Mithai 3rd June 2022 Written Update Episode

Mithai Hides Sid’s Passport

Mithai 3rd June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Mithai 3 June 2022 Written Episode on

Dadu departs after handing Mithai Sid’s passport and instructing her to keep it secret. When Sid doesn’t show up, Mithai hides it in the mandir and prays to the Lord to keep it safe.

Rohan tells Kirti that if he marries Karishma, all of their lives would be ruined, and he wants to know why. We need to tell our loved ones how we’re feeling. Are you crazy? Kirti asks. She departs, saying, “I can’t add stress to my family.” Rohan claims that I can see the emotions she’s experiencing in her eyes, but she keeps them hidden.

Mithai apologises to Apeksha for spitting juice on her, and wishes her a happy birthday. In response to Apeksha’s suggestion to just depart, Sid inquires about the whereabouts of his passport. He keeps an eye on things.

Karishma approaches Kirti and inquires as to the whereabouts of Rohan. She gushes about my want to visit the United States. Kirti claims that you’re going to be married to Rohan in order to learn more about him. If you’ll excuse me while I work on growing my Instagram following and go shopping, Karishma says we’ll get to know each other better once we are married. And with that, she departs. Kirti believes Rohan was correct, and she is unwilling to hear anything else.

Apeksha and Sid search the area for the passport. “Where’s the passport?” Apeksha inquires. Isn’t that what Mithai asks? Trying to explain it to her, Sid tells her that we use it to travel to other countries. Is it really necessary to leave your own nation, Mithai wonders? Sid dismisses the significance of this. Apeksha claims that she must have ingested the substance. If you’re going to take it, Mithai asks, why? What if Dadu couldn’t stop her? She goes out of the building.

In the meanwhile, Rohan is still waiting for Kirti, but Abha shows in and tells him, “You have to have lunch.” She then takes Rohan away.

Sid is told by Apeksha that someone must have taken it. Shubham arrives and inquires as to what has transpired. While Apeksha claims that only Mithai was in the room, Sid says he can’t locate his passport. Shubham tells me to look into it.

Rohan tells Kirti that now she understands why he and Karishma are not a good match. Come and see me; we need to discuss. He hangs up the phone and hangs up the receiver. Kirti wishes she could chat to someone, but Sid is too busy preparing for his trip to Singapore to be there for her.

Despite Mithai’s assurances to Dadu, Apeksha had suspicions about me. I behaved as if nothing had happened. Dadu inquires as to where you hid it. Mithai tells me that I can’t tell you what he has to say. Mithai promises that if Sid asks, you’ll speak the truth. In Mithai’s words, I pledged not to do anything insane but it’s all about your pleasure. Shubham is standing right in front of them.

To help Karishma concentrate on Rohan, Abha tells Karishma to quit using social media. In Karishma’s words, I’m looking for more likes on my photos. Taking Abha’s advice, do something kind for Rohan. You promise to do his shopping for him, she adds.

It is Dadu and Mithai’s responsibility to make sure Sid doesn’t find out about what you and Shubham did. Asks him to bring his passport with him. I will inform Sid if you don’t give it to me, Shubham tells her. Mithai becomes nervous.

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