Mithai 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sid Confronts Girish Because Of Mithai

Mithai 9th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Mithai 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Mithai Written Update

Apeksha questions Mithai about the legal basis for her communication with Sid. Mithai claims that Dadu granted me a right, but what gives you the right to halt my progress? Before you go, inform Sid about your plans to see Girish once more.

I spoke to him as well. Because he is your elder, why don’t you talk to him about your concerns? Sid pulls her out of the situation.

On the balcony, Rohan tells Kirti that he has no feelings for Karishma. There will be consequences if we follow through on Kirti’s advice. According to Rohan, there are no right or wrong ways to fall in love. With you, I want to build a future. Kirti’s gaze is deflected elsewhere.

Sid tells Girish, “If you want to communicate with me, you don’t have to use Mithai as a messenger.” Because you’re my senior, please address me by name. “What did you tell him?” yells Girish at Mithai. Please respect my request that you refrain from interfering in the affairs of my family. Sid says, “Stop criticising her. You always have the right to be an old person. “

Because of you, my mother had to endure a great deal of suffering. It’s Girish’s question: Have you tried to comprehend my situation? Sid blames you for making him despise the term “marriage.” Your depiction of marriage has convinced me that I will never get married. When Mithai tells him to calm down and pay attention, what does he mean? “Why should I?” asks Sid. Just because he bears my name doesn’t mean he’s acting like one. Relax, adds Mithai, since a wedding reception is taking place below.

Because Karishma is my sister, Kirti explains to Rohan, I have no right to end her life. If Kavita’s family does not accept us, would you be able to live away from them? That’s something I have to consider as well. Rohan keeps his eyes fixed on the situation.

It was Apeksha who told Mithai you tried to take Sid’s passport, so why do this now? Sid informs Mithai that he made her stay in the home because he cares about Indu, who reminds him of his mother; nonetheless, he is leaving for Singapore primarily because of Girish.

He heads out of the building. Mithai is asked to leave by Shubham, who arrives at the scene. It’s over. Shubham checks in on Girish to see whether he’s alright. According to Girish, it’s not a good idea to include your fiance in our family since she’s attempting to agitate us.

Shubham approaches Mithai and inquires as to what she is up to. I warned you not to become involved in the family business. Mithai claims that all I wanted was for Sid to remain in the room with him so that he could speak with Girish.

Shubham believes Girish will be upset with Sid because of this. According to Mithai, at least Sid and Girish came face-to-face. Please have faith in me, as I am just looking out for this family’s best interests. “Please don’t let this happen again,” Shubham tells me. Mithai promises to do all in his power to bring them all back together.

He promises Apeksha that he will hand over his passport to her if she accepts. I’m done with this place. Kirti hears that and tells me to tell Dadu about it.

Mithai tells Kirti that he witnessed her and Rohan having a conversation. If you’re feeling down, you should notify your relatives. Sid has chosen to travel to Singapore, and Apeksha has received his passport from Kirti. In the words of Mithai, I think I have a thought.

“You need to realise that I don’t want to enter into this marriage,” Rohan informs Rajeev. Abha appears and proposes that we have supper together.

Sid gets a call from Mithai, who tells him that everyone wants to eat with him. Even if Sid claims I’m not hungry, I disagree. Don’t make Karishma upset, advises Mithai, because it’s her mehndi. Sid gives a nod before walking out to the garden to tend to the plants. Mithai has a sly grin on his face.

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