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Abha brings Mithai along

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Mithai Written Update


Kavita steps aside and requests Rohan and Karishma to speak with one another. Rohan inquires of Karishma of her interest in his company. Karishma explains that she must know as they are getting married. Rohan says let’s be honest: our union is predetermined by our elders, and you’re delighted to marry me for wedding activities and a vacation to the United States, but what if I fail in my startup? Are you willing to live with me? Karishma remembers her mother’s counsel and expresses her affection for him.

Rohan says don’t lie to yourself, you don’t love me; Kirti loved me and I loved her, but we sacrificed our love for family respect; and you and my family want me to settle in the United States, but I want to remain in Madurai; therefore, decide what you want, as I’m prepared to marry you if you’re willing to remain in Madurai with me. He departs.

Sid and Mithai return with Indu to their house. Sid requests Mithai to look after Indu aunty. Mithai observes that Kavita seems anxious. She carries her mother into the room and then asks Kavita what happened. My mother confronted me, and I told her the truth; however, I do not know how Abha’s aunt would respond. So suffer the consequences. Mithai prays to Lord Gopal.

Karishma informs Kirti and Rohan that their relationship has ended and that they once loved one another. Abha claims that Kirti is Rohan’s ex-wife, and that you will marry him. She requests that they not share this information with elders. She threatens Mithai she will be severely punished. Mithai requests that Abha comprehend the issue; Karishma cannot be content with Rohan since he loves Kirti.

Abha asserts that here, love has no significance. Mithai questions whether Karishma can be content with Rohan, given that he does not love her. Karishma claims that she does not love him and is marrying him in order to go to America. She states that she will not allow anybody to derail her aspirations, and that she will marry Rohan and move to America. Abha brings Mithai along. Geetika prevents Kavita from following them as she attempts to.

Abha approaches Kirti and tells her she never imagined she could do it. According to Mithai, Rohan disclosed everything to Karishma. Kirti apologises to her and explains that the incident occurred by accident. Abha asserts that you did it purposely, and despite my motherly love, you deceived us. Mithai attempts to communicate. Abha cautions her from interfering with their family problems. Abha tells Kirti that she must die for stealing her sister’s happiness, that she should be thankful her mother is dead since she would perish upon witnessing her son’s actions, and that she committed a sin with her sister for which she would never be forgiven. She departs.

Kirti informs Mithai that she would depart since she cannot face any family member and cannot watch her father humiliated due to her. Mithai attempts to stop her, but she continues to walk away. Mithai notifies Sid of the situation. Sid informs her that he would not forgive her if anything happened to Kirti. He rushes to rescue Kirti. Mithai is asked by Shubham what occurred.

Sid looks for Kirti. Kirti goes on the dam and considers suicide to be the best course of action. Mithai tells Shubham everything. Shubham inquires as to why she has been silent till now. He requests that she not depart. Kavita notifies Rajeev about Abha’s accusations against Kirti, and Kirti leaves her residence. Rajeev says he will see. Rohan inquires what occurred. Rajeev reveals everything to him. He inquires as to whether she knows where Kirti may go. Rohan departs towards the riverside region.

Gireesh and Harimohan inquire as to their disagreement. Abha states, “I know what occurred,” and then explains everything. According to her, Kirti eyed her sister’s spouse. Mithai says we may examine the merits and demerits of latee, but first we must seek for Kirti. Abha claims that you did not stop Kirti and instead encouraged her. Mithai asserts that we must stop her before she commits an offence. Abha attempts to smack her for placing the blame on her. Shubham approaches Mithai as Harimohan clutches Abha’s hand and indicates a negative response.

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