi collects them. As Simmi points out, Soumya is taking a tremendous risk with her action sequence. Soumya prepares for the scene and joins the cast. Sushma has a bad feeling about it.

The man says there are no worries because they’ve taken every measure and shot the scenario in one take. Soumya claims that if you tell me what to do, I’ll do it. Armaan has received Simmi’s message. To see what Soumya is prepared to do for money, he tells them. Prisha claims the effort is a marketing ploy, not an actual one.

Soumya is stopped from taking the risk by Sushma, who arrives on the set. She begs her to accept the profits from Banno’s works, which she has earned. No, I will not perform this trick. You may pay me if you like, but will this not help Armaan? Armaan considers women weak, and I want to respond to his faulty logic. Blessings from Soumya She’s happy for her and sends her best wishes.

When Soumya asks how she is, she hugs her. Soumya is instructed to prepare for the shooting by the guy. Armaan arrives at the location. The media is on its way. Soumya insists that I must not allow Soumya to receive all of the media coverage. Soumya is grilled by the media. She claims that she didn’t abandon her children; rather, she is doing this to demonstrate her love for them and to address the question of why she left Armaan.

She asks the judge to allow her to finish the job. The stunt was carried out by Soumya. The director is chastised by Armaan. Soumya asks Soumya what would have happened to our children if she had died. That’s what he claims Soumya is working for, not money. In his mind, I told her to come back to the house for the infants. He’s gone now.

Preface: Armaan claims that I am unfaithful to him. Soumya claims Armaan was in the suite waiting for Prisha. Soumya’s lawyer, Goldie, appears in court to defend her.

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