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Apply face mask. Ahloot meets the chair and tries to get her attention and says that the chair needs to be repaired but someone is busy with her make-up. You see, I could fix it, but I went to the parlor and he told me not to do anything, otherwise it would ruin my make-up and tell him to fix the chair, you can take a hammer from there. Are Meet Eligibility Explain its shape.

Sunina is doing makeup. Tej walks up to her, gives her a bouquet of flowers and says it’s for you because you’re the best cook. “Okay, so what do you like to eat?” Tej says I don’t want anything favorite but can you help Ram Lakhan win the school cooking competition because you are the best?

Sanayena throws a bouquet and says you did it so I could help the boys on the side of the road, thank you. “Sorry, it’s my fault I came to you. I thought you would help them in the name of humanity, but the children are mine so I will teach them to bother you,” Tej said.

Meet Ahlut, hold the hammer, try to fix the chair. Melo says what are you doing slowly. Meet Ahloot says that while you are answering so much, answer one of my questions, when did you change so much? Matt says well it means I found the right parlor, I spent 2 hours there and now you can see the changes, she gets excited and opens the laptop. Meet Ahlut and ask him what are you doing?

The deceased says how to move on from the old relationship, they meet after reading all the points to make Ahloot angry. Meet Ahloot says it’s all nonsense. Matt says it’s free counseling and I don’t want to name you in front of my new husband, it would be unfair to him and Dad asks me to start anew.

Meet Ahlot got angry and started shouting that I am still here but you are worried about what will happen to me and then he changed the subject. Dad, ask them if I can come in. Meet the eligibility that you do not need permission. Raj says that the divorce process has started and says meet first look at the picture of the boy, if you don’t like it then there is no need to move on.

Meet Ahloot says yes, if you don’t like the boy then there is no need to invite him home. Raj says yes if you don’t like it then we will go for another boy. Raj handed him the envelope and left. Meet to see the picture but he got a message on the laptop and keep the envelope with you. Meet Ahlut looking at the envelope. Meets as if he is busy with a laptop.

Ram walks up to Tej and asks him if the spreadsheet is done and what are you doing on the laptop. “I am learning to cook because there is a Ram Lucky competition at the school,” Tej said. Ram says the mail spreadsheet is important. Tej says I will send you in a while and I have a request that you can present before the spreadsheet board because I have to prepare Ram Lakhan.

Ram says you are good with statistics. “You know I’m a single parent and I have to teach them, please try to understand,” says Tej. Sneena walks up to Ram and says if you want I can tell you the details of yesterday’s meeting I did MBA and you will remember that I used to come to office after marriage but responsible Because everything stops and lives. Ask Ram, will you be able to do it? “Yes, of course, and instead of wasting time at home, I will focus on my career,” says Sunina.

Tej says don’t give him a chance and we will know how difficult it is to do business then cook. “I don’t want to talk to people who don’t understand me,” she says. “Tell me the details for tomorrow’s meeting. I’ll get it ready and don’t worry. It’ll be fine and she’s gone.” Ram asks Tej if he is capable of doing so. Tej says all is well.

Meet on foot till Isha. Isha asked him do you want anything? The meeting says that I want to show you the blueprint of Ahlot’s mansion and tell you what is the cover of our house. Aisha but why are you showing me this? Matt says so that you know that there are many more rooms in the house and everyone loves you very much. “I understand what you mean, but trust me, I can’t do anything,” she says.

Meet him, try to make him happy, he says we can’t change the past but look to the future, your life is not over, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do and then Need to be able to live your life with, then go and find someone who will make you happy. Isha hugs him and says I promise to do my best. Meet Ahlut outside the room Listen to everything from the outside room.

Meet in the hall below. Meet Ahlut standing on the first floor aisle. Meet looks at the picture, he tries to see it from above. Kiss the picture to tease her. Meet Ahlawat Run down to Meet to see the picture. Meet on the go. Meet Ahlut, follow him and work to annoy him. Meet Ahlut was about to throw a pillow at her but she looks at him.

Meet Ahlot says you don’t have to be weird and hide a picture, you can do whatever you want in your life. Matt is looking at Ahlot’s picture. Meet Ahloot says if you are out of your dream you can talk. Meet what you want to know about the boy, the boy is very handsome. “I really want to talk about Isha, you know she’s not interested in anything since she came back and I can’t see her in that condition,” says Ahloot.

The meeting says you just said these things take time. “Yes, I know, but if we both work together, she will get better soon. I have an idea to make her happy,” she said. Meet and ask what? He says that Deep and Asga will come back together. Meet in shock says you are talking about him, you do not want to name him and you are talking about Deep.

Mullo Ahlot says yes but I can’t see him sad so I thought of making him happy and Deep has already been punished for his crime. “I’m convinced Deep is innocent, so the court granted him bail,” said Matt. Meet Ahlot says you don’t trust others but let’s get them together again. “I’m glad you thought so, but the point is to get Esha out of the house and she’s not ready for anything,” the meeting said.

He says I know but it’s about Deep and she will be happy to see him. Mullo says ok I will bring Isha you talk deeply. Meet Ahlot, he is fine and he can go to a new fancy restaurant, we will take him there. Matt says no, they will meet in Shambhu Golgape and it will be final for him.

Say goodbye to Ahlut, meet me tomorrow at 1 o’clock in the afternoon says I want to meet this man by 4 o’clock tomorrow evening. Meet Ahlut that we will go and come back, this is the final. The meeting says OK and I think I never thought he would think so much for Isha. It was great to hear that. Matt held out his hand for a handshake. Meet Ahlot Shake hands and think I wish my sister happiness and what do you think I will meet my competitor, I will tell you how you will come home by 4 pm tomorrow.

Precap: Meet the Spy Meet Spy, see her with a guy says she’s ready for this edit, it means she’s ready to remarry