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Meet Exposes Abhay’s Wrongdoing

Meet 10th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Meet 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Meet Written Update

Raj tells everyone, notably Babita, that he wants the truth to come out in front of everyone, especially in front of her. Abhay Rana, if he wants to see his son alive, must admit all of his crimes, says Meet. We’ll meet in the market Abhay To everyone, Rana tells them that the minister is here to tell everyone the truth, and she tells Abhay to be quiet since one of her officers is with his kid, and she takes her out of the room.

He stops her and tells everyone Abhay’s message. 4 years ago, I shot and killed Inspector Ashok Hooda, and since then, I’ve been trying to convince Ram Ahlawat that he killed Ashok, and I’ve even blackmailed Ram’s daughter, Isha, to marry Shanty. I don’t know why I was doing this, but my goal was to destroy the Ahlawat family, so please forgive me.

Everyone starts hurling stones at him in anger and cursing him in front of the entire community. Everyone is halted by the police. His father’s killer is now in the public eye and he tells his father’s monument, “I fulfilled my vow. Your murderer is in front of everyone now…. I hope you must be at peace now, remain with your daughter, and keep me blessed…”

Babita asks if I was so blind that I didn’t notice that you were sobbing because you were missing your father when I came to you. I’m extremely sorry. Meet says no, it’s not your fault since you’re a wonderful person.

When you tried to show Ram the true face of Shanty so many times and he was living with a burden, why couldn’t I see?

You always battled for our well-being and I attempted to push you out of the house. How can I be so selfish? Punish me. I deserve this. I know your comments hurt me, but I know you care about me and this baby more than you care about your own son. Therefore, I know you can put up with me. In Sunaina’s opinion, now is the ideal moment to share the good news about her and her family’s well-being with everyone. I received an A+ on my project and built it on my own. I’m running to my family with it, but I misstep, and my project flies away.

Meet jumped in to take charge of his work. The expression that Babita gives Meet when she feels terrified. Duggu warns Meet that if he continues to leap, he will be reprimanded. Babita apologises to Meet as she approaches him. Babita tells me not to do it since it’s not your fault that I evaluated you on your appearance and believed you didn’t have mother instinct, but you proved every time that you are great for every relationship, so I’m sorry. Sunaina believes that no one cares about what I do or how well I do it.

Ahlawat asks Meet to give him ointment to put on her bruises in his room. You know, I was thinking the same thing about you as well, Meet tells me. There will be just one tube used in this experiment, according to Meet Ahlawat. Tube doesn’t know who’s using it, but Meet assures him that they will use it together. Please introduce yourself to Ahlawat, or introduce yourself to him.

Both of them enjoy one another’s company while applying ointment to their injuries. Make Meet kiss Ahlawat on the lips. Meet with him and tell him how you’re doing. He asks, “How are you feeling?” while he is cold and cool. When I ask how she is, she replies that I’m OK and adds, “I was thinking that we should purify our minds and bodies of all the pollution we have been encountering for the previous several days.”

You want to be as laid-back as you used to be, says Meet Ahlawat. You won’t accept Meet’s request since he said it could only be done with your permission. Meet Ahlawat says I got it and I understand. You are experiencing mood swing cravings, like going out and getting ice cream without informing and lifting your head out of the moving car to feel the chilly breeze, so explain what you want to do. Meet Ahlawat says

Meet Ahlawat on his bicycle for a ride-and-meet. Be cheerful and ask to ride the bike.There’s no way to meet Ahlawat. In spite of what Meet says, you’re forcing me to sit in the front seat so that I may at least accelerate a little. What should I do to make Meet Ahlawat happy? He removes the link and the bike stops. What happened to the bike? Meet Ahlawat, who claims to be an expert in bike maintenance and whom you’ve entrusted with the task. When she notices that the spark plug isn’t attached, she gets down on her hands and knees to fix it.

When Meet Ahlawat tells him not to bend down because he promised to do it, he hesitates. He asks him to touch the chain after telling him to put the car on a double stand and asking him to check the fuel level. It’s not long until Ahlawat is asking himself why this is so much joy. It’s not functioning since the spark plug has already been removed, according to Meet. Ahlawat replies, “You already know, then why did you ask me to search everywhere on the bike?” he realises and adds. I thought you loved mending bikes so you could feel happy. Meet Ahlawat. I’ve never seen a more attractive mechanic than you, according to Meet. He cradles her.


Sunaina throws a tantrum in front of everyone and claims that Meet isn’t ready to deliver her child to me yet. “Why can’t you give your baby?” Masum asks Meet. I’ll repeat this over and over again: I’m not giving my baby to Sunaina because she can never be a decent mother,” Meet tells her, via the New York Daily News.

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