Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Karan Is Pushed In The Dam

Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kundali Bhagya 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Upon hearing that Preeta is bringing Rishab jee along, Natasha becomes extremely concerned that everything is wrecked since Preeta is going to tell Karan and the rest of the family what she has discovered about Natasha. She calls him and demands that he bring all of the evidence against her.

Natasha declares that their final option is to assassinate Karan, which would place all of the responsibility on Preeta, who would be sentenced to life in prison for the murder, while she would be able to live on as his widow. Roxy lashes out, saying she’s lost her mind, but she can’t do anything because Rishab already knows the whole truth.

She even threatens to kill him, while also threatening to abduct Shristhi and Sameer. They’re going to kill Karan in the same clothing they’re both wearing, and Roxy wonders how they’re going to manage it. Natasha tells him that she’s already planned it all out, but it’s for a different reason now.

Preeta and Rishab are dressed as Roxy and Natasha and hug each other while waiting for Karan by the river. Karan is stunned, recalling how Sherlin said Rishab often spoke about Preeta Jee in the room and she was frightened of him.

While he explains that it may take some time on foot for them to go, Preeta and Rishab walk out to the car, which he drives off in despite the fact that the headlights aren’t working. Karan is furious, so he tells them to stop asking each other where they are and that he loved Preeta the most and that she should tell him what he had done wrong. Preeta then tells Karan what he has done wrong.

At the exact moment they arrive at the spot, Rishab Jee and Preeta begin dialling Karan, wondering who would be here at this hour. Rishab tells Preeta that he wouldn’t be able to drive this automobile because of Karan. Because Rishab is Karan’s brother and they were the only people he could rely on, Karan admits he was betrayed by both of them.

Karan declares that he has lost all confidence in relationships because Rishab is his brother and Preeta is his wife, both of whom betrayed him. They ignore Karan’s warnings and start walking towards him, despite his pleas.

The moment Natasha realises he’s managed to cling onto the corner, she attempts to shove him away. Why are they doing this to him? Karan wonders why Rishab, his brother, is doing it. He married Preeta, but she is still doing it even after they took the circles. Preeta and Rishab jee hear Karan’s despondent call to Preeta.

When Preeta explains to Rishab that Karan is going to be really angry because he yelled her name, Rishab assures him that they will convince him, but Karan, in the meantime, requests Rishab not to do it because he loves them the most, Natasha and Roxy, but in the meantime, pushes him, Karan even then manages to hold on to the lower rod. Preeta and Rishab run to help Karan as he cries out the name of Rishab once again. However, Karan is unable to hang on and falls into the river, shocking Prithvi, who is tense in the meantime.

When a worker hurries into the party and tells them that Karan fell from the dam, everyone is terrified and goes to the dam, where they find him.

As soon as Natasha and Roxy are captured, Prithvi claims they were the ones who had just stopped Karan from being harmed. Natasha explains that she had pushed him into the dam as her only way of getting at him, but Prithvi warns that they will get trapped and that Preeta will be blamed for it all.

A group of villagers are blocking Rishab’s path as he attempts to reach Karan, who is rapidly approaching drowning in the dam. Rishab continues to call for them to hurry up and save the boy. A group of police officers arrive at the scene and slap Prithvi for harming Karan, but he explains that Natasha and Roxy are to blame because they pushed Karan into the dam. The police open the dam, but Roxy manages to run away. Prithvi also pushes Kritika away. Sameer takes her to the dam. Prithvi gets slapped by the police for harming Karan.

Everyone, even Rishab, is doing their best to aid Karan and enter the dam, but the locals claim that there are crocodiles in the dam, and they are being prevented from doing so. Karan is struggling to free himself from the rocks, but the crocodile gets to reach him and bite his leg, which breaks the Luthras, who are distraught and unable to hold back their sorrow at seeing what has occurred.

It is revealed that Natasha and Roxy have arrived at Sherlin’s house, where she lashes out at them for killing Kun, and Roxy blames Prithvi for ruining everything because they were going to blame Preeta and Rishab for the murder, but he managed to remove his mask and hand him over.

Sherlin questions where Prithvi is, and Natasha explains that they must get out of the city tonight or they will face a lot of problems, and Sherlin questions why Natasha killed Karan.

Preeta assumes the inspector means Karan is injured when the inspector tells her that he is aware of her condition but that she can say whatever she wants after the identification, and Preeta is taken aback. The inspector enters the house and tells them they have found a body in the dam and that they must all come identify it.

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