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Meet Ahlawat Instigates Aarav Against Meet

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Meeting Isha in the bazaar. Isha said for the meeting that I have come here because I want to talk to you, I want to talk to you about your relationship with Ahlut, only you both give me strength and hope. “We’ll talk about that later,” Matt said. The meeting is expected to be held on time.

Meet Ahlut Deep. Deep tells her that you will be angry with me. Meet Ahlut that I called you to meet as a friend and will not talk about the past because I do not want to see him. “Let’s talk about the past, because things have to be clear between us,” Depp said. “We’ll talk about that later,” he said. Meet Ahlot thinks they will meet there and tells Deep to go and drink as much water as in the old days.

Meet and meet Ahloot together order Pani Puri and look at each other. Deep and Isha look at each other. Meet Ahlut and ask what are you doing here? Matt says I am here but since when did you like Panipuri? You go to 5 star hotel and ask Pani Puri to cancel fresh water. Deep greeted him. Meet him, greet him back and ask if he is bothering you.

“Our car broke down, so we were looking for a mechanic,” he said. Mullo says you have come here to see the mechanic. Meet Ahlut and discuss deliberately. Please tell, I will help you. Ahloot says please meet and she gets ready. Meet Ahlut, ask Deep to stay with Isha. The meeting says that it will take time and Deep is asked to drop Isha and he leaves.

Deep and Isha together. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Aisha says I’m fine how are you? A man bumps into Isha, Deeps gets angry but Isha calms him down. Aisha says let’s go to one side. Isha said to Deep, “You have not changed Deep.” Deep says no, I haven’t changed and neither have my emotions.

Aisha says but I have changed a lot so don’t wait for me. Deep says take your time but we both decided to stay together so don’t talk about changing direction, at least be friends and go together, I don’t want anything more than that.

Deep and Isha together. Meet Ahlawat says they will be together at the end of the meeting. I hope everything will be fine. Matt says Deep is a good man and Matt scoffs at Ahloot’s divorce. Meet Ahloot, taunt him on second marriage. Meet says it reminds me of the man who is coming to see me, so please leave me at home.

Meet Ahlut says this is not possible because the car is bad. Matt says give me a toolkit and I’ll check. Meet Ahlut that it is under my seat. Get in the car and check that he locked the door from the outside and locked the car from the other gate. Meet how the car was locked? “I told you there was something wrong with the car,” says Mullo Ahlot.

Mallo says ok then where are the keys? Meet Ahlot looking for the key and say I don’t have it I think I lost. Matt says it’s not a small thing to drop out of your pocket and you have no idea. Meet Ahlot remembers hiding the car keys under her and saying why are you yelling at me I told you I don’t have. Meeting says I need to go home and find the keys.

Meet Ahlawat works to find the key and thinks find the key I will not let go. He asks to meet me. Can’t find the keys. Mullo says ok I will call Isha. Meet Ahloot says yes call him but we are here to solve his problem and you want him to solve our problem. Matt said call the key maker you have his number.

Meet Ahlut is right and thinks I know you will say this but I will not let you go. He put the phone on the speaker and told him that his number is out of coverage. The meeting says what should I do now I am stuck here. Meet Ahlut says don’t worry I will do something and think I am sorry but you will not be able to go home on time.

Meet remove the headrest and say I will break the glass. Meet Ahlut thinks how I remembered that he is not normal. Meet her in the mirror, meet her, stop her. Meet Raj. Raj unlocked the car. Get out of the car and say thank you and tell the story. Raj says did you lose the key to the goal? Meet Ahlut and say make an excuse. Raj says I am your father, I know your impressions very well and says from the meeting that he did not want you to meet this boy so he did it. Meet him ask is it true?

He did not answer. Raj says look he is lying so now he is unanswerable, he scolds her for what you want from her, you don’t want to be with her then why worry if she is with someone else Let it be Life is your problem. Meet Ahlot I think I want to live with him so I do not come to see him. He apologizes to Raj. Raj told the meeting that if he reached home soon, the boy’s family would be there soon.

Meet Ahlot and start walking with him. He told her to stay away from home till she is home because I do not want this proposal to be ruined because of you. Meet me thinking that I am sorry to see your annoyed face but I have to go to make you feel things.

Mullo gets in the car and leaves Viti Raj. The deceased tells him that he knew that the deceased would do something like this, Raj says that he knew that he would do this and where he lost the key, the deceased says that he hid it under his seat. Both laughed.

Meet Ahloot secretly and see who the boy is. Raj introduced everyone to Dr. Arau, Mullo Ahlot looked at him and said that he looks very stylish, Matt doesn’t like boys like him and so he will reject him in 2 minutes.

Mullo Ahlot is angry to see that the boy has not come out yet. He sees Matt talking to Aaro and laughing with him, he touches Matt’s hair. Meet Ahloot says how she is laughing with him, and look she is dressed so much it means she is ready for second marriage and how can she like a boy like him and she is so Why are you laughing, what are they talking about, if it continues, take the meeting

Aaro gets out and meets Ahloot near his car. He looks at Ahlot and asks what he wants. Meet Ahlut says you can treat her, I am Ahlut’s neighbor and you should come here to check the appointment, she is very beautiful and nice but once she gets fit it Ends, it happens 3 times a week, these days people run away from it.

But the other day he was fine, we tried everything but nothing worked and if you are not here to check it then why are you here. He says I came here to marry her, meets Ahlut and says forget what I said and I know you will take care of it. Arau says thank you for saving my life. Meet Ahlut that he will never come back.

Precap: Matt tells everyone that Arrow called him and that he was ready to marry her and asked when they could get engaged.

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