Men who are in habit of touching these body parts of their wife prove to be very faithful

1. Waist

When a man truly loves, he always wants to hug his woman’s waist. This is not only an intimate act, showing passionate love for his wife, but also implicitly says to other men that she is his.

Women’s waist is inherently a private part and they only let the man they love touch. So if a man often hugs you from behind, he will definitely consider you number 1.

2. Hair

Hair shows femininity of a woman and this is also what her man likes to touch.

If a man often your hair with his hand, it shows that he appreciates and cherishes you so much. So no matter how busy you are, don’t ignore to pay attention to hair care.

3. Hands

When he has a woman he loves, every man wants to brag to everyone. He wants to hold your hand everywhere. If a man is not afraid to hold your hand in a crowded place, it proves that he loves you so much.

4. Shoulder

When touching the shoulder of the woman he loves, he always actively puts his chin on her shoulder. Women’s shoulders are also quite sensitive, so not everyone can touch them. So the more a man tries to touch, the more interested she feels.

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