Man Gets His Car Taken Away Till Morning For Not Asking Permission To Park On Strangers Driveway

Parking laws can be quite strict.

And lots of people get in trouble for just that. However, that doesn’t seem to stop people from doing whatever they want and it’s just horrible. You would think that after so many Reddit stories where people get fined or get their cars towed, they would learn but here we are. It seems some people just never learn their lesson and that is, unfortunately how the world works these days.

This guy, however, had to learn their lesson the hard way. You see a party was going on and rather than parking in the driveway of the house they were in or on the road, they decided to park on someone else’s driveway. Not only is it incredibly rude, but what is that person supposed to do? Not park their own car?

Well, you can see what happened next by scrolling below and taking a look for yourself.

Source: Reddit

This would have never happened if they had just parked on the side of the road.

Having parties and such is okay as long as you don’t make a lot of noise in the middle of the night.


I do not like where this is going.


The people with SUVs must have thought no one was going to say anything.


While he could have done that, he had no reason to after all and they should have known better.


I’ve had somebody park behind my car in a driveway. There was no other way for me to get out because it was on a hill and I would have flipped my car over trying most likely. I didn’t even know the person who blocked me in. One call to the cops later and its getting towed at their expense though. –Red0t514

He was also well within his rights to do just that.


So they got their SUV in the morning which was more than they deserved.


Where I live (Europe) it’s illegal to park in a driveway of course. However, the police have no way of knowing if the offending car belongs to you. For example, if you have guests over and they have nowhere to park but your driveway and you let them, then what? For this reason, if cops see a random car parked in a driveway, they will not ticket the car.

However, if the owner or resident whose driveway it is calls the police about it then they will. I did just that a few weeks ago and the guy got ticketed in front of my driveway. –Piggybank113

That would have been one interesting strategy to deal with it.


I would have said it was my parents’ car and that I didn’t have the keys. I don’t want to get my car keyed. –RedditIsNeat0

Why not make a bit of money out of that as well?


Where I live the offending G-Wagon would’ve gotten pulled out by a tractor, much to the detriment of the transmission and/or parking brake.

What kind of lunatic parks in someone else’s driveway? –TacticalSpackle

Even if they did something to the truck, I don’t think he would have cared that much.

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