Mere Sai 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

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The ICS officer tells Sai, “I am not doing any favors, but when a person faces injustice, he becomes a revolutionary, stop it and many things can be brought under control.” Blount says the performance was better than the other kids, so they won. The ICS officer says I make decisions and I think Shirdi’s children made mistakes but they proved that they want to learn in a week. They have achieved this and there are many concerns. So I declare them the winners and let them go to school again and they will be. Only one subject will be taught in Hindi and English.

Everyone was happy except for Blount and Kalkarni.

The children embraced Srikanth on his victory.

Sai goes to Blount and Kalkarni and says that truth always wins and children have God so there is no point in praying for their defeat. Blount says I will not let you forget this, you will regret it, I promise you. Sai says God bless you.

Sai is making utensils, Pandurang came to him and greeted him, Pandurang asked why they make utensils. Sai says I am making for the needy, Pandurang says if I can make one for my family, Sai says there are many that you can choose. A few men walk towards Sai with Patil. Patil says to Sai, there is no rain and the field is affected. What can we do? We have worked very hard in the field. How can we survive now? Sai says don’t give up hope.

Pandorang sees a lot of pots and thinks let me take some extra pot, Pandorang is carrying 4 pots he stumbles and falls and the pot breaks, Sai looks at him and gives him a hand.

A man is leaving, his brother and daughter try to stop him, he refuses and says we need money for Lakshmi’s wedding and the soccer player is ready to lend me so let me go ۔ Lakshmi says Baba don’t do that, he says it is my responsibility and dream to provide you the best and you have a good suggestion I can’t let him go and faint. Her brother says we have to take her to Sai quickly and pray to Sai, and start looking for help to take her brother to Sai.

Sai says to Pandurang, how many pots do you need, he says one. Sai says that greed always destroys. “I’m sorry,” Pandorang said. Sai tells everyone to share in this difficult time and Jio and God are with us to help us.

A rich man with his wife in the car, prays to Sai and then gives medicine to his wife, she says you never forget to take care of me, he says there are only two things in my mind Sai and you ۔
They see Lakshmi’s father unconscious and run to him, Jiva says help my brother we want to take him to Sai, he says sit in the car with him and his daughter Sai I’m going to see, my wife and I will come on foot. from behind.
They have the eye of thieves.

Sai sees the car and manages it, Lakshmi says Sai do something, Jiva says this is my brother, he used to live in the city but now he has moved here because of his health and daughter, he suddenly fainted. Sai looked at Lakshmi anxiously and said believe me and put mud on Sadama’s hand. Lakshmi asks how it will help. Sai says mud has many beneficial properties. Sadama regains consciousness, asks Sai Pandhari to give him water and says that you have had a stroke. Rich couple attacked by thugs.

Sadama says I’m fine now, Jiva and Lakshmi don’t worry. Jiva says thank you Sai. Sai asks Sadama why they go in such heat, Jiva says he never listens, Sai says Sadama how many days have you been here? Sadama says I am here forever, I had many failed businesses but with some savings I came here and arranged Lakshmi’s marriage but there is no money.

The couple gives everything except Sai’s pendant and fights the thugs on it. Baizma and other villagers see him being attacked, the villagers save him. He thanks everyone and says, Baizma says we are also Sai devotees, he says I have come to see Sai too. Baizma asks Chandu to take her to Sai in Dwarka Mai.

Couples argue the people here are very kind. Sadashiv tells his wife that we are here for you, once we get here all our worries will be over.

Fairy Hat: Baizma says to Sai, Sadashiv looks like a good man, I don’t see any disappointment on his face when I see you putting aside your expensive gift, there are very few like him. Sai says you are right.