Mere Sai 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sadashiv Finds The Truth

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Mere Sai Written Update

One sibling is fighting about Gilli Danda, which Sai overhears. He convinces his younger brother into thinking he can obtain gilli and oranges at the same time, and he rushes out. Upon seeing his younger brother arrive with gilli and oranges, the older brother declares, “I’ll go buy some for myself and depart.” Sai has a grin on his face. Sai is given some oranges by his younger brother.

Dhiru’s elder brother goes over to Dhiru and asks him where the oranges are, and Sai wonders why he didn’t get anything. As a lesson, Sai points out that despite the fact that you took advantage of your younger brother’s naivety, he still thought of you and gave you two oranges. Sai and Dhiru accept his apologies for his blunders. Sai bestows blessings and rewards on him as well.

Sadashiv was wheezing and coughing violently. Mira buys him kadha and then goes. Sadashiv believes Mira is still angry, and he advises that I take money from Balvant and head to the city so that she will forgive me when she sees that I am making a good living. First, make some preparations, and then I’ll give you the money, says Bhiva to a horse cart salesman. Sudama is beginning to worry once more.

Laxmi tells Sudama that all of this is unnecessary and that this is not what makes her happy, and then walks away. Bhiva approaches Sudama and inquires about the incident. As soon as Sudama hears what I’m about to say, he immediately lies to Bhiva about Laxmi’s emotional state and departs. But I can’t allow your good name to be tarnished because Bhiva claims you made a mistake.

Sai states that Mira’s husband’s condition is due to his actions and that he can’t be helped. Mira agrees to meet with Sai to find out more information. Mira tells me, “There is no way I can bear to see him in misery.” Please assist me. Sai tells the youngsters to sit down, and then we can discuss.

Balvant is doing early morning pooja when he encounters Savari and chastises her for wasting his day. Savari has left the premises. With just a small number of tourists, Balvant is delighted to have British employees with land as guests.

Balvant is carrying a bag when Kulkarni spots him.

In the forest, King Dharma climbed a tree because he was afraid of animals, and a bear pursued by a lion also climbed the tree and told him, “Don’t be afraid; I won’t harm you; you sleep for a little while while I protect us, and then I’ll sleep and you guard us.” Sai tells the story of the king. Bear says no, saying he won’t betray the lion’s trust if he throws the king down. The lion replies, “I will devour the king and spare you.”

The bear goes to sleep as the king gets up. The lion’s request is granted by the king. When you breach someone’s trust, it impacts all of us more, and God will never forgive you for it. The bear was actually a Sadhu who punished the monarch.

In Kulkarni’s case, he wants his portion of the profits. Given his newfound knowledge of the total, Kulkarni claims he is entitled to extra money. Balvant insists that I pay Sadashiv as well, so I will. Kulkarni explains that there is no need to compensate him because he has a solution to the problem.

Balvant is intrigued by the concept and offers to double your commission if it is a success. Balvant is startled when he sees Sai in the reflection. Kulkarni inquires as to the nature of the problem. Nothing is spoken by Balvant.

Ragini gushes over Sai with praise for the narrative. “Let’s play now,” Sai tells us. The whole student body has dispersed. Mira bursts into tears, saying, “I understand Sai, but will Sadashiv ever be better?” Sai claims that his suffering will subside once he realises his error. Mira is the one who has the answer to that question. Soon, Sai says, and then he’s gone.

Balvant feels frightened as he sees Sai approaching. Sai approaches him and inquires as to why he is so frightened. When Balvant, in his quest for a hanky, accidentally spills a letter, he tells Sai not to interfere with his work. When Balvant asks, “Why do you care?” when Sai responds, “You’re going to Nagar, right?” Sai tells me that if I don’t go today, my work will not get done.

Because he doesn’t want anyone getting in the way of his black magic, Balvant advises people to keep their spells to themselves. Sai claims that deceiving the trusting is what I despise. Balvant has retreated.

Gangadhar is asked for money by Bhiva. “My kid wasted all the money,” Gangadhar replies. “Like your brother.” Bhiva begs Sadashiv for 500 yen when he meets him. Even though Sadashiv says he contributed a lot of money, he also gave money to your brother, but the money was wasted.

He departs. Seeing Sai, Sadashiv stumbles and discovers the letter. Sadashiv became enraged after reading the letter. Sai goes up to him and tells him that he tricked the entire city of Shirdi, and he’s been fooled as well.

Sadashiv is sought after by a small number of individuals who inform other villagers that he conned them out of land and never constructed a factory.

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