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Meet’s Baby Shower

Meet 11th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Meet 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

Meet is walking downstairs and is perplexed as to what is going on. Babita inquires about an Italian flower vase from the servant. Meet Ahlawat Tap Meet and inquire about the situation. Meet Saya. I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of her.

He claims that I have no idea. Babita approaches Meet and Ahlawat and inquires, “Are you guys ready?” and “Did you see Deepak?” Meet declines, but what is the situation? Babita announces that today is your baby shower, that it’s been a long time since we’ve had one, and that you have no clue how pleased and delighted I am, and invites everybody to join her. Meet Ahlawat, who says, “I got a call from the office. Please continue, and I’ll come.”

Babita leads her to her room and tells her that today is her big day, so she has to look good. She shows her the jewellery and tells her that she may wear whatever she wants as long as she is comfortable. Sunaina enters with a cup of tea and remarks on the jewellery, saying, “It’s so lovely. Might I wear one of the pieces?” Babita answers absolutely, with the exception of this one, which she will be wearing. Sunaina is envious.

Meet thinks she’ll look great in this. As Babita explains, “This is an ancestral necklace that my mother-in-law gave to her daughter-in-law during a baby shower,” “so it’s your special occasion, and I gave it to you.” Sunaina suggests another piece of jewellery by Meet. Sunaina, Babita believes this looks great on you, and you may take it. Sunaina takes a step back. Babita adds, “Don’t worry about her; I’ll take care of it,” but you get what I was saying. Meet says yes, but I’m in the mood for a cup of tea right now. Babita says, “OK, in the kitchen, you’ll find the chef creating sweets,” so ask him whatever you want in a sweet and then go.

Meet enters the kitchen, takes a bite of her favourite dessert, and praises the cook. Chef, this is my job, and I know how to execute it. These are the occasion’s specialties. Meet with him and request that he build something else. The chef becomes enraged by her demand and begins cribbing. He meets Ahlawat and begins lecturing him, forcing him to stand and look at Raj. Meet Ahlawat becomes frightened and begins apologising to him. Don’t worry, Raj adds, I was joking. Meet inquires as to why you are creating something sweet.

These, according to Raj, are a particular gift from her father to her daughter. Can I get a bite right now? Wait a minute, says Meet Ahlawat, you can eat it if you keep your stomach empty. Meet has one and suggests that since it is so sweet and delicious, we could start a sweet store beside our pharmaceutical company and call it Ahlawat Sweet Shop. Raj adds, “Now that you’ve had your fill, I’ll have to create some more.” Masum and Sunaina overheard their conversation. Masum tells Sunaina, “I know you’re upset because everyone is praising Meet.” Everyone is summoned to the hall by Ram.

Everyone is gathered in the hall. Today is the finest day of our lives, and we have more fantastic news: Deep’s mother has approved Isha’s proposal. Everyone is content. They will meet shortly, according to Ram. Ragini asks for God’s blessings on her love and her life. Tej enters and informs Raj that he has personally invited everyone on your guest list. Tej tells Meet that he went to your house as well, and that your mother was supposed to join us, but Dadi was busy preparing ladoo, so she remained.

Raj describes himself as “very fortunate.” Meet is overjoyed. “Do you all know what you have to do during the baby shower?” Ragini says she’ll assist Meet in getting ready. “I’ll handle the present.”Hoshiyar declares that he will assist his wife. Meet Ahlawat says, “Then I’ll help my pregnant wife,” and everyone explains their roles. Babita is now inquiring about my plans. Raj advises that you simply get dressed, make everyone proud, and act like a lovely grandma. We’ll take care of the photographs, “adds Ram Lakhan.” Ragini inquires from Sunaina about your plans. I’ll perform for Meet, Sunaina says. Masum is perplexed as to what happened to Sunaina.

Sunaina is approaching her room. Masum approaches her and inquires as to what has happened to her; you were envious of her and now you will give a unique performance for her. What’s wrong, Sunaina adds, is that it’s her special day.

In the room, meet and greet Ahlawat. Meet tells him that he has a feeling Sunaina is unhappy. Meet Ahlawat adds, “I’ve tried to clarify matters between Tej and Sunaina, but they’re not willing to listen in the situation of Ram Lakhan, so what can we do?” Meet expresses his concern for both of them and suggests that we do something to bring them together.

Sunaina tells Masum that she and Meet will never be together, and it’s past time for her to know how she feels. Masum inquired as to what I didn’t understand. Sunaina responds, “If you assist me, we’ll drag her down and show her her true reality.” Masum replies, “Anytime,” and walks away. This, according to Masum, will be a lot of fun.

As Ragini gets dressed for her baby shower, she compliments Ragini on how lovely she looks, while scolding her kid. Meet Ahlawat, who enters bringing meals and inquires as to why you are scolding my baby. Stop it, says Meet, and give us some food; we’re starving. Meet Ahlawat and return his plate. Meet and Ahlawat begin having fun with one another and discussing the baby. When you meet Ahlawat, invite her to play a nice game with you. “I don’t want to play,” says Meet. Meet Ahlawat says, “All right, I’ll make the decision on our baby’s destiny.”

Meet explains how you’ll make your decision. Meet Ahlawat claims, “I’ve already determined whether or not our child would be a businessman or a businesswoman.” Our baby, according to Meet, will be a professional car or bike racer. They begin to argue about the future of the baby. Meet up for a stroll to eat and get started. Meet Ahlawat says, “I asked you to eat one, but you ate both at the same time.” That’s why, according to Meet, I’d like to have both. He responds, “Let me eat as well.” Meet Sweet and flee away. To stop her, Ahlawat kisses her on the cheeks.

Ragini and Babita greet visitors. Duggu approaches them, introduces himself, and says, “I’m the event organiser, and I’ll bring you to your seat.” Deep enters, greeting Ragini and Babita. Isha joins them on their walk. Babita inquires of Deep, “Where is your mother, who was also supposed to arrive?” Deep claims she injured her leg and was instructed to rest in bed by her doctor. Okay, Babita replies, take care of her, and we’ll pay you a visit after the baby shower. Isha and Deep enter the room. Ragini is asked by Babita if she is ready for the meeting. Ragini agrees, and the two of them will shortly descend the stairs. Sunaina and Masum were nearby, listening intently. Masum asks Sunaina, “Did you hear about Meet being the centre of attraction?” Don’t worry, Sunaina adds, it’ll just be for a short while.

Meet and Greet Ahlawat was announced by Deep and Isha. Both of them descend the stairs, and the party begins. Ragini and Babita will assess the game once Isha and Deep have explained everything about it. Everyone becomes enthralled and enthusiastically participates in the game. Tej is mocked by Sunaina. Hoshiyar was the winner, according to Babita and Ragini. Masum’s new infant is mocked by Hoshiyar. “Please forgive me,” Masum says.

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