Mithai 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Mithai Sees Sid In A New Light

Mithai 1st June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Mithai 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Sid informs the family that he is adopting Mithai’s duty and that she would not cause any problems. Then Abhishek responds, “I’m happy with them remaining here; all I want is for my daughter’s wedding to go well.”

Dadi tells Dadu that she thinks Mithai and Indu should be allowed to go for a while. Dadu grins and adds, “I am optimistic since Sid has taken on a family obligation for the first time.”

Sid was aware of my sickness, and he took care of everything, Indu explains Mithai. Mithai says, “I’ll go say thank you.” Indu claims that Sid stood up for us today, so don’t cause any problems. Mithai claims I’m not going to do anything.

Girish enters Sid’s room and asks, “Why are you assuming this responsibility when you’re going to Singapore?” I made a choice, but you constantly oppose it. Sid asks, “What’s the matter?” Girish declares, “I am an older here, therefore you must obey my rules.” Sid advises that you put your ego aside since you took on the task and will carry it through. Girish storms out of the room, enraged. Mithai arrives and hears everything. Mithai walks into Sid’s room and introduces himself as Sidharth ji. Sid is taken aback when he hears his name for the first time from her.

Rohan tries to phone Kirti, but she ignores him. Karishma walks over to Kirti and gives her a hug, saying, “Everything has been explained, therefore I don’t want any grudges between us.”

Mithai expresses his gratitude to Sid for standing up for his mother. Sid claims that I always do what I believe to be right. Mithai adds, “I’ve understood that you quietly assist individuals.” Thank you, Sid, but I don’t have time for compliments. Mithai responds, “I’m not sure why you were assisting my mother.” Sid takes a step back and adds, “I have a meeting.” He requests Mithai’s assurance that he would not cause any difficulties in the residence. I promise, Mithai says.

Shubham approaches Mithai and apologises for his mother’s death. He claims that we have never communicated our troubles with one another, but that you are no longer alone, and that I will see to it that your mother is treated.

Shubham approaches Sid and expresses his gratitude for taking care of Indu and Mithai. He claims that they are now my duty, and that I would take care of everything. You can simply go to Singapore. Sid advises that you concentrate on the wedding and that I will take care of Indu’s health for the time being. Shubham says anything you want and walks away. Mithai, who is outside the room, hears everything. Sid adds, “Indu helps me feel close to you,” as he stares at his mother’s portrait. I really hope she gets well.

Rohan dials Kirti’s number again; she answers the phone and asks, “Why are you calling me?” Rohan says, “I just want to meet you once.” Please attend.

Mithai approaches Dadu and apologises for mistakingly believing you had cancer. This home, according to Dadu, has mental cancer. He shows her Girish and Abhishek bickering about wedding money. Then there’s Abha, who is unpleasant to Indu. He takes her to Sid’s room, where he is alone. He says he wishes God would kill him. What are you saying, Mithai? Dadu apologises for not informing you about your mother’s illness.

Mithai explains, “I realise you did it just for my mother’s benefit.” Dadu claims that Sid would abandon me as well. Don’t lose faith, Mithai says; I saw empathy in Sid today; he loves about his family, which is why he can’t stand seeing them quarrel and wants to go. You must prevent Sid from travelling to Singapore, according to Dadu. If that’s what you want, Mithai replies, I’ll do all in my power to stop him.

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