Mithai 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Mithai Tries Reunite The Family

Mithai 8th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Mithai 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Mithai Written Update

Kirti hears Rohan say to her, “I’ll dance with you no matter what.” At the mehndi function, he encourages families to compete against one another. In Kirti’s words, I don’t want to be a part of this.

Karishma insists that we must defeat Rohan’s family together. Asked whether he’d want to join, Sid says yes. As Sid points out, I am not. For my benefit, Apeksha believes that Sid is only related to Dadu and no one else.

Everyone gets up and starts dancing, except Karishma, who sits down and lets Rohan dance with Kirti. Rohan wins the competition since they both appreciate each other’s company.

According to Mithai, I have an idea for Rajeev. Rajeev has decreed that all guys must henceforth participate in a dance routine. Despite their best efforts, Shubham and Shaurya are unable to persuade him.

Trying is all Dadu wants of him. Sid is told by Mithai that he needs to help out the family financially. Sid’s cool with it. Dadu and Dadi are overjoyed that Mithai will bring our family back together.

He joins the lads in a waltz. Mithai believes that Sid has begun interacting with the rest of the clan. He approaches Dadu and coaxes him in. All members of the family join in on the fun.

As an added bonus, Gitika invites Girish to come along, and he reluctantly agrees. When Shubham and Mithai are dancing, he’s all grins. While Girish continues to dance with Sid, Sid decides to leave the scene. Mithai has noticed it.

Sid returns to his room, where he bemoans the sight of Aarti’s photo on his wall. He steps out of his room and remembers Mithai’s attempts to get Sid’s attention.

Sid remembers his parents arguing often when he was a kid. With no words said between them, Girish walks out of his room.

Dadu also announces Mithai and Shubham’s wedding during the ceremony. “Let us get started,” he exclaims upon welcoming Mithai into the family.

Shubham grins at Mithai as she begins to dance and recalls Dadu’s remark that she would be an excellent partner for him. When Rohan tries to converse with Kirti, she quickly departs. The audience erupts with applause as Mithai closes her performance. Rohan then departs from that location.

I need to speak with you, Rohan tells Kirti, and he won’t go, so she may scream and call people if she wants, but he and I will talk. Alternatively, we can chat. He picks her up there and drives her away.

When they’re gone, Mithai notices. Sid is summoned by her, and she tells him she needs to speak with him. Sid tells you to go. Listen to me, Mithai says. If Apeksha tells her to go, she should comply.

Mithai claims that Dadu has granted me a privilege. Sid is enthralled by what he sees.

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