Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Meet Defends Meet Ahlawat Against Shanty

Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Meet 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Meet Written Update

Shanty’s friend, Meet Ahlawat, is captured by Shanty’s pal. A call from Meet Ahlawat was answered by Shanty as she walked away with the phone in her hand, but it was only after she kicked the phone in his hand that he answered the call.

Shanty informs Meet that Paramji is Shanty. When Ahlawat hears Shanty admit he beat him, he screams in anguish.

Fear grips Meet Ahlawat as she contemplates the plight of our little child. She apologises to Meet Ahlawat and promises that nothing bad will happen as she steps out of her chamber.

Meet Ahlawat was going to strike Shanty with a kalash when Meet intervened. Ahlawat greets you and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there.” She’s a savage fighter who makes everyone around her flee.

Meeting says she must now deal with Shanty, who she describes as a “true villain.” She had heard her child toss a stick behind her, which had struck Shanty. You’re a warrior, Meet tells you, and she’s proud of you.

Meet the other two men that were at her house and take care of them as well. There is no doubt that Shanty protected her family many times during the game, but she is pregnant and frail and will not be able to save them today.

Babita hears Masum say this. Mom, I swear to God. Ragini told me that Meet Ahlawat had constructed surakha rekha for Meet so that she wouldn’t go out, but I saw Meet heading out with a stick nevertheless.

I don’t believe Babita can accomplish this, she says. Calls are made to be met by Masum and Babita as they enter the room. Apparently, Masum’s claims have convinced you to believe that she’s out as much as ever. At the police station, Babita claims, “It’s my mom-in-law speaking,” and asks for the phone. The constable apologises for her absence, but she isn’t.

If you could just inform Babita where she is right now, that would be great. “I’m not sure,” he responds. She must have gone to locate him. The constable informs her about Shanty and says I don’t know anything about it. Babita requests that you follow her whereabouts and let me know where Meet is.

Masum tells Babita that we’ve tried to explain a lot of things to her, but she still left. As soon as Babita learns the location, she demands that Meet appear before her and explain all of her questions, as well as pay for any harm to our child. She then summons Masum to accompany her to the meeting.

Babita and Masum are at the market when they spot a woman in tears and blood streaks on the ground. Babita begs God for help. Masum believes that her courage had a negative impact on our family, and I agree with her. Babita approaches Meet and asks him why he punished her grandchild for his behavior, why he followed Shanty, and why he will never forgive you if he finds out about your actions.

Meet Ahlawat, who comes limping in with a wound on his leg. “What happened?” Babita inquires. Meet and ask him whether he’s okay. Then he comes up to me and says, “I begged you not to cross that boundary, but you always did whatever felt good to you, so I’ll likewise do what my heart wishes.” He kisses her hand as he holds it in his arms.

Masum inquires as to your whereabouts. I’m doing what my heart tells me, he says, and if she hadn’t broken her promise, your brother would still be alive, so please tell me what happened to him and Shanty.

He explains that Shanty and a friend were living in our house as devotees of Guruji, and that every incident that occurred in our house was caused by Shanty. They attacked me today, but Meet arrived just in time to help me with taking care of her kid.

She came with full protection. Meet Ahlawat recounts how she fought against Shanty and saved her husband from being kidnapped by the thugs. He claims a doctor informed him of his injuries, and he asked the officer to take him to meet him when he awoke. They exchange hugs. Is he doing well? Babita inquires. Meet walks over to her and tells her he’s OK, while kicking me in the groyne. Babita agrees with me.

Everyone in Ahlawat’s home Ragini is doing Meet’s puja in the temple. That everyone is face-to-face is a blessing, adds Babita. Tej commends Meet for her bravery. As Sunaina suggested, I’d want to offer something of my own.

During our visit, Babita inquired as to why Meet appeared to be inconsolable. That was an emotional occasion for Meet since she fulfilled her father’s vow, and Raj adds to Raj that you’re forgetting that the commissioner is my buddy. He phoned and told me everything. “Raj, please don’t say anything more,” says Meet.

Raj says he can’t stop now because he wants everyone, especially Babita, to know the truth. Babita inquires as to the cause of the disturbance. Raj exhorted Meet to be honest.


Sunaina throws a tantrum in front of everyone and claims that Meet isn’t ready to hand over her child to me. Meet asks Masum, “Why aren’t you able to provide for your child?” “I’ll repeat this over and over again: I’m not giving my baby to Sunaina because she will never be a decent mother,” says Meet.

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