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Shanty’s Henchmen Thrash Meet

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Meet Written Update

Meet is given halwa by a servant who claims Babita sent it and asks him to finish it. I heard that the department was considering taking strong action against you, so I stopped what I was doing to contact Manbeer and told him what I’d heard. Manbeer enquires as to the reason behind this.

Make a point of asking all the detainees you’re keeping an eye on if anyone escaped. According to Manbeer, the answer is yes. Meet apologises for creating anxiety for you, but he felt the need to alert you about the inquiry, so alright, he disconnects the conversation. In the words of Meet, I’ve laid my trap.

When Shanty entered his room, he told him that Meet would be dead soon. In a phone call, Manbeer tells Shanty to get back into treatment as soon as possible. Shanty asks whether you’ve forgotten about the arrangement you made with her.

Manbeer claims that if someone from the department shows up, we’ll both be in trouble. Shanty asks for at least two hours of your time. Manbeer has told you to hurry up and come on over.

Seeing the footage of Manbeer and Shnaty on the phone, Meet concludes that I was correct that he was away for 24 hours to do his task, but he doesn’t know why. While hugging her, Meet Ahlawat tells her that he’s unhappy with her and worries about what may happen if she gets hurt in the kitchen. To avoid making you nervous, I chose not to inform you.

You were just saved in the previous 24 hours, so why don’t you say something? he asks. Show him the footage of Manbeer and Shanty’s conversation. Shanty is out, according to Meet Ahlawat, and he wants to know how you got these instructions on your phone. Shanty has only just been introduced to me, and I’m afraid he intends to harm us.

He’s perplexed as to how that’s even feasible. When Meet tells her she doesn’t know what Shanty plans to do to our family, she grabs her uniform and says she’ll be in touch with you by phone and will arrive early. Sureksha Rekha, he tells her, is the name of the soft toy that rescued her from plunging to her death off the cliff. This is for you, and you will enjoy it.

Maintain your distance from this point.Are you attempting to grasp the fact that Shanty has escaped and will attempt to hurt us, asks Meet? He tells her, “Listen, Meet, you’re pregnant, and we can’t put you or our kid in danger, so please take care of your child and swear on me that you will not cross that line.”

He then instructs her to sit down and drink some water, and then he leaves. Thinks: Why aren’t you concerned about our family, not my SI career?

What do you think? Should we talk to Param about the khichdis for another 10 days? Ragini suggests that Babita try this. Babita tells me I’m afraid to ask Meet to cook again since I’m not sure how.

In Ragini’s words, “Please inquire.” Shanty and her companions walked down the street. She intervened. What happened? Are you going somewhere? You were supposed to depart in the evening. Raj approaches them and asks what’s going on. We were told that Guruji had called us to the Ashram via Shanty, who sent out a signal. Babita talked to him about khichdi, and he seemed interested.

He tells her she must produce for the next ten days. In response to Babita’s agreement, I’ll call to ask for her blessings. The man tells her that she is blessed and that she should relax. Shanty feels she will be able to sleep for the rest of her life after eating halwa. Is there anything we can do for you? Raj thanks them for the puja. Seeing Meet Ahlawat make his way downstairs, Shanty smiled.

The two of them were going to have halwa when she stopped to hand over some clothes to the servant and noticed some blood on the sheet. Because Guruji and his followers had vanished, he reasoned, why not just switch out the sheets? Inquire as to whether or not they’ll be here till the end of the day. The servant responded, sure, but they abruptly disappeared and he had to go.

After remembering the cigarette bud, Meet calls Guruji and asks, “Can you kindly verify and tell me are these your devotees?” Upon viewing the images, Guruji declares that they do not represent his disciples, and he explains what has transpired. What does this mean? I’ll tell you later, replies Meet, as she disconnects the phone and tries to connect the many dots.

The man who tried to murder me twice in the previous 24 hours was Shanty. She looks at the halwa and decides she won’t eat it, so she tosses it in the trash. Ragini comes up to Meet and asks, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong? ” Meet says not to be alarmed.

When Meet Ahlawat returns, I’ll contact you for lunch. How long has he been gone? As a result of Ragini’s request, he allegedly went to see Paramji.

The man tells Raj that if he could help them, he would be grateful. “Tell me what you want,” Raj says. If your son can drop us off near the freeway, that would be ideal. Raj inquires as to what he should do. Ahlawat, I’d like to introduce you. Meet Ahlawat, who assures you that he will not abandon you.

Inquire where he dropped them off. There is no need to worry about this, Ragini tells her, as she leaves. It’s stressful around here.

Ahlawat will be waiting for you at the designated spot. Everyone must exit the vehicle. When Meet Ahlawat asked for Paramji’s consent, someone smacked him in the head with a stick. Everyone clings to him.

Shanty tells Meet Ahlawat his name. Meet Ahlawat becomes enraged and attempts to assassinate Meet after claiming that you were in his residence. Whether she had eaten the poisoned halves, he wanted to know if she was still alive.

If she is, then he wants to kill her. He tells his guy to beat him up. Call someone to set up a time to meet. Meet Ahlawat and his warriors in battle. When Suraksha Rekha looks at Meet, he says, “I think Meet Ahlawat is in peril.” I have to cross the border he set for me to help him. “


Come upon Ahlawat, who is in a horrible way on the street. Shanty’s friend, Shanty’s best friend, and Meet, Shanty’s rescuer, argue. “You’re not going to be able to save your spouse,” Shanty tells Meet. Make him trip and fall on the sidewalk.

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