Mithai 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Mithai Gets To Know About Rohan And Kirti

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Rohan called Karshma but she was not there so Kirti picked up her phone. She says Charisma is not here yet. He asked, “What are you doing now?” She says I am reading Faiz’s poetry. They both talk about it. Charisma arrives and picks up Kirti’s phone.

The sweets are running down the street when Shabham arrives. He says if we have to do wedding shopping, we will go together. Sweetie says I don’t need anything. “I know we’re both getting married because of Dadu, but if you need anything, let me know,” he said. Sweet thinks that if he heard her talking to Sid, she would marry him only because of Dadu.

Sid talks to Dadu about sweets that he has cancer, Dadu says she was wrong. Dadu says are you thinking of leaving us? Sid looked at Apeksha and said I am not leaving you. I see my family fighting on this business every day, I can’t stand it anymore so I want to go to Singapore from there. Apeksha says I will take care of it. Sid says I will leave after Shabham’s wedding. Dadu looked at him sadly and fainted.

Mithai stopped Shabham and said that I have to tell you why I said yes to this marriage. Don’t tell anyone but I found out Dadu has cancer. Shabham is stunned and says what? Sweetie says no one should know about it because Dadu doesn’t want to worry about the family. I said yes to this marriage because I don’t want to upset Grandpa. It was his wish, so I said yes. “I can do anything for him. If he wants this marriage, we will get married,” he said.

The doctor examines Dadu. Indu comes there but she has a cough. She saw blood coming out of her mouth and left.

Rohan is talking to Rajiv on the street. Sweet listens to them. Rohan tells Rajiv that he does not agree with Karisma. I think Kirti understands me better, I wish I had chosen Kirti. Mithai was stunned to hear all this.

Sid is worried about Dadu and says it’s because of me. Apeksha says don’t worry, she goes to make coffee for him. The dessert returns home. Syed stopped him and asked where are you going? Sweetie says I’m going to talk to Dadu.

Syed says where did you do that? Did you go to meet your childhood love brown? The sweetheart says that she is not mine, but your love. Syed says stop it. Sweet says I went to talk to Shabham. Apex comes there. Sweet says I want to talk to Dadu but he is stopping me. Apeksha says Dadu fainted. The sweetheart quickly came to him and saw him awake.

The doctor says that his BP increased because he was taking stress, he left. The sweetheart asked, “What are you worried about?” Daddy says he’s upset because Sid is leaving the country. Sad told Dadu to rest and not to worry. Get out of here. Sweet tells Dad that Sid doesn’t understand. I am sure Allah will not let him go anywhere.

Sweet thinks I can’t put pressure on Grandpa but I can’t hide it. She is about to fall, but Sid catches her on time. Apexa scolded the sweets.

The sweetheart enters Kirti’s room and finds her talking to her friend on the phone. “I saw Rohan and Rajiv talking on the street today,” says Mithai. They were talking and Rohan was saying that he likes you more than charisma.

He wants to marry you. Charisma is out of the room listening. She comes running to Abha and cries. Dad asked what happened? Abhishek says tell me what happened? Karisma says that Rohan doesn’t want to marry me, he likes Kirti. What does dad say

Mithai asked Kirti if she too? Kirti cries. Sweet says do you like Rohan too? “I don’t know how it happened,” she said. Charisma used to force me to talk to Rohan and I realized that he understood me, I never expressed my feelings.

Sweet says you two like each other? Kirti says it’s wrong, Karisma and Rohan are engaged. She tells Mithai not to tell anyone about it. Sweet says I know people who love don’t want to hurt anyone. Don’t worry, Allah will find a way for you. Abha screamed for sweets.

PreCap: Aunty called for sweets and slapped him, saying have you forgotten your status? You said that Rohan likes Kirti, but he is marrying Karisma. How can you blame sweets without knowing the truth? We will call Rohan here and ask him the truth. Syed says what is the need to call him? I’m sure she’s making up a new story.

Indu says sweetly Promise me no new problem will come in this house just because of you. Sweet says, I promise you.

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