Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Prithvi Plans To Kill Karan In The Party

Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kundali Bhagya 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

When Karan shows up to the party and his followers start snapping selfies with him, Prithvi wonders where his nemesis is since he knows that if he sees him even once, he’ll be dead.

The truth about Natasha will also be revealed, as Rishab explains, when Preeta tells Karan about their anniversary. Rishab declares that they will get rid of all the negativity, but Preeta declares that he will not come to apologise because he is the karan Luthra. Rishab tries to explain this to Preeta, but she refuses to listen.

A jealous Karan rushes to the bar to inquire for an iPhone charger as Rishab takes out a knife from his pocket and stabs Karan in the back of the head with it.

Preeta sees Karan at the bar as Rishab yells, “He’ll be here in a second,” but Karan ignores the bartender’s cautions and downs the entire bottle of whisky.

Shruthi arrives at the party, exclaiming that she had a great time and that he took care of her boyfriend Roxy with a single punch; she loves it when he pulls these stunts.Sameer unexpectedly asks Shruthi if she intends to marry him; she is taken aback and wonders what he is saying.When Sameer explains that he wanted to ask Shruthi if she planned to marry him from the beginning, Shruthi says

In the middle of his approach to Karan, Prithvi is stopped by Rishab, who asks him what he’s doing while simultaneously barring the bartender from giving him any more drinks. Rishab continues to press Karan for an explanation, but Karan remains silent. When Preeta arrives with the mask, Rishab is left perplexed and asks Karan what has happened.

When Karan asks Preeta if she loves him, she wonders what kind of a question this is; he asks if she feels she made a mistake marrying him while she loves him, and Preeta realises something is wrong; even Shristhi realises something is wrong. Karan then asks Preeta if she feels she made a mistake by marrying him, and she feels something is wrong.

As Roxy stands to open the rope, Natasha explains that she must ensure that Karan does not learn the truth about her marriage to Preeta, because then he will know he cannot be forced to marry her. Natasha says that she feels there is only one way to silence Preeta, and she must silence Preeta once and for all.

Preeta and Rishab are having an affair, and Karan is wondering whether what he’s heard is true. After seeing Karan from the corner, Natasha believes Preeta did not tell him the truth. She also notices that someone is walking towards Karan; Roxy and Natasha pull the person into their room, where she removes his mask, and she is shocked to see it is Preeti.

She exclaims that he was the one who was threatening Karan when Prithvi replies that people tend to recognise his voice. He went in front of Preeta in disguise several days ago when she recognised his voice. What is Natasha talking about when Prithvi asks why she wants to kill Karan when she has lived in the Luthra mansion for so long?

It’s time for Prithvi to take revenge for Karan’s actions, he says, and he intends to murder him in the process. When Natasha informs Prithvi that she is going to get married to Karan, he responds that she wants to marry Karan, but when this happens, she will give him all of Karan’s money. He explains that he will be waiting in the car for Roxy, and she agrees that he may come in handy in the future.

Asked by Rishab Jee about Karan, the dancer replied that she had seen him when he was dancing with her. Preta then saw Karan with a fan and approached him, claiming she needed to talk to him, but he refused, saying that he was too busy. Another fan then came up and asked for an autograph at Karan’s request, and Rishab jee obliged.

After seeing Karan drink heavily, Preeta wonders whether he’s simply preoccupied or if he’s upset with her. Karan responds that he’s very upset with her and was wondering when the last time they had a good laugh together was. “I observed that you are very happy with someone else, but what is wrong with you that she isn’t happy by your side?” he says, “but what is wrong with you?”

In order to avoid being disturbed in the home, Preeta asks Karan to wait while she answers all of her questions. When he reaches out to take her hand, Karan pulls back, indicating that he will see her alone.

In the night, Preeta rushes over to Rishab to tell him that she has asked Karan to come out of the house, but he has to return with the evidence they have gathered against Natasha in 10 minutes.

Rishab promises to be there for her, but it’s too late; she can spend some quality time with Karan until she needs his help. Preeta agrees to his advice when he mentions when she needs his help.

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