Mere Sai 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sudama And Bhiva Get Into Fight

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Mere Sai Written Update

Machapati suggests that the aarti should begin while everyone else waits. Sai agrees, and the aarti may begin. Aarti is performed by everyone. Machapati is asked by a few latecomers why the aarti was completed so quickly.

After Machapati complains about your tardiness, the villagers tell him that because they don’t have to go to the fields anymore, it’s now too late to get up and get ready. Sai claims that money has blinded people to the reality of the world around them.

Sai enquires of Sai as to why he hasn’t spoken to them, and Sai replies that he has tried and given them signals as well, but God has a way of communicating with people, and if these villagers comprehend early on, that’s great.

Sadashiv, Laxmi’s brother-in-law, is being ignored by Mira. I’ll give our son-in-law a horse and a cart that Sudama has arranged for him. They claim to have had no idea you were so wealthy.

In response to Bhiva’s claim that they are not and cannot afford all of this, Bhiva apologises. Bhiva receives a stern talking-to from Sudama. Sudama accuses Bhiva of crossing all moral boundaries with her braggadocio; Sudama responds that she only has one daughter.

Bhiva responds, So do I. I have one kid and spent my money on buying property with you for his better future, but you grabbed it from me and then wasted everything. How will my son live? Give me my half and then you may do whatever you want. Sudama scolds you for making fun of her.

We’ve previously told you we don’t want anything, so why are you behind this? asked Sudama’s in-laws. Bhiva gets a good swat from Sudama for his misbehaviour.

I don’t know what it is like to be a father to a daughter. You degraded me and my self-respect. Would you be able to rectify things so that Laxmi’s marriage may go forward?

You damaged my daughter’s life for some money. He pushes him and tells him that Laxmi is also suffering due to his arrogance and carelessness; they acquired property jointly, but he tricked him and sold it. In response, Sudama pushes him to the ground. Sai intervenes as Bhiva becomes irate and threatens to strike.

Sai gives Sadashiv a sympathetic glance. Sudama decides to venture out on her own. Sai exits the room.

He asks the villagers what they would do with so much money, and he has come up with a plan to help the Shirdi people become wealthy. Villagers inquire about their options. Kulkarni claims that if you give him your money, he will pay you 1% interest on it.

Residents claim you are charged 10% interest. The reason, according to Kulkarni, is that you would have no money if I didn’t accept your money. However, if you gave it to me, it would be safe and available for you to spend however you see fit.

Also, since I have a high-end locker, you wouldn’t have to worry about theft if you gave it to me. The residents of the village have agreed to hand over their hard-earned cash to Kulkarni. Kulkarni has given the go-ahead for the accountant to receive the money.

In response to Santa Banta’s question, Kulkarni explains that he plans to invest in Mumbai banks, which pay 5% interest and 2% to the villagers. He also plans to fabricate a few fraudulent entries in order to gain extra money. Balvant’s letter arrives in the mail; Kulkarni promises to deliver it to him and takes the letter. In astonishment, Kulkarni reads the contents of the letter and is stunned.

Dwarka Mai gets a cleaning from Sai. However, Bhiva apologises to Sai and tells him that he had to stop Dada because he was going over budget and had to be stopped. Sai claims that it was beneficial. Bhiva was calm. Bhavva is asked to find a little shell that Sai has thrown into the ocean for him. Bhiva goes in search of it but is unsuccessful. Bhiva, follow Sai’s advice and be patient. Bhiva sighs.

In the letter, Kulkarni tells Balvant that he mistook it for his, but it’s actually for him and he’s happy about it. Balvant sits down to read it. When Kulkarni learned that Balvant was selling property to the British for 5000 per acre while only paying 2500 for it, he was shocked. Don’t meddle with Balvant’s task, he adds.

Do yours and let me do mine. As long as you didn’t pay me my portion, Kulkarni is happy. Now that you have, I’ll ask for the right amount.

Bhavishya requests that Bhiva check on the water supply for him from Sai. This time, Bhiva manages to track down the shell and deliver it to Sai. How come you couldn’t locate it earlier? wonders Sai. Bhiva claims the water was unclean.

Sai tells Sudama that if he has faith, patience, and does all he can to help him, he will realise the truth, and that God will bless all the villages, just like greed, wrath, and other negative emotions.

Sudama says he would rent a house and get married to Laxmi the way he wanted. Laxmi blames you for spending so much time and money. In an effort to keep Sudama, Mira and Subhadra are attempting to persuade her. Bhiva enters just as Sudama and Laxmi are about to leave, and he apologises to Sudama and invites him to remain. Bhiva is hugged by Sudama, who has forgiven him. Until you realise the ramifications, Bhiva believes, I’ll keep waiting.

When Balvant meets Sai and is frightened, he loses his letter.

In the middle of Sadashiv’s walk to Sai, the latter stumbles upon a letter and is surprised to see it.

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