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Why, Anubha asks

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Meet says to Sunaina, “It’s true that I thought of you as my sister, but I can’t do anything about your stubbornness. You ask me about my child out of your stubbornness. You are blessed that you got the chance to be a mother again when Tej adopted Ram Lakhan. They have always thought of you as their mother, but you’ve ignored them because you think they’re roadside. Tell me how motherhood differs in this way; Ragini and Babita Sunaina applauds her sarcastically and adds, “I’ll remember this forever and despise you for as long as I live.” Meet Ahlawat asks to Sunaina what are you doing.

Meet Written Update

Ram Lakhan says don’t talk like this. Sunaina adds that now these children will advise me on what to do. Ram affirms that we are roadside children. Lakhan says we will quit the residence, but we should not do so. Tej’s father loves you very much, but if you leave, they will leave the home. Sunaina grab her baggage and start walking. Ram Lakhan tries to stop her, but she pushes him away. Lakhan struck his head on the wall and began to bleed. Everyone, including Tej, goes to Lakhan to meet him. Raj scolds Sunaina. Ram requests that Ragini pack a first-aid kit. Lakhan says to Sunaina please don’t go Tej father love’s you a lot. Meet says to Sunaina, “Can you hear me?

I’m in pain, but I still have that pure love inside me. Motherhood doesn’t come from long hair or the way you speak; it comes from the heart. If you don’t melt after his love, you should accept that you don’t have any feelings of motherhood and have no right to be called a mother.” Sunaina recalls how Ram Lakhan always forgave her for everything and was always willing to let her live her life as she wished, so she drops her bag, walks to Lakhan, and hugs her fiercely before apologising to her. Ram expresses regret, stating that we have also caused you much difficulty.

Please forgive us for everything. Lakhan says you will not leave. She replies yes, but only if I’m allowed to be your mother. I’m not that competent, but I’ll do my best. Lakhan asks whether it is OK to call Sunaina mother. Tej, in tears, praises Meet for restoring his happiness. Sunaina cuddles Ram Lakhan. Meet asks Tej, “What are you doing here? Go join their family.” Tej approaches them for a hug. Everyone sentimental She removes the necklace and forces her to wear it, saying, “I’m concerned about one thing now that you’re going to be a mother to two children.” Sunaina thanks Meet for her eyes being opened. Meet recommends this for you. They embrace one another. Everyone becomes happy. Meet Ahlawat tells Meet he is proud of him. Babita will begin the baby shower.

Sunaina phones Ram Lakhan and says, “I wish my children were with me.” Raj tells Sunaina that she has now shown that she has welcomed them from the bottom of her heart; he then asks Meet whether he conceived this notion of adoption. Meet affirms. Raj said that I want many people to adopt children and improve the lives of other children. Babita says let’s begin the baby naming ceremony, and the ritual begins. Meet tells Sunaina that she would be the finest mother and asks if she has forgiven him for what transpired. Sunaina replies, “I’d want to thank you for bringing me out of the darkness.” Babita requests that Masum give her a present. Masum congratulates Sunaina on having mature children. Sunaina asserts that there are benefits and downsides to everything, and that I can keep my figure for a long period under these circumstances. Babita suggests taking a family portrait. Meet requests that Tej sit with Sunaina, and they take a family portrait.

Meet in her room. Anubha asks her what happened and whether it hurts. Meet her and ask her when you arrived. Anubha says she missed you so much that she came to visit you and inquire if you are fatigued, have swollen legs, and frequent mood swings. Meet agrees that you are correct, but asks, “How do you know that? Are you a doctor?” Anubha states that she experienced everything at the same moment as Manushi and you. This implies that every pregnant woman has the same challenges. Anubha confirms that you have advanced to the third level, when you will face many challenges and be responsible for yourself. I watched people screaming in anguish on television.

Do they experience this level of pain? Anubha says yes. Meet her and ask her twice how she handled the pain. Anubha asserts that only women can endure a large deal of pain and are capable of bringing new life into the world, which is why women are regarded as superior, and as my courageous daughter, you can easily endure this anguish. Meet claims that you have magic in your hands; I am so at ease. Anubha explains that she was contemplating speaking with Babita and bringing her home because she will need to provide you with excellent care. According to tradition, the first delivery should take place at her home, and I have already spoken with the doctor at the city hospital and taken care of every situation.

Meet Ahlawat hears this and tells Anubha, “I’m sorry, but I can’t grant you permission to take Meet with you, since I know you won’t take me with you, and I’ll become bored here if you don’t take me as well. Please take me with you.” Meet suggests to Anubha go and chat to Babita. Anubha replies alright and she walk away. Meet Ahlawat should begin to behave like a child in front of Meet. Meet tells me to stop behaving like a child because I’m in a great deal of trouble. Will you actually accompany Anubha if Ahlawat says it’s okay? If so, I’ll accompany you and ensure your safety. Meet ask do you want me to go? He suggests that you should go so that she may take appropriate care of you, and please come quickly and give me a hug immediately.

Babita says to Anubha I have no doubt that you will take excellent care of Meet, and I worry about your sentiments, yet I can still entrust her to you. Why, Anubha asks?

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